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Library Science Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT This research work is concerned with the evaluative study of teaching and learning of English grammatical structures in the primary school. The research deals with the nature, objectives, methods steps and the problems of teaching and learning of English grammatical structures in some selected primary schools in Kaduna North Local... Continue Reading


Abstract The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of social media on the student’s academic performance [A study of students of University of Abuja]. To achieve this, the survey research method was used. Subjects were drawn from the University of Abuja, using the simple random sampling technique and purposive sampling. Four research... Continue Reading


T he main objective of the study was to determine possible ways or solutions to the management of security problems in academic libraries in Edo State . Survey research design was adopted for the study. The study population comprises of professionals and paraprofessional librarians from Ambrose Alli University, University of Benin, Auchi... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Information management is an important element in the total development of a nation. Although African governments acknowledged this fact little or no effort was made in the solving of the problems of poor information management. In Ghana, the inefficiency in the public sector could be partly attributed to poor management of records.... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This research originates from a belief that special libraries in developing countries need to be modernize and implement their ICT infrastructure and articulate information policies that will facilitate the exploitation of information resources to the optimum to increase national productivity. Special libraries and information centres in... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  The technical industrial training report is well written for the study of automobile and their engines for the students of tertiary institutions.  The sequence in which the topics were presented in this article is quite commendable. The materials are well presented in a way that is easily comprehendible by the reader.  The... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work covers the impact of the public library services to the people of Kaduna State. It examines the views of the users toward the services rendered by the library, the type of services offered and also how satisfactory the users are with the services. The survey design was adopted in this study and methods used collecting... Continue Reading


The main objective of this study was to explore and to examine the attitude of students towards choosing librarianship as a career in some selected secondary schools in Lokoja metropolis. TABLE OF CONTENT  Title page  Certification... Continue Reading


The study aimed at examining the impact of information and communication Technology (ICT) in library services in Nigeria with a case study of selected univerity libraries. The paper traces briefly the history of Library in Nigeria. The study adopted the descriptive survey method. The questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The... Continue Reading


BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION ON TAXATION IN NIGERIA (2008-2014)  INDEX COMPILATION OF TAXATION IN NIGERIA (2008 – 2014) PREFACE This bibliography is on taxation. It is meant to satisfy the research needs of both student and lecturers. The inadequate availability of information for student and researcher in the field of taxation has been a... Continue Reading


PREFACE This compilation is done to minimize, if not to dominate the problem being encountered by students, teachers and researchers hence, this reading list on the topic Abortion in Nigeria (2009-2012).minimize, if not to dominate the problem being encountered by students, teachers and researchers hence, this reading list on the topic Abortion in... Continue Reading


PREFACE This compilation on the (2011-2014) academic staff union of Polytechnic (ASUP) strike was embarked by the compiler to enable the public most especially the composition of students, lecturers, working class personnel’s and other prestigious people in the country to have an insight into the various problems affecting the standard of... Continue Reading


PREFACE The mass media in our country today has helped a lot in government and citizens, mostly in their zeal to give our information, have establishes various media organs. These organs, have not been disappointing in their task of providing information and entertainment to the populace. The media has help people a lot in terms of educational... Continue Reading


PREFACE Political party corruption in Nigeria is reportedly word spread and surveys indicate that it is very hard to do business in Nigeria without having to –pay facilitation payment to public officials. Companies should write that property rights, contracts and commercial dispute can be difficult to enforce and settle in Nigeria inefficiency... Continue Reading


PREFACE This bibliography on information source of types of library in Nigeria, 2004 – 2010 was undertaken as a prerequisite for my graduation. It is aimed at providing student of library science on insight into the material/ resources publish in their field inside Nigeria. The title were collected from Books, Journals, Project, Theses,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work examined in detail the collection development practices in university libraries using T.Y Danjuma Library, Ajayi Crowther University as a case study in carrying out this research work. A descriptive survey design was adopted in carrying out the study. To achieve this goal the study employed a primary data, by... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE: GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study 1.2 Statement of the Problem 1.3 Purpose of the study 1.4 Scope of the Study 1.6 Definition of Terms CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction  2.2 Development of Library Management System 2.3 Features of library management 2.4 Needs for library... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENT Title page                                                        i Certification... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study examined the students’ attitude to cataloguing and classification in an academic institution. The case of Federal Polytechnic Offa, Library and Information Science Department. It was a survey study. Questionnaire was the instrument for the collection of data. Ninety-five (95) questionnaires were used for the analysis. The... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1Background to the Study With the advent of the internet and its mass intrusion into all aspect of human life and activities, there have been a vast amount of information and high-quality reference materials available for students to use when writing papers and carrying out research. Libraries in higher institutions have... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE  INTRODUCTION  1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY  According to Chang, K. T. (2008), Geographic Information Retrieval System (GIRS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of geographical data. The acronym GIRS is sometimes used for geographical information science or geospatial information a... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1Background of the Study Withinlibrary Technology, serial publications have been considered traditionally as a separately distinguishable library resource because there are differences in their contents, format, bibliographical relationships, and the methods of acquisition and service. Definitions of the term... Continue Reading


Abstract, background of study and table of contents ... Continue Reading


Periodicals are the bedrock of research activities. These periodicals can be acquired through subscriptions; these could be through overseas, agents, gifts purchase, standing orders, donations membership of an association. Periodicals serve as a tool of dissemination of knowledge in the library and in the society. Periodicals could be acquired... Continue Reading
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