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Water Resources Management Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT Due to scarcity of potable water, rainwater harvesting from rooftop has been favoured as an alternative source of water supply by most rural communities in Nigeria. This study investigated the physicochemical characteristics of rainwater harvested from four different rooftop sheets in Ikole-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Samples were collected from... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Water quality is very important in the environment, because life depends on this, it's very good to check the quality of water time to time to check the rate at which it is been degraded. The objective of this work is to determine the physiochemical and heavy metal parameter of abattoir effluent to surface water and compare the standard... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examines the trends, onset, cessation and growing season of rainfall over Akure using data obtained from the archive of Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) Oshodi, Lagos, over the period of 1970-2005. Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) was estimated from the available Rainfall records, Decadal analysis of Akure indicated... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Flood risk assessment is an important component of risk management. This study aims to generate a GIS-based flood risk map that can facilitate proper planning of mitigation measures against future floods occurrences. This study uses GIS technique and remotely sensed data to assess the extent of urbanization in land use, and vegetation... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Drought is one of the a resultant effect of climate change and it is the naturally occurring phenomenon that exists when precipitation has been significantly below normal recorded levels, causing serious hydrological imbalances that adversely affect land resource production systems. Unlike many other natural hazards, drought develops... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Precipitation deficit and its daily, seasonal and annual oscillations are inherent characteristics of Nigeria's climate. Droughts are generally characterized by a prolonged and abnormal moisture deficiency. In drought studies it is important to characterize the start and end of a drought as well as its intensity, duration, frequency and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In the bid to ensure adequate water supply, packaged water has been introduced to provide safe and affordable drinking water. In spite of the varying levels of contamination, sachet water is still well accepted. This study therefore employed both quantitative and qualitative research designs to draw out survey and semi - structured... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of the present study is to know the effect of wastewater (sewage) discharge on the quality water in Ikole-Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria. The community discharges wastewater which affect the water quality with most of the wastewater coming from domestic wastewater. Associated with the development of the area, the increase of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Water is an important resource for almost all human activities like agriculture, industry, transportation, domestic uses and the proper functioning of the human body, The study examined the physiochemical properties and potentially toxic metals in hand-dug wells and boreholes in Ikole Ekiti and its Environs. Six functional hand-dug wells... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Many households are used to the construction of shallow wells, but the wells hardly provide adequate water supply in term of volume and quality throughout the year. As a result, government adopted the construction of boreholes as an alternative to pipe-borne water supply and as an immediate solution to water supply and quality problem.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examines the rainfall distribution and the length of the growing season in Northern Nigeria using the daily rainfall data from the selected stations Gasua, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Maiduguri, Potiskum, Sokoto, Yelwa, Zaria. The data were collected from the archives of the Nigerian Meteorological Services, Oshodi, Lagos. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study focus on the physiochemical and microbial characteristics of pure water sachet in Ado-Ekiti. A total of sixteen pure water sachet from sixteen brand were collected at random and their physiochemical and microbial parameters were analysed The colour, taste, odour, turbidity, temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, total... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study investigated the sanitary assessment and physiochemical characteristics of hand- dug wells in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria with a view to support the operation and maintenance of hand-dug wells by providing clear guidance for remedial action to protect and improve water supply in the study area. The town was zoned into ten... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study investigated the disposal of medical wastes in health institutions in Ekiti State, Nigeria. It involves visitation, survey work which entails administration of questionnaire and library study to gather information which includes type of waste, volume... Continue Reading
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