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Seminar Topics

ABSTRACT This paper presents a review of two basic puzzles in international finance. The first puzzle is the “predictable excess return puzzle”. This puzzle is the empirical failure or what is known as the uncovered interest rate parity (UIP). Thus, the above puzzle can be restated as the forward... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The literature on dividend policy has produced a large body of theoretical and empirical research, especially following the publication of the dividend irrelevance hypothesis of miller and Modigliani (1961). No general consensus has yet emerged after several decades of investigation, and scholars can often disagree even about the same... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This paper looks at the concept of collective security and how it has been operationalized from the early times of the Catholic Church, to the Concert of Europe, its application in the League of Nations and in the United Nations. The main trust of this paper focuses on the differences in the application of collective security by the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The Nigerian agricultural sector is dominated by small scale farmers who by virtue of their low income have dwindling capacity to access and procure capital, labour and modern inputs. In theory, it is believed that foreign direct investment in agriculture (Zimbabwe farmers) is essential to ameliorate this problem of inadequate capital... Continue Reading
PLASTIC MARINE DEBRIS: Importance to Aquatic Environment and Human Health ABSTRACT Over the years the importance of plastics for different purposes especially packaging has been emphasized but its adverse effect on the aquatic environment and human health makes it less desirable. Aquatic animals feed on plastic marine debris and sometimes get a... Continue Reading
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