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All Project Topics with Materials - Page 7

ABSTRACT The title of the project work is “The Impact of Advertising on Consumers Buying Behaviour”. A case study of Dangote Plc. The aims and objectives of this project work are to find out what advertisement is all about, analyze the effects that advertising has on consumer buying behaviour, determine the extend to which advertisement can... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work studied the strategy to be used to combating terrorism in Nigeria. It adopted phenomenography as a research methodology in its approach to discussing its subject matter. The work defined terrorism from the perspective of use of organized violent acts targeted against both the state and non-combatants which are designed to... Continue Reading
Given the history of ethnic politics in most Nigerian organization and its impact on organizational efficiency and the inability of the various governmental strategies which have attempted to address it, this study was carried out to examine the impact of ethnicity on organizational achievement using the University of Benin Teaching Hospital... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study examined the impact of new product development on sales volume in Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited, Kaduna. The objective of the study is to examine how new product development on sales volume are being carried out by Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Plc, Kaduna. The survey research method would be adopted in this research. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The Impact of effective credit Documentation in commercial banks. The level and Magnitude of credit Mis-management has continued to increase in the financial system at an alarming rate, and very soon, the banks capacity to perform it’s traditional function of financial intermediation will be impaired and obviously, the real section of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project titled “Evaluation of Customer Services in Banking Industry” (A case study of First bank of Nigeria plc). It is aimed at evaluating the level of customer services in the banking industry. It has been a wondering issue that majority of the banks in Nigeria do not recognize the importance of customers. They keep them than... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION This research work focuses on the effects of credit administration and control on the development of cooperative society. Credit administration and control functions as a good instrument that brings about rapid development in the cooperative sector. It can be regarded as the essence of financial instruction in an economy, therefore... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Working capital, as the name implied comprises capital that are not used for long-term investment. Thus, the instrument used for collecting the data are questionnaire and official document of the bank (Bank PHB), the researcher used mean statistic, method to analyze the data and extract the findings. However, emphasis should be directed... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work is on the effect of physical distribution on the sales of consumable goods. case Study of UAC Nigeria Limited. undertaken to ascertain the benefit and positive impact of physical distribution in marketing of consumer goods. This study examined the physical distribution activities of UAC Nigeria Limited and its... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study examines the effect of entrepreneurial characteristics on business performance in Jos North. The research questions that guided the study were: What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? What is the relationship between entrepreneurship traits and business performance? What are the challenges militating against... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examines the effect of working condition on the performance of secretaries in an organization. A survey method of research was used for the study, secondary data were collected from books which formed the theoretical background of the study and primary data were collected through the use of questionnaire. The questionnaires... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The main aim of the research is to study the mechanical properties of concrete and heir effects in concrete stability and failure. He fractures mechanical properties in particular uniaxial tensile strength Ft, young’s modules Eo and fractures energy Gf as sell as the shape of the stress strain and the stress- deformation relation were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study cover a view ad detailed explanation of the modification required to be carried out on the main access road lining federal secretariat and IMT civil soil laboratory and industrial centre order to update it’s services functions. The need for easing the flow of traffic on this access road has risen, since it’s a busy area in... Continue Reading
Test and measuringinstruments are an indispensable in any electronics research, development ordesign environment. Test and measuring instruments can be categorized asdigital and analog. Analog systems change their signal output linearly with the input and can be represented on a scale by means of a pointer. In the other hand, digital instruments... Continue Reading
effects of aggregates sizes on concrete strength... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Microcontroller has actually revolutionized the world economy as virtually every facet of life is benefiting in one way or the other on the great impact of Microcontroller today.Meanwhile,the technology of Microcontroller has gone long way of which monitoring and interfacing of real world devices to Microcontroller systems can not be left... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Till date IVR systems are used in the areas of telephone banking, tele-voting etc but our project is a step towards even broader aspect and usage of IVR systems i.e. in college automation. Through our project “microcontroller based automation system”, we are trying to replace the conventional notice board by a well automated device.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The world today is moving ahead at a very fast pace. Some of the very common examples of fast moving objects are aeroplanes, high speed cars and many more. In our everyday life we come across many fast moving vehicles and so it is very important to measure the speed of these vehicles.This is an era of automation where it is broadly... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This design is aimed at providing a system that has the capability of recharging batteries after use. The design is to incorporate an auto charging cut off circuit that operates when the battery is fully charged to avoid damaging the device and also a low voltage circuit which prevents the system from damage should in case the battery... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This system “” comprises of many modules which are: The Sensor/Input Unit, Microcontroller Unit and the Output Interface. The sensor detects when the hand approaches the nozzle. Once the approaching hand is detected, the hand dryer produces a very hot to dry the hand as well as... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION This project presents the design and construction of a computer based program used to control office appliance. It is based on a Graphic user interface (GUI) programming language (Visual Basic 6.0), Parallel Port Interactive Mode, Opto-Coupler Isolation of the computer from the appliance to prevent damage to the system should a fault... Continue Reading
This work is based on automatic changeover switch. If there is failure in main power supply it will automatically change to auxiliary power supply such as generator. This project is based on electromechanical changeover with the use of magnetic contractors, relay,and circuit breaker.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project involves the development of a console that allows multiple inputs (3 inputs) and a single output to a screen through the use of software. The micro controller which serves as the ‘heart’ of the hardware was encoded using C programming language. These lines of code enable the micro controller to switch to the selected... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Active networking is the emerging technology that will provide new network environment where lots of potential applications can be enhanced and developed. Current IP network is somehow good at simple packet forwarding, but it desperately needs some flexibility to support QoS and has to meets some restraint in certain environment. Active... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Optimization is the process of transforming a piece of code to make more efficient(either in terms of time or space) without changing its output or side-effects. The onlydifference visible to the code’s user should be that it runs faster and/or consumes lessmemory. It is really a misnomer that the name implies you are finding an... Continue Reading