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ABSTRACT The study area is located within the north-central Nigeria in Akwanga town, Nassarawa state. It lies between Latitudes 8°55'N to 9°00'N and Longitudes 8°25'E to 8°30'E. It is underlain by crystalline rocks of the Basement Complex “sensu stricto”, which comprises of migmatitic banded gneiss, biotite gneiss and gneissic granite.... Continue Reading
Online disaster report and management system is a web based application that enables organization to observe, analyze, and store information of disasters... Continue Reading
The project work is aimed at providing a functional web application for the department where students can get news about past, present and future events ongoing within the department.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study examined the impacts of peer influence and religiosity on attitude towards alcohol consumption among undergraduates of Ekiti State University. The study used 194 participants selected through cluster sampling method. The data were collected using questionnaire; the Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith, Resistance to Peer... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In recent times, mass media has become very essential in every sphere of human endeavour which has necessitated the use of more media medium such as the internet in educational institutions, modern and effective media systems have replaced the existing traditional ways of gathering information, and getting entertained. The objectives of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The conflict between the Ife and Modakeke appears to be a protracted and seemingly intractable intra-ethnic conflict that has continued to pit two groups of the same ethnic background against one another. This study, therefore examined the conflict resolution in Nigeria: the prospect and challenges for peace. The study found that the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study analyzes the effect of external debt burden on growth and poverty in Nigeria within the framework of the error correction model, using annual time series data from 1980 - 2015. The study reveals that economic growth and poverty in Nigeria and their hypothesized determinant are generally I (1) series, with one co-integration... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research focuses on as assessment of planning and control of capital expenditure in a business organization, a case study of global soap and detergent company, ljebu- ode, Ogun- state. The major objective of the study is to determine the application of planning and control have any effect on capital expenditure in a business... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover page - - - -          -           -          -            - - i Declaration - - - - - - - - - ii Certification - - - - - - - - - iii Dedication - - - - - - - - - iv Acknowledgements - - - - - - - - v Table of Contents - - - - - - - - vi Abstract - - - - - - - - - ix Appendices - - - - - - - - - x... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Private Security Company provides complementary security services to members of the society. This study assessed the performance of Private Security Company (PSC) in crime prevention and control in Kaduna Metropolis. The objectives of the study were; to assess the level of performance of PSC in crime prevention and control, investigate... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT:  This study was carried out to investigate effect of child abuse on development of a child‘s self-esteem. a case study of Chitende and Gota-gota primary schools in Kafue rural district  .The purpose of this study was to find out the main cause of child abuse. Data was collected from one hundred pupils fifty (50) male and fifty (50)... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Public Private Partnership has been said to be a long term agreement between a government agency and a private partner for the delivery of goods or services with both party sharing in the risks and rewards inherent in the delivery of the goods or service which include financial risks and responsibilities. Public Private Partnership is an... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research assessed the utilization of non-formal education programmes for socio-economic development in Oredo local government area of Edo state and it looked at the history of these programmes in Nigeria. The researcher made a review of some related literature relating to the topic of the research work to give some fact of what other... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The menace of drug abuse has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society, however, with effective counseling programmes, the problems can tackled through campaign against drugs abuse by government and other relevant authorities. According to Journal of international substance Regulation, (2012) stated that... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The results obtained from this research work shows that land snails sold in Ekpoma market contains some pathogenic microorganisms. A total of fifty samples were bought from 10 different local sellers (five snail samples each) in Ekpoma old market and the new market. The total viable count of bacteria ranged from 2.2 x 108 cfu/g - 8.2 x... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project” Design and Implementation of an Android based Gynaecological   Information System”   created  a system that will provide first-hand information on gynaecology in the absence of a gynaecologist. This project was also implemented to bring information women need to their door steps; because most women find it very... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The ability to send and receive information is a powerful tool, which can mar or make a situation. Its striking feature is timeliness, failure to send or retrieve information at a particular time, could render such information useless. In a university community the use of mobile phones is common, this therefore forms the bases of the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The effect of Heat treatment on the Mechanical Properties of a welded joint of medium carbon steel has been carried out. The materials were cut, welded, to get 27 samples needed. Thereafter, Heat Treatment was carried out on the samples. Then the specimens were grouped into two groups, group A and group B. In group A, after the heat... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Attempt was made to produce wood pellets from sawdust using locally sourced binders as an alternative binder, to wood lignin which is a natural binding agent. Wood pellets were produced by manual moulding with starch concentration of cassava and potato starch as the process variable. Results show similar behavior between pellets bonded by... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study proposes and analyzes a non-linear mathematical model for the dynamics of HIV/AIDS with treatment and vertical transmission. The equilibrium points of the model system are found and their stability is investigated. The model exhibits two equilibria namely, the disease-free and the endemic equilibrium. It is found that if the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project proposes a non – linear mathematical model to study the effect of irresponsible infected immigrants on the spread of HIV/AIDS in a heterogeneous population with a constant recruitment of susceptible. The equilibrium points, stability analysis and numerical simulation on the model are presented. It is realised that at the... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON JUVENILE DELINQUENCYOF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS ABSTRACT The aim of this research is to address the impact and implications of social media on the Nigerian youth especially those in Secondary school. Specifically, the study focused on the impacts of social media on the Juvenile Delinquency of youths in Nigeria. Four... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT  This research work “appraises financial information as an aid to prospective investment decisions” questionnaires were administered on the fifty members of staff Industrial General Insurance PLC to get relevant data that will be of help to the researcher. Frequency counts and percentage mean weighted techniques were used to analyze... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Malaria is an endemic parasitic disease that prevails particularly in warm tropical regions of the world. Micronutrient malnutrition such as vitamin A and iron deficiencies which is a public health problem in Nigeria. It is usually highly prevalent in malaria endemic areas.   Characterizing the relationship between micronutrient status... Continue Reading