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ABSTRACT The study was set out to investigate the effect of sales training on sales performance in the hospitality industry. The study was guided by the following objectives; To determine the characteristics of a good sales training program in the hospitality industry, to determine the caliber of staff to be included in a sales training program... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study investigated the reasons for and the problems associated with the low quality and the unemployment saga of the marketing graduates that have impeded the growth of tertiary marketing education in Nigeria. Marketing which should take the centre stage in the holistic development of the nation has continued to play a second fiddle... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The research topic was systematically introduced giving an insight into how to promote national development via the eradication of drug abuse. The adopted research method is Simple Random techniques was used in analyzing and presentation of data. A questionnaire and face to face interview was conducted in order to access credible... Continue Reading


Abstract: The study sought to assess the Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria with Akwa Ibom State as case study. This study adopted Basic Needs and Organizational Partnership theories as the theoretical framework to achieve the purpose of this study. Research questions were raised which preceded the hypotheses. Statement of the problem of this... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  Since 2006, Uganda is bracing itself for oil and gas production and  engaged in preparing and signing Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) with international companies. However, a major concern  for  oil  sector stakeholders  is the  current  low level  of  local gainful  participation. This concern  is  heightened  by ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is concerned with the evaluative study of teaching and learning of English grammatical structures in the primary school. The research deals with the nature, objectives, methods steps and the problems of teaching and learning of English grammatical structures in some selected primary schools in Kaduna North Local... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The aim of the research is to analyse the use of digital strategy in the events industry. Digital strategy has been used in various other organisation. It has had a high success rate in most of these organisations, as it has said that there are 15% chances of an individual becoming consumer of the set product or services after it is known... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study sought to investigate the effect of outsourcing on organizational performance. The study was guided by the following research objectives, to investigate whether the school undertakes outsourcing of projects/services, to establish whether outsourcing programs at the school achieve their stated objectives of improving... Continue Reading


In today's highly competitive environment business needs to better understand their  customers their customers who are the most profitable, and how to best retain those  customers. This understanding through important channels which one is CRM.  CRM helps companies make sense of customer needs and helps the companies manage these ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Inventory is said to be an idle resource of a finn because about 75% of the assets of a finn are in this fonn, which cannot be used for i1mnediate commitments compared to cash. Poor management especially when the stocks are ordered, received, recorded and stored, many firms or organizations experience losses. It is on the basis a research... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study examined the relationship between globalization and performance of local commercial banks in Uganda. Its objectives was to examine the level of globalization in commercial banks in Uganda; to examine the contribution of globalization towards the financial performance in commercial banks in Uganda: and to find out the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was undertaken under the topic green marketing practices with the aim of identifying the different types of green marketing practiced. The objective of the study was to identify factors that led shell oil company to adopt green marketing, to identify green marketing practices adopted by shell oil company and to find out... Continue Reading


The research contains five chapters. The first chapter gives introduction to the topic in view which is on the effects of employee welfare on their level of performance. It also introduces to Windsor Golf hotel and country club which is the organization that the researcher intends to get comprehensive information fi·om. This is a hotel based... Continue Reading


The effort of dedicating time and other resources to this project not only focuses on academic career, but also on discovering events within the environment in which people work in. this research aimed at providing insights into how managerial leadership styles and behaviour influence and affect the rate at which employees join and leave an... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study will be on the impacts of job satisfaction on labor turnover. Kakira Sugar Works will be used as a case study. The major purpose of the study will be to establish the impacts of job satisfaction on labor turnover in Kakira sugar works - Jinja District. In order to fulfill the purpose of the study, the researcher will seek to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to establish whether Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) in Nigeria was a solution to armed robbery at sea in Nigerian waters. The Private Maritime Security Companies in Nigeria operated under rules set by the Nigerian Navy being the main custodian of maritime security in Nigeria. Although attempts... Continue Reading


This research was initiated to assess the challenges Nigeria is facing in the fight against Boko Haram Insurgency in the North East zone dating from 2009-2015. The objective of the research minorly was to determine the origin, activities, method of operation and targets of Boko Haram and majorly to access the challenges and prospects of Nigeria in... Continue Reading
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1) Introduction 2) Aims and objectives 3) Conceptual Clarification 4) Types of weapons 5) History of nuclear weapon 6)   Effects of nuclear weapon 7)   WMD Proliferation 8) Effects of chemical and bliological weapons 9) Challenges of WMD  10) Strategies on mitigating challenges of WMD 11) Prospects 12) Conclusions/Recommendations 13) References... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The over-riding aim of this research work is to examine the roles of private and public sectors in electronic security, a case study of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. To effectively carry out this research, data was collected in form of questionnaire from respondents who are staff of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. Seventy (70) questionnaires was... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The over-riding aim of this research work is to examine money laundering and national development: issues and prospects, a case study of EFCC, ICPC and Fraud Unit of Nigeria Police. The problem of money laundering in Nigeria has persisted even with the establishment of statutory institution to check and control its menace. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Without criminal acts, there will be no policing and enforcement mechanisms in our society. It is therefore important to say that crime and criminality lubricate the management of social disorders and social institutions including families, schools, governments, commercial, and private institutions. The study aims to examine the role of... Continue Reading


Abstract: Technology is all about tactics, and tactics boost the development of technology. Artificial intelligence technology is a factor that fast-tracks the innovation and development of the Army. In this review paper, we firstly list the different aptitude levels by introducing their equivalent applications, it focuses on Lethal Autonomous... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Many Nigerians today hardly come to understand what pension scheme is all about, though some employees have established occupational pension scheme while others have not appreciated the value pension scheme. The believe that too many security may lead to compliance and that social security schemes may lead to abuses such as premature... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION  Insurance practice is said to date back to the period when the Phoenician traders playing the Mediterranean sea over 3000 years ago had a system of insuring against loss during their maritime adventure. Marine insurance is therefore the first class of insurance business ever transacted. It was followed by fire insurance which came... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The main focus of this research work is the role of reinsurance in economic growth and development of Nigeria .An attempt was made to find out the extent to which Nigeria reinsurance system has contributed to growth and development of the country. Emphasis were laid on economic and social impacts drawing particular attention on the impact... Continue Reading
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