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The motivation to undertake this study on “the survival of Igbomina indigenous political structure under Ilorin emirate system in the 20th century” is born out of increasing question on the identity and tenacity of the culture of Igbomina people and more especially their political system. For over a century, the Igbomina people were under... Continue Reading


This study focuses on the events of the 20th century, that is to say from 1900-1999 but as an historical study, the need to apprise the period before the period of focus will provide necessary information that will illuminate the understanding of Ibadan history.  To follow the period before 20th century, a full focus will be on the period to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Abortion is a moral issue that has attracted a lot of controversial views from both the supporters and the denialists. The arguments of the pro-lifers and the pro-choicers presents abortion as a social phenomenon that has both ethical and moral implications. This is because if we accepts the pro-lifers view that, abortion is bad without... Continue Reading


(no subject) P Prof Yaweh to lamifilibus Feb 11, 2017 Details ABSTRACT The history of migration and settlement of most ethnic groups in Nigeria, have generated bond of contention among scholars because of variation in the history. The Kuteb people also have different version of stories regarding their origin and migration to their present... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TRADITIONAL BACKGROUND AND EARLY HISTORY 1.1. INTRODUCTION The Igala Kingdom is located at the angle formed by the river Niger and Benue at the right of the confluence of the two rivers. The area of the kingdom is about 160 kilometers long and approximately about 120 square kilometers wide, giving an overall area of about... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS DECLARATION APPROVAL DEDICATION iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENT iv ABSTRACT LIST OF TABLES ix CHAPTER ONE 1 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Introduction 1 .2 Background of the Study 1.3 Statement of the Problem 2 1.4 Purpose of the study 3 1.5 Research objectives 3 1.6 Research question 3 1.7 Hypothesis 4 1.8 Scope ofthe study 4 1.8.1 Content scope 4... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Tea is grown in estates mostly owned by multinational companies and smallholder tea producers. This study investigated smallholder tea production and its effects in Konoin, Bomet County in the period 1954 - 2002. The objectives of the study were: To investigate the factors that led to the introduction of tea growing in Konoin, Bomet... Continue Reading
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The objective of this study is to explore the trends of migrants and discuss effects of immigration on the growth and development of Awe. It also intends to analyse the collective efforts and activities of migrants to the socio-economic development of the area putting into consideration both negative and positive impact of the activities of the... Continue Reading


As is traditional with programmes of this nature, statements articulating aims and objectives, both long-term and short are always in abundant supply. Whether these aims and objectives are later realized however depends on availability of resources and the kind of determination of the promoters of such programmes. The aims and objectives drawn up... Continue Reading


The aim of this research work is to discuss traditional institutions in Omu-Aran during the colonial era. Objectively, it seeks to examine the impact of colonial rule on the traditional institutions in Omu-Aran. The work intends to look at how traditional institutions were able to survive and co-exist with the incursion of the Europeans and the... Continue Reading


This work is aimed at ensuring that socio-economic development of Odo-Owa in Oke-Ero Local Government Area of Kwara State during the colonial period is articulated and written down for historical purpose, thus ensuring that the basic information about the socio-economic activities of the people is documented.  It also aims at examining the... Continue Reading


Firstly, the purpose of this essay is to examine the factors that led to the movement of some indigenes of Ogbomoso to other places in Nigeria and beyond and why some have decided to be permanently  residence at their new places. Secondly, to examined their socio-political and Economic set up through their organization and to examine how they... Continue Reading


Indigenous arts in Nigeria are as old as time immemorial and contemporary as yesterday. They are as old because they have got their history back in antiquity and contemporary because they are still with us today. Often, when technology is being talked about, the attention of many people first goes to the advanced technologies in countries like... Continue Reading


The African Union was formed to cater for the needs and aspiration of member states amongst the various set objectives Achieve greater unity and solidarity between the African countries and the other people of Africa Defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its member states Accelerate the political and socio- economic... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT   Drug abuse among youths in Nigeria has been a problem to the youths and the society in General. The consequences of drug abuse are not only on the individual user but also on his or her offspring, family and the society. To this effect, the study seeks to assess institutional mechanism and appropriate ways in combating drug abuse and... Continue Reading


The objective of the research, it to examine the growth and development of Mushin Local Government administration. Indeed, many works have been written on local government, but none has specifically been concentrated on Mushin Local Government. This work will therefore be focusing on a neglected area. The case study will highlight the growth and... Continue Reading


PREFACE The fundamental importance of this discourse is to highlight the origin and growth of Elu-Ohafia in Abia State of Nigeria and the socio-political and economic life of Elu Ohafia, Abia state. Apparently, there is not much written literature regarding the historical origin of Elu Ohafia.  Much of the conceptual knowledge is oral hence there... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The paper takes a look at the famed and culturally endowed Mbaise town, with a focus on tracing and highlighting developments that occurred in the area within the period 1976 – 1999. Mbaise, made up of three local government areas (Aboh-Mbaise, Ahiaza-Mbaise and Ezinihitte-Mbaise) is blessed with rich cultural and intellectual capacity.... Continue Reading


Abstract This research work examines the implication of Human Trafficking on Nigeria’s foreign relations.   The phenomenon of human trafficking has taken an alarming dimension in Nigeria, such that it had become a big illegal criminal business.   Human Trafficking is now a daily occurrence in Edo and Delta States of Nigeria.   Also, the... Continue Reading


This project work talks about the origin of the conflict between Israel and Gaza and how the United States is interfering.... Continue Reading


This study examines political violence in Ibadan and how well the Police was able to curb it during the period from 1960-1983. Politics in Ibadan was critically examines and the various crises that led to the annulment of the First Republic was also looked at too. Aim and Objectives of the study The aim of this study is to embark and discover new... Continue Reading


The study attempts to provide a comprehensive analysis on the economic importance of cocoa in Nigeria economy (1900-1970) . Cocoa has been a major source of income for many Nigerians and a major source of foreign exchange earnings for the country. For this purpose the study seek to achieve this following objective by dividing the study into five... Continue Reading


The history of peaceful settlement of dispute dates back from Jay Treaty of 1794 between U.S.A. & Great Britain. This treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation led to creation of mixed commissions and intended to functioN to some extent as tribunals. In 1872, the Albama claims arbitration between U.K. and U.S.A. marked the start of a 2nd Phase.... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT           Boko Haram figuratively implies that western for non-Islamic education is a sin, is a very controversial Nigeria militant group that seeks for the imposition of sharia law in the entire northern states of Nigeria. The hierarchical structure of the group is not presently well defined. The official name of the group id... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT           T he s t udy r e v ea l the Ethno Regional Politics in Nigeria be t w e e n t hep e r i ods196 0 - 1966, of which po l i t i cs a t t h edo m e st i c l e v el w asd e t e r m i n e d bye t hn i c i t ybeca u se t he r eg i ons w e r ec a r v ed a l onge t hn i c l i n es , t h e Y o r u ba o f t heW e s t , t h e H a u... Continue Reading
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