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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study Elections provide citizens with the freedom to choose their rulers and to decide on public policy. Over the years, electoral violence have been a source to political instability, which is,... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study The issue of money laundering among office holders is now a culture among politicians and has become an issue worthy of attention. Over the years, money laundering has been a plague in the economy of... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of everyday life. Whether its with others, yourself or an organization, conflict is an inevitable aspect of life experience. Understanding how is starts and how its escalates goes... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 PREAMBLE Every firm, private or public at one stage or the other is faced with long-term investment decisions which automatically lead to long-term capital requirement. Financing the firm’s investment may either be by increasing owners’ claim (Equity),... Continue Reading
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  • Methodology:Regression Analysis
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ABSTRACT The study was carried out to design and implement a computerized hospital patient management system, eliminate redundancy in term of data storage, reduce the time wasted in retrieving data especially in finding a past health records, increase efficiency and interactivity in any area of specialization in the hospital. A function oriented... Continue Reading
ABSRTACT Accurate and easy to use Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) areof fundamental importance for a successful operational farm management.However, still today many farmers do not use FMISs for various reasons, like lackof knowledge and the complexity of many available FMISs. In particular for smallto medium-sized farms and for... Continue Reading
Using HTML,javascript and CSS to design a school website..... Continue Reading
The comparative study of some heavy metals accumulation of watermelon commonly consumed in Kano and Zaria environmental. The nutritional and mineral levels in watermelon fruits are generally important to support the nutritional requirement of man that is why its demand necessary to check the concentration of the ions it contains. Laboratory... Continue Reading
The major concentration of this research activity will be on “ the impact of computer application in computer students result” this research will determine the impact generated from the use of computer in compiling the result of students of federal college of education Zaria in order to know the best method to apply. In order to achieve this,... Continue Reading
This research work is set to find out the effect of mathematical knowledge in teaching and learning of physics. The research was carried out with the view of sourcing out explanations as to why there are problems in teaching methods that affect academic performance of students. Such problems include the inability of teachers to: 1. Translating... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION Hepatitis B is a viral disease process caused by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). Hepatitis B virus is a major cause of acute and chronic hepatitis worldwide and is more prevalence in developing countries. More than 2 billion people are infected with HBV worldwide while some 280million are chronic carriers, harbouring the virus in their... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examined the spatial preference of urban residential location in Osogbo. It identified the types and qualities of residential housing units in Osogbo; described the spatial pattern of residential neighbourhood in Osogbo; and examined the factors influencing the choice of residential location in Osogbo.            ... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT  This project is on the design and development of portable and reliable fingerprint based student attendance monitoring system that can be used to monitor attendance of the student. It will eliminate the problems of manual method. The new system utilizes a portable fingerprint scanner as the input to acquire fingerprint images and... Continue Reading
This study assesses the quality of domestic ground water sources close to petrol filling stations with a view to determining the level of vulnerability. It Map out filling stations and domestic water sources within their proximity with the aid of GIS, determining their level of proximity to domestic water sources, carrying out physiochemical... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work titled “the impact of sales promotion on customers patronage (A survey of customers in Kaduna North local government).The objective of the study is identify the best promotional tools to use in carrying out sales promotion and drawing the attention of the customer and the ignorance of sales promotion by the dealers.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study examines Risk Management and Credit Administration in GT Bank Plc, Murtala Mohammed square branch Kaduna. The research questions that guided this study were: How is risk managed in GT Bank Plc, Murtala Mohammed Square branch, Kaduna? What are the constraints militating against risk management and credit administration in GTBank... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research was purposely carried out to appraise the Impact of Risk Management on Organization Efficiency as its being operated in Dunlop Nigeria Plc. The aim was to find out the kinds of Risk threatening the operation of manufacturing industry as in the case of Dunlop Nigeria Plc, and how risk are identified, measured or evaluated and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT For the purpose of clarity, the work will be divided into five (5) chapters and each of the chapters will look at a relevant segments of the study as follows, chapter on gives a general introduction, the aim of engaging in the study, definition of the study, key terms and research questions. This chapter is therefore an overview of the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Procurement of personnel is the first operative function of personnel department. Effective personnel administration is geared towards acquisition, accumulation and stable knowledge of job requirement in each organisation and to ensure that their requirement are met through requirement, selection and placement i.e it is the responsibility... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work on the impact of quality control techniques on profitability in manufacturing organizations strives to assess the role of quality control in enhancing the profitability of manufacturing organizations. The study argues that the ultimate aim of any manufacturing company is the production of quality goods and services for... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Pension Scheme Management is Nigeria was introduce to reduce the level of economic insecurity associate or which arises as a result of retirement. The study investigated the problems and prospects of pension scheme management in Nigeria. The data for the research work were sourced both from primary and secondary method of data collection.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Challenges of marketing insurance services in a democratic government of Nigeria is a major concern in this research work. It is essential to appreciate that the importance of insurance services is tested oftentimes by the spend of claim of settlement. If insurers could fine-tune their services to ensure that the settlements cheques on... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION Production is one of the most important function of management in every organization. The essence of production is to prepare or forecast into the future in terms of production in an organization. As such Baryoko (2002) opined that production planning is mainly concerned with the directing and controlling of production process of an... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work, accessing the impact of production planning and control on productivity in the manufacturing industry. This study is focused on Nigeria Bottling Company (Coca-Cola), Kaduna. The study covers five chapters, Chapter one introduces the subject matter and spells out the significance of the study. Chapter two make criteria... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work was designed to examine at the impact of production planning and control in manufacturing company as a primary function of production management. Consequently, it integrates the planning and control activities with other managerial activities. The project views the production planning and control in the context of the... Continue Reading