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Philosophy Project Topics and Materials

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this project talks about 100 American stories ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT   One reason for the current revival of interest in Kelsen is the desire for an alternative to the empiricist and natural law approaches that have been the main competitors in English-language philosophy of law. Unlike empiricists, for whom the law is reducible to social facts, Kelsen argues that legal interpretation concerns... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Philosophy, a discipline as old as the human faculty of reason has its thrust on the good life for man. It employs the instrumentality of contemplation, reflection, analysis and criticism to arrive at truth. African philosophy has its orientation in communalism, as contra-distinguished from Western philosophy which is individualistic in... Continue Reading
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                                                                       ABSTRACT    As in any other scientific field, we can speak of the advent of a new epoch in biomedical science and technology. The many novel advances which underlie our unfolding knowledge about man and reveal the possibilities of his... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The greatest tragedy in life that is worse than death is to deny one his human rights. From the antiquity of human existence, Nature has endowed man with certain privileges and rights, a fact that cannot be gain-said. Man being created in the image of God [imago dei] was given a right that is fundamental over all that is. From the history... Continue Reading


When German idealism, which reached its peak in Hegel’s philosophy of absolute spirit, was criticized and consequently jettisoned, because of the little concern it has for the human person, the desire to develop a philosophy that focuses on the human person began to take shape in the hearts of philosophers. This desire was reawakened after the... Continue Reading


Our experience and knowledge of the human nature are always incomplete and fragmentary. This inability to achieve a comprehensive grasp of what we are is often revealed as we attempt to clarify the concepts that emerge from our lopsided understanding of human nature. The concept of self is a case point. In this essay, we focused on the idea of... Continue Reading


According to Nitecheze the Superman is an authentic person which evolves into a sup erman by using the principle of discipline and mastery of oneself.man's authenticity does not come from mere wishes nor lying around but requires aggressive decision, persistence and perseverance,courage and strength to endure many forms of sufferings and to... Continue Reading


Centered on consent and its implication to the Nigerian society... Continue Reading


PROLIFERATION OF CHURCHES IN NIGERIA AND THE RISE IN MORALDECADENCE IN OUR SOCIETY. A STUDY OF AMAC, ABUJA. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDYThe issue of moral decadence in our society is a thing that needs to be looked into, manythings have gone wrong since most people do not think it upright in action at some circumstance.The... Continue Reading


This research focuses on the philosophical outlook of the patient autonomous decision and the physician’s beneficent duty. The reconciliation or balancing of both principles of autonomy and beneficence has been a bone of contention among scholars. Although some scholars have balanced both principles it has still been debated. In analyzing these... Continue Reading


Humankind’s quest for the control of nature has led to the waging of unwinnable wars over natural forces and manifestations. Nigeria is challenged by some environmental problems just like other parts of the world and the consequences are alarming as damages done to the environment have become evidently noticeable. Nigeria has a total land area... Continue Reading


A surrogate, which is synonymous with words such as “deputize,” “foster,” and “substitute,” is not a strange word for many persons, even in Africa. It explains the condition that births a person or animal acting as a substitute for the social or personal role of another, such as a surrogate mother. However, commendable as this sounds,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The belief in reincarnation is, of course, a central theme of many Eastern religions. Belief in rebirth has been reported amongst people scattered the length and breadth of the African continent. Their beliefs ranges from ‘partial’ reincarnation of an ancestor in one or several individuals strictly within the same family, to that of... Continue Reading


Death is a factual reality that every human being must encounter. However one fundamental question runs through the minds of men, “what happens after death?” when we die is that the end of our existence or is there a continuous existence in another form? There have been various stories about events that seem to suggest that even after death... Continue Reading


This research work “Logical Atomism: A Contemporary Philosophical Trend” will present an analysis of philosophical trend of logical atomism down to logical positivism. This research work will therefore examine what the movement entails and depicts, challenges, flaws, achievement, the gap in knowledge and critique levelled against them. Hence... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study investigated the relationship between self-esteem and locus of control among well-functioning Adolescents. A total of 100 Adolescents (55 males and 45 females) selected from senior secondary school were used. The participants were within the age range of 15-19 years with a mean age of 17 years. Three set of instrument... Continue Reading


ABSTRact Nonviolent resistance action has become a strong force against foreign rule, oppressive government, injustice, bad government policies and illegitimate regimes. It is in this regard that this work set out to address this issue by attempting some moral justifications for nonviolent resistance action. This work subjected the conceptions of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project work describes the different methods of analyzing the economics of a solar water heating system to determine its economic viability and potential in Ghana. The economic variables in relation to cost that were considered in the analyses are the annual cost of owning the collector, storage unit and associated controls, the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to expose and evaluate Thomas Kuhn’s concept of paradigm shift in science with a view to showing that scientific progress is not achieved by appealing to traditional methods of doing science only. Scholars who uphold the traditional idea of science like Rudolf Carnap, are of the view that scientific... Continue Reading
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This study examined the effectiveness of Kenya’s famine early warning information (FEWI) network from 2007 to 2013. The study assessed: presence of collaborative networks (NC), strength of networks (C), organizational commitment (OC), types of information commitments (IC), and perceived impact (PE) by stakeholders at FEWI’s... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Hart’s The Concept of Law (1961) argues for a complex legal positivism which finds the source of legal authority in the acceptance by a community of a system of rules which is grounded in a fundamental rule of recognition that determines what is to be included among the legal rules. This sought to offer an alternative explanation to the... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Discriminant (classification) analysis is a classification problem where a new individual is allocated into one of known populations or classes based on the measured characteristics of the individual. Different models are used in allocating the new individual into one of the populations (classes). Some of the models depend on the... Continue Reading


Abstract The issue of price deregulation in the downstream oil sector of Nigeria through gradual subsidy withdrawal has generated a heated debate in the country with the government claiming that it will guarantee long term stability in produ � supply and price. This will translate into economic growth and development Others/ especially the... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The issue of transnational justice was made popular in the 20th century by the American liberal philosopher, John Bordley Rawls, who tries to evolve a conception of justice that would be applicable at the transnational level. Unfortunately, his liberal prescription for transnational justice does not provide for any principle of... Continue Reading
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