Purchasing and Supply Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT Negotiation as a reduction technique in material procurement is to ensure that high cost incurred in material procurement is manage hence the negotiation is one of the tool in spend cost management to optimise profit in every organization. Lack of knowledge to some guide when negotiating by procurement manages lead to high cost of... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Doug Wallace, a Materials Management subject expert with Life Cycle Engineering [L.C.E] Consultancy Company Charleston, South Carolina; in a paper presentation titled “Maintenance and Reliability Inventory Management” gave an apt and practical illustration that underscores the need for inspection. He said, have you heard of the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  This project work is centered on role of souring in the achievement of profit objective of organization with a case study of Nigeria bottling company plc Kaduna. It begins with the first chapter which dealt with the background of the study, given a brief introduction about the subject matter under study. Statement of problem which is... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project work is centered on The Impact of material handling cost reduction effort in public  institutions a case study of PHCN kaduna. It begins with the first chapter that deals with the background of the study which gives brief introduction about the subject matter under study. Statement of problem which is the reason why the... Continue Reading


Abstract This research study is based on variety reduction as a tool for effective material control, a case study of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. To understand the research work better, efforts was made at the introductory stage to explain the general importance of variety reduction with special consideration being placed on company especially... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT International trade and other  economic activities between nationalities have greatly expanded in modern  times. Movements of goods and services over great distances have made possible  the consumption of such goods and services even in place or countries where  they are not produced. The implication being and improve the standard of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project work is primarily covered with Leadership Style and their impact on employee productivity. A case study of Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company Kachia Road, Kilometer 16 Kaduna South, Kaduna. The first part of the project work introduces the reader to what extent leadership style have on employee productivity with... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work on negotiation as a cost reduction tools on materials purchases a case study of Asaba Tex Nig. Ltd. The scope of this research work covers every activity which has to do with negotiation problems, background to the subject matter, rationale for the study and the limitations of the study. The research reviews the related... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The research stresses on the impact of IT in materials management. The efficient management of materials with IT partly accounts for high productivity. The report is divided into five sections. The first section deals with the background of the study in which the researcher elaborated on the basis and significance of the impact of IT in... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Leadership is an important aspect of managing: the ability to lead effectively is one of the keys to being an effective leader. It has been observed that whenever there is an organization a need for administration must exist. Leadership is therefore very essential in an organization. This is why leadership is emphasized in transport... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Material Management, as practiced in business today, can be defined as “a confederacy of traditional material activities bound by a common idea. The idea of an integrated management approach to planning, comersion flow and distribution of products materials form the raw materials state to the finished state. (Iornum, 2007). The... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION This  project work for  “supply market” of Ukpon  Esan otherwise known as  “Igbu cloth”. This work is being carried out at a place known and called  Ogwa in Esan west local government Area in EDO state. TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE APPROVAL PAGE DEDICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  TABLE OF CONTACTS CHAPTER ONE Introduction... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The topic under review is effect of specification on cost reduction. The study is conducted at the Essikado Government Hospital and sought to look at the way specification is done in the institution, the benefits it brings to the hospital as a whole in terms of cost reduction. Specific focus will be on management of the facility with... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study examined the impact of inventory management on service delivery in public health facilities. The objectives of the study were to examine the inventory management techniques, to assess the ways through which inventory management influences service, and to establish the challenges faced in implementing inventory management... Continue Reading


Background: In most organizations within the country (Ghana), materials management has been relegated to the background without any proper control. This means that companies are investing heavily in materials than is necessary. Problem: How can materials management minimize the cost of supplies in Cocoa Processing Company of Ghana? Purpose: The... Continue Reading


          CHAPTER ONE  INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY  1.1INTRODUCTIONS This chapter gives the overall background of the entire study of my research. It also entails the objectives of th                  ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The purpose of this work is to find out the effect of purchasing segmentation as a tool for achieving organizations sales objectives. The benefit ranges from its support in profit generalization, increasing sales and net profit. This research work comprises five chapters. Chapter one is the introduction of the study, background of the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work was undertaken to know the effectiveness of product innovation as an effective strategy of achieving competitive adventage in the purchasing environment in a case study of unilever Nigeria plc Aba. In carrying out this work, primary and secondary source of data collection method were adopted the survey method was used.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  The purpose of this study was to do knew the effectiveness of  public relations in service industries. A case study of the Enugu state university of science and technology (ESUT) Enugu. To guide this study three hypotheses were formulated. A review of related literature was done to expose the research to what has already been done to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The researcher is determined to see and threw more high on the effectiveness of Purchasing Planning and Control in a Manufacturing Organization with ANAMMCO in Enugu as a case study. For orderly presentation the researcher undertake a background study of the company which enable the researcher touch some major problems encountered by the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The researcher choose to study  this topic the effectiveness of purchasing information system in textile in dusting, a case study of textile mill limited onitsha in Anambra staff to enable the researcher evaluate information problems that  helps mangers to manage the company appropriately, lack of timely information, inaccurate... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  Several organization and institutions may have undertaken research in order to examine the problems and solutions of importance of negotiation in contract pricing and management. In fact, many of the research program in the universities and polytechnic have usually been sponsored by industries and companies therefore had to meet... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT It has been argued that the success and effectiveness of an organization are not determined solely by the abilities and competencies of the employees and management alone, the environment also has found effect on company operations. Based on these facts therefore, this research work was undertaken to analyse the impact of environmental... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study was able to look into industrial conflict on the achievement of purchasing goals and objectives. It was able to identify the critical area of need a crucial to impactive job performances.  The research study finally was able to determine the existence and to what extent motivational factors such as goes wages and salaries,... Continue Reading


PREFACE This study, attempted to determine the impact of product display in a fast food and bakery industry with specially reference  to (Chito Partner, Enugu). The purpose of this study is to find out how the techniques applied by Chitos have been able to help customer sort the products needed and how bent to improve the technologies and... Continue Reading
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