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Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACTS This research work is titled “An Analysis of External Debt on Economic Growth in Nigeria. “(1992-2010). External borrowing is a source through which many countries sources revenues for development and economic growth of their countries. But this revenue can only... Continue Reading
Abstract The value and functionality of any educational system lie in its ability to actualize the goals of education. In educational systems, world over, the examination process makes the difference. The goals of national educational systems and indeed... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION <>1.1It is sometimes difficult to recall how it all started, how we arrived at this stage of our journey through a global disaster, engaging one of the most serious threat to public health in our lifetime. The story began a long time ago. AIDS was to enter the... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION <>1.1 All the human activities that result in problem solving and the production of goods and services depend on the availability, accessibility and utilization of information to effect communication. Communication... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE <>1.1BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Monetary policy remain a critical tool in stimulating the growth and stability of financial Institution in most developing Economics. In Nigeria, the objectives usually include promoting monetary stability,... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Theoretical Background of the Study These theories have been selected to back up the study. i. Herzberg’s two-factor theory ii. Vroom’s expectancy theory iii. McClelland’s need Achievement theory... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE  INTRODUCTION   1.0BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY  Cooperative society is a group of people who have bunched themselves together to carry on a business enterprise for the benefit of all of the members, which acting as an individual could not... Continue Reading
CHILDLESSNESS AND SOCIO CULTURAL IMPACT ON MARRIED COUPLES A CASE STUDY OF IDAH COMMUNITY IN KOGI STATE ABSTRACT The research is an in-depth analysis of childlessness and socio-cultural impact on married couples in idah urban community of Kogi State. The study explored ways of reducing pressure both from the family and the society as a whole with... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Gender equality is one of the major problem that is affecting people in the society, it affect everybody in one way of the other. The study identified the level of gender equality in Makurdi local government Area, Benue State. The objective of the study is to explain the causes... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The social nature of the human animal makes the phenomenon of needs a sine-qua-non. Because human needs are insatiable, there has always been a continuous craving by man to satisfy his ever-growing needs. Yes! The satisfying of man’s needs, does it motivate him to higher performance and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Airline reservation and ticketing in a commercial airline company is a project work aimed at creating a syst flight by making reservations. As the world is turning into a global village with almost every aspect of human endavour getting computerized, the aviation industries management is looking forward to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The media is evidently seen as one of the agents of socialization, in the study of the society. This means that the media is capable of influencing the attitude, character, lifestyle and culture of individuals either negatively or positively. Today, the nature of most Nigerian... Continue Reading
SOCIO ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL FACTORS MILITATING AGAINST COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN IDEATO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF IMO STATE ABSTRACT Over the years, Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo state has been experiencing a slow rate of development in the area. Based on this therefore, this work was designed toinvestigate the socio-economic and... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The necessity to improve the plight of the physically challenged in Enugu State gave rise to the assessment of the services of the centre for the rehabilitation of the physically challenged persons in Enugu State. It is worthy to note that this thesis is specifically... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Inheritance rights are one of the central problems that cause conflict among families prevalent to the extent that a house holder (father) has to write his will before he dies. The common practice is that, women have no say in the property sharing as a member of the family.The objective of this... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Paint Factory or plant is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, or more commonly a complex having several buildings, where workers process raw materials into paint. Factories arose with the introduction of machinery during the industrial... Continue Reading
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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The subject of airport passenger terminal building must involve a discussion of transportation. Transportation has remained one of the most vital factors that influence the development of a nation. The credibility of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT For the fact that there are human activities and social functions that always take place within Enugu capital, there is need to establish a hospitality institutions, for instance Guest House. This project aims at proffering solution to the establishment of Guest House. In order to achieve this, some research work... Continue Reading
AFRICAN VALUES TRADITIONAL AND MODERN IN AMA ATA AIDOO’S CHANGES AND ASARE KONADU’S A WOMAN IN HER PRIME CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Values In ethics, value denotes something degree of importance, with the aim of determining what action or life is best to do or live, or at least attempt to describe the value of different actions. It may be... Continue Reading
CORRUPTION AND VICTIMIZATION IN ISIDORE OKPEWHOTIDES AND ANTHONY ABAGHA’S CHILDREN OF OLOIBIRI ABSTRACT This project is on Corruption and Tides and Anthony Ndubuisi Children of Oloibiri Abagha’s. It is study of the endemic corruption and Victimization that hold the Niger Delta captive and by extension the entire nation in spite of available... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND TO STUDY In-Performance is an art of freshness and uniqueness of performance each time a group enacts the same performance (dance). The need for this study is to give an insight into the creativity which is... Continue Reading
’S HALF OF A YELLOW SUN AND OKEY NDIBE’S ARROWS OF RAIN ABSTRACT This project work is on political corruption and symbolism. This project work brings out the corrupt practices by politicians and military rulers. To also brings out the symbols used in the novels. Chapter one is an... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Life is a battle for struggle and survival. Struggle and survival are as old as man. Every second, man is on the move, thinking of what to do and how to do it in order to survive. This project, therefore, examines the ways the two novelists... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research work reviews the historical encounter between the whites and Africans and argues that the challenges or problems evident in the black society at present are as a result of the white m also looks into the social values and system of meaning that promotes male... Continue Reading
THE CONCEPT OF NEO COLONIALISM IN JOY CHINWOKWU’S CLOUDS AT SUNRISE AND AFTER MIDNIGHT ABSTRACT The researcher, in the work, “The Concept of Neo-Colonialism in Joy Chinwokwu Clouds at Sunrise and After Midnight, tries to show neo-colonialism as a practice in Nigeria right from her independence to the present day: the negative effect of the... Continue Reading
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