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ABSTRACT The amount of soil organic carbon (SOC) stored in a particular soil is influenced by several factors including climate, vegetation type and age, land management, soil properties and current and past land use. The impacts of land use types on soil organic carbon were assessed. Four land use types were used in the study. Sampled soils were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A solar dryer integrated with a simple bed rock was designed and constructed with locally available materials to dry tomatoes and pepper. The dryer was composed of solar collector, drying chamber, back up heater and airflow system all integrated together. The back-up heater provided alternative heating during cloudy weather conditions or... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT An evaporative cooling system was designed, fabricated and tested for the storage of fresh fruits and vegetables. The system's working principles is based on the principle of evaporation which causes a cooling effect to its surrounding. The system is an enclosed system and air is allowed to pass only through the pad, also a suction fan... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project investigates the geotechnical characteristics of soils in Federal University Oye Ekiti, lkole campus. In this research project, disturbed soil samples were obtained from five labelled TP 1, TP 2, TP 3, TP 4, TP 5 at different locations and at various intervals along the university and were taken to laboratory for... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Water released from ponds has greater concentrations of nutrients, organic matter and suspended solids. This study investigated the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of fish pond waste water harvested from a source which served as the control, three different ponds and at the point of discharge in Afe Babalola University... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out to examine the techniques and technologies for cassava processing in Eliki Slate, to identify the various products from cassava in the study area, to generate ways of improving the techniques and technologies, and to recognize the constraints to processing and marketing of cassava products. The study made use of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project is designed to determine households’ access to safe water supply in Ootunja, Ikole-Ekiti, in terms of quality and quantity as the importance of improved water supply to human health cannot be over emphasized. However, safe/improve water supply to most Nigerian cities is still inadequate. In the study area the relationship... Continue Reading
Abstract Social media is a form of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other contents (such as videos and audios). It is also a collection of online communications channels dedicated to community-based... Continue Reading
The work gives highlight of the rights of girl child in islam. SCOPE OF THE STUDY As the title of the essay implies, the work will only be limited as to the right to education of the female child in Islam. While doing this, the researcher  would briefly look into the history of the girl child before the advent of Islam. The work will also discuss... Continue Reading
CONTENTS Title Page................................................................................................................... 1 1. Introduction................................................................................................................ 3 1.1... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The protection against domestic violence is a very crucial issue and is indispensable in the achievement of a safe and serene family and environmental life. Different forms of violence are perpetuated in numerous degrees daily especially against women and children... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This research work critically examined on Challenges facing Nigeria Media Establishment, faced with different organs of the media such as the radio, television, newspaper, etc. I narrowed down my research to television using NTA Abuja as my case study. Below is a brief run-down of my research procedure and finding. The first chapter... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study of Gate-Keeping and How Media Ownership affects it Follows The Tradition of lewin (1947), white (1950) and swider (1967). It will reveal that as a concept, gate-keeping hold great promise in African mass communication research. Survey research method will be used to collect data from 25 senior reporters and editors at the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The essence of this research work was to evaluation of the role of the interne in elevating communication efficiency in Nigeria. It is not an attempt to know whether or not the internet has penetrated Nigeria, but a critical assessment of the role of the internet in promoting an effective communication in Nigeria in the least five years.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of this research work is find out the crisis resolution of ijaw/ itesekiri of 1997.In the chapter one we make a research on the conflict between the ijaw and itesekiri of warri metropolis between may and July 1997 which could be regarded as inter – communal feud as a result of economic and political tuasles. While in chapter two... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT From all indications, it has become obvious that the mass media has a great role to play in the management of human rights abuse in Nigeria, taking into cognizance their role in the society which includes surveillance of the society, correlation of the various ideas and transmission of the various interplay of ideas amongst the different... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Ezeagu is among the tribe that produces art in Enugu State. Most of them are now Christanions, yet the old traditions still have a powerful influence in the life of Ezeagu people. It is better for one to trace the history of his people and pass it on to the younger ones. The Art of Ezeagu people suffered much humiliation and neglect at... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study deals with the analysis of the role of the Nigerian press in the democratic struggle in Nigeria. The research method used was the survey method, with the questionnaires and interview as the method for data collection. The study kicks off from the definition of democracy as the government of the people by the people and for the... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION Advertising is a powerful and persuasive machine. It is an exciting, dynamic and fully challenging enterprise. It is a subject that cannot be ignored in our day-to-day life; infact world without advertisement is a bleak world” Awake 1988 Pg 1-6. Advertising is always ahead of us to greet us, Infact it has almost become a thorn in... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out wit the sole objective of determining the appraisal of development communication as a tool for national development. In tackling this study, the researcher identified the researcher problem and used them to raise four research questions and for four research hypothesis. Literature relating to the topic under... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of this research work is find out the crisis resolution of ijaw/ itesekiri of 1997.In the chapter one we make a research on the conflict between the ijaw and itesekiri of warri metropolis between may and July 1997 which could be regarded as inter – communal feud as a result of economic and political tuasles. While in chapter two... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT/PROPOSAL I choose to write on Drug and trafficking because it has assumed a global concern, even in the sporting sphere, it is being questioned. The press has devoted lots of its spaces and airtime... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Globalization plays a pivoted role in the Nigeria economy. This work is geared towards x-raying role of globalization in economic development of the nation. They study was limited to the federal ministry if information and communication. The study went further to x-ray the challenges confronting globalization in the nation. To ensure the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work is aimed at ascertaining the various positive impart which merger and acquisition has contributed in banking growth in Nigeria banking industries and prospects in the banking world using access bank in Enugu state as a case study. The importance of merger and acquisition will be apparent when considering the fact from... Continue Reading
ABSTARCT Nigeria is still largely dependent on crude oil to satisfy its oil needs since crude oil is animportant part of her economy. This dependency on crude oil triggers most macroeconomicindicators such as inflation to react to fluctuations in the world price of oil, making the economyvulnerable to fluctuations in the world oil price. This... Continue Reading