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INTRODUCTION Background of the Study  The adolescents are individuals bounded by childhood and adulthood. The upper limit of adolescence is the beginning of adulthood while the lower limit is bounded by childhood. The adolescents in most cases fall within the secondary school years, and educators expect the adolescents to be out of secondary... Continue Reading
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Abstract This study investigated the predictive validity of JSCE and Joint SS2 promotion Examination scores on senior secondary school Students' performance in SSCE in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State. This study adopted correlational research and ex-post facto research design. The research work was carried out, using two schools... Continue Reading
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TABLE OF CONTENT Abstract CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION  Background of the study Statement of the problem Purpose of study Research questions Research hypotheses Significance   of   thestudy Research limitations/scope of study Operational definitions of terms CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction Conceptualframework The concept of... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The menace of drug abuse has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society, however, with effective counseling programmes, the problems can tackled through campaign against drugs abuse by government and other relevant authorities. According to Journal of international substance Regulation, (2012) stated that... Continue Reading


The number of AIDS orphans in the world has increased steadily over the years  making it difficult for relatives to cater for them adequately. The stigma associated  with HIV/ AIDS makes orphaned students face many challenges that may pre-dispose  them to low self esteem. This study was meant to determine how being orphaned  affects the self... Continue Reading
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Management of discipline among students in tertiary colleges is one issue that many college  administrators are grappling with almost on a daily basis. Cases of sexual pervasion, drug  abuse, prostitution, bullying, vandalism and examination malpractice among others have  become prevalent in learning institutions in Kenya. Administrators are... Continue Reading


Abuse is an extremely complex phenomenon, deeply rooted in gender-based power relations. In  the Abagusii community, women abuse has been and is still taking place. Quite a number of  women are left either physically injured or some die out of the same. This has brought a major  set-back to development within this society. Abuse includes... Continue Reading


AIDS scourge has put to test the capacity of Kenya’s health delivery system to meet the ever  increasing number and needs of AIDS related illnesses and complications for equitable and  humane treatment. This has led the government to rely on home-based care to fill the gap.  Home-based care giving is well-recognized as the majority of care... Continue Reading


Guidance and counselling programme in Kenyan secondary schools is critical because of the  psychological, social, educational and economic problems the youth face arising from the rapid  changes in the society. In 1977 the Kenya government through the Ministry of Education  institutionalized a policy for the implementation of guidance and... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The major purpose of this study was to investigate the specific counseling needs of employees in organizations. This meant to establish the necessity to integrate professional counseling at work places in order to solve work-related issues, personal problems and other problems. The study also aimed at investigating the relationship... Continue Reading
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Discipline is an integral part of the teaching-learning process in any learning institution, without which effective teaching-learning may not occur. Students in secondary schools are in their adolescent stage characterized by numerous changes and may end up being unruly resulting to indiscipline problems. The purpose of the study was to examine... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  This study attempted to analyze the factors responsible for the persistence female circumcision among the people of Tumaini zone, Nyandarua North district of Kenya. It H,s realized that despite the tireless effons of the international community to stop Female Circumcision the practice still goes on in Kenya. The indigenous people take... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  This research was conducted in Garissa Teachers’ Training College to investigate the impact of perception on the academic performance of student teacher in science subjects at Garissa teachers’ training college in Garissa District Kenya owing to repeated poor performance. Various literatures from previous authors on the subject were... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of guidance and counseling programs on the academic achievement of students in Bushenyi District Uganda. The objectives of the study were; to investigate the counseling needs of students in the selected secondary schools of Bushenyi District; to asses the school counseling programs in... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study investigated effects of armed conflicts on delivery of social services in Nungwi District of Zanzibar. The region continues to experience intermittent conflict from Bachaga and Sukuma. The specific study objectives include; finding out the services affected by the conflicts; to identify the people affected by conflicts in... Continue Reading


  Mental illness is common today affecting 25% of people at some time during their  lives and accounting for 14% of global burden disease. However, the mentally ill  people continue to suffer harassment, stigma, and discrimination. There fore it is from  this back ground that the researcher wished to assess knowledge, attitude and  practices... Continue Reading


The study was to assess the effects of feeding among pregnant mothers on babies’ health in  selected health centres in Kampala district. It was guided by three specific objectives, which  included; i) to identify the causes of poor feeding among pregnant mothers. ii) To examine the  consequences of poor feeding among pregnant mothers, and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The main purpose of the study was to investigate factors affecting academic performance of primary pupils at Lang’ata division Nairobi province, Kenya The specific objectives of the study were to determine; whether Discipline of students affects academic performance of Lang’ata Division pupils, whether Quality of teachers affects... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  The main purpose of motivation in any given organization is to increase efficiency and effectiveness at work which eventually leads to high levels of productivity and the benefits thereof. People are motivated by many different kinds of needs. They have basic needs for food, clothing and shelter, but they also need acceptance,... Continue Reading


Abstract This chapter bears the historical background of the study, objectives, statement of the problem, purpose, significance, hypothesis, scope, research questions, and limitations to the study of HIV/AIDS. 1.1 Background of the study Human immune virus is a virus that is transmitted from one person to another through the exchange of body... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study was to investigate the impact of school dropouts in Mengo Primary school. The objectives of the study include; establishing the causes of school dropouts in Mengo Primary School The impact of school dropouts in Mengo Primary School. The research survey design was used; the population targeted included teachers, political leaders... Continue Reading


Teachers' transfers, the relocation of teachers are part and parcel of the  general school administration. However, the handling of transfers could  affect the motivation of the transferred teachers. This study examines the relationship between transfers and the  motivation of teachers.  The study was carried out in selected schools in... Continue Reading


Physically handicapped learners have dreams and visions. However they are  sometimes not fulfilled due to certain barriers. In order for these learners to  perform well they need guidance on issues related to the challenges they  face in life. This study aimed at analyzing the existing guidance and counseling services.  and methods of primary... Continue Reading


Abstract In most developing countries, girls do not receive the same educational opportunities as boys. Even when given the opportunity to be educated, the girls typically face formidable barriers to the completion of their studies. For example, while virtually all girls in Kenya are initially enrolled in primary school, approximately 65% of them... Continue Reading


The study was conducted under the topic, stress among health workers of  Kyenjojo hospital, Kyenjojo Town council, Kyenjojo District. It was guided by  the following objectives; to find out the causes of stress among health workers  of Kyenjojo hospital, to find out how stress has affected the performance of  health workers of Kyenjojo... Continue Reading
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