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Insurance Project Topics and Materials

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(A CASE STUDY OF UNION ASSURANCE LIMITED) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background Of The Study It is common to report of business failing than business succeeding almost always, the failure or success of a business can be attributed to its management. When a business is... Continue Reading
ANALYSIS OF THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE UNDER THE NIGERIAN LAW OF INSURANCE CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0    INTRODUCTION Due to the high level of illiteracy in the Nigerian society, many people are unaware of insurance policies. However, with the enactment of Insurance Decree[1], the awareness of insurance policies was enhanced.... Continue Reading
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ANAYLSIS OF THE IMPACT OF TARIFFS ON ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NGERIA (1980-2010)  CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     BACKGROUND OF THE  STUDY.     Protection  in  form  of tariff  and  free  trade  have  long  been  argued  in  economic  theory  and  economic  history. However , it  is  possible  to  say  that  the ... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The Nigerian second Republic 1979 – 83 political system was base on the struggle for power among parties. This involves conflicts of interest and the actors are always eager to achieve their... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The main purpose of this write-up was to determine the impact of pension reform Act 2004 on the Image of pension Workers in Nigeria. The pension Reform Act 2004 was characterized by some problems like non-compliance,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT  Evaluation of the impact risk survey in the manufacturing firm in Nigeria. The research was aimed at evaluation the impact of risk survey in manufacturing firms in Nigeria with a case study of Emenite Limited which is the researchers’... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF OBA IN ANAMBRA STATE) ABSTRACT The interest to write in this particular topic “Problems and Prospect of Extending Insurance Services to the rural areas” grow out of the present significant roles of insurance industry in extending service to the rural areas.... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF NATIONAL INSURANCE CORPORATION OF NIGERIA NICON) ABSTRACT Regulation of Nigeria’s insurance industry has become substantially intensified in the last two decades. This paper critically evaluates the philosophy and challenges of insurance regulation in the context of... Continue Reading
(A CASE OF SKYE BANK ENUGU)                    ABSTRACT The aim of this research study is to identify the effect of insurance industry in promoting banking services in Nigeria. (A study of Skye Bank Enugu Metropolis). The objectives of this research work... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF AFRICAN SAFETY INSURANCE COMPANY OKPARA AVENUE ENUGU) Abstract The effect of recruitment, selection and placement of an employee in the right position in organization cannot be over emphasized. One of the test of an efficient personnel department is its... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF NICON INSURANCE) ABSTRACT This research work titled “The impact of motor insurance policy on the growth and development of the economy” Nigeria  motorist are not embracing motor insurance policies and one of the objectives are to know why Nigeria... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF ALPHA BROKER) ABSTRACT This research work, the researcher examined the role of insurance middlemen in the growth and development of insurance business. The information for the study was collected using primary and secondary methods of data... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF UNION BANK PLC GARDEN AVENUE ENUGU) ABSTRACT This work is to carryout research on debt recovery techniques in the banking sector issues, problems and prospects (A study of Union Bank of Nigeria plc). This research will expose how non-distressed banks bring effective resolution to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In this research work titled ‘The contributions of insurance in the sports sector of Nigeria. The researcher investigated why Nigerian sports sector do not embraces insurance protection. Investigated the factors militating against the insurance industry not to create... Continue Reading
IN ENUGU METROPOLIS ABSTRACT The project on the topic evaluation of the effect of natural health insurance scheme in enhancing health care delivery in Enugu metropolis was discussed chapter by chapters. First in the introduction was attempt of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The need for this research paper is partial fulfillment of the researcher’s program in insurance and as a result of the need to know the importance and roles of insurance industry in Nigeria economy. This research has resulted in the researchers going out of the study to... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF NAIC NIGERIA AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE CORPORATION ENUGU STATE ) Abstract The agricultural sector, as importance as it is exposed to extremely high degree of disk arising out of natural factors like weather conditions. Uncertainties, regarding the quality and quality of... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF ENUGU STATE PENSION BOARD) ABSTRACT The research Project titled “The broad objective of this research work is to the impact of pension and gratuity on the life of retirees with particular reference to Enugu State pension board. The researcher examined why Enugu State Pension... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work, the researcher examined the problems and prospects of marketing of life assurance policies in Nigeria. The information for the study was collected using primary and secondary methods of data collection. For the primary data collection,... Continue Reading
THE ROLES OF AGRICULTURAL INSURANCE IN ENHANCING AGRICULTURAL ABSTRACT This study examined the roles of agricultural Insurance in enhancing agricultural productivity. The following problems necessitate this research work which and lack of financial support from the insurance and the Government, inadequate flow of agricultural credits to the... Continue Reading
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IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN INSURANCE INDUSTRY  ABSTRACT The study examines the implementation of computerized management system in insurance industry.  It identifies the imperatives for adoption of technology to promoting efficient and effective service delivery in the insurance industry as a strategy for attainment... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work titled “Risk management as an efficient means of achieving corporate objectives” Some of the problems that led to this research work includes poor risk management in the country and non performing of duty by insurance practitioners. This... Continue Reading
THE ANALYSIS OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PREMIUM AND CLAIM SETTLEMENT IN NIGERIA INSURANCE INDUSTRY (BETWEEN THE YEAR 2002-2012) ABSTRACT        Insurance industry plays active in economic development of any nation. No developed or developing nation can do without insurance. For the proposed insured to be covered there must be a... Continue Reading
: A CASE STUDY OF LIMITED NIGERIA INSURANCE COMPANY (UNIC)  ABSTRACT This study attempt to provide a general information and knowledge about the impact of insurance companies in the business world. A case study of business organization in Benin... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.0              Introduction 1.1       Background of Study 1.2              Statement of Problem 1.3              Objective of Study... Continue Reading
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