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Project Topics and Materials - Page 2

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ABSTRACT The English article system is a complex system that is nevertheless indispensable for users of English. The articles perform several important functions and aid greatly in the art of communication. Despite this indisputable importance of the English articles, Nigerian... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ENG0004
  • Pages:145
ABSTRACT The researcher tries to show the roles of indigenous literary tradition in the development of Igala Community. This research work shows that indigenous literary tradition contributed greatly to the development of Agriculture, promotion of social relationship... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research work reviews the historical encounter between the whites and Africans and argues that the challenges or problems evident in the black society at present are as a result of the white m also looks into the social values and system of meaning that promotes male dominance and demeans the woman.... Continue Reading
THE WRITER AND THE NIGER DELTA: A STUDY OF KAINE AGARY’S YELLOW YELLOW AND TANURE OJAIDE’S THE ACTIVIST ABSTRACT It should depress us that the Government and oil companies in the Niger Delta are the cause of the problems facing the people. To expose and deplore this ill is the Kernel of this project. The research is divided into five chapters:... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Drug procurement and distribution tracking system is a set of computer programs that obtains the supplies of drugs, distribute the drugs and monitors the inventory control of the drugs. Using the pharmaceutical department of Port-Harcourt University teaching hospital as a case study, the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work intends to provide architecture for the technology in building of a standard, sophisticated and user-friendly data warehouse system which is platform independent and secured. The proposed work surely addressed the limitations identified within the scope of this project... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A lot of problems are associated with the traditional way of teaching mathematics because it uses manual approach to impact knowledge to student which makes it time ineffective, time wasting, and high level of energy dissipation. Also due to the calculative nature and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work intends to automate the existing criminal records of the Nigeria police using Enugu criminal investigating Department. The essence is to produce durable criminal records and minimize avoidable lost of criminal records. Structural database management system (DBMS) was used in... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY To understand the web-based legal practitioner application system, it includes not merely the profession, which is practiced in courts but also covers law teaching, law research, administration in different branches where law plays a role and in... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY To understand the web-based legal practitioner application system, it includes not merely the profession, which is practiced in courts but also covers law teaching, law research, administration in different branches where law plays a role and in... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF SOCIO- ECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICS ON LOAN REPAYMENT, AMONG COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISES IN OSHIMILI SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF DELTA STATE ABSTRACT This research study adopted an econometric analysis on The Impact of Socio-Economic Characteristics On Loan Repayment Among Cooperative Enterprises In Oshimili South Local Government Area of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Multi-database system for seat reservation and ticketing in a commercial airline company is a project work aimed at creating a system that will enable travelers’ book their flight by making reservations. As the is world turning into a global village with almost every aspect of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research explores the impact of leadership crisis on Nigeria national development.It appraises leadership crisis in Nigeria fourth republic and its impact on national development.The study projects the nature of leadership instability in Nigeria’s fourth... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION The invention of the internet brought a new dimension to the media landscape. It marked the beginning of technological transformation and socialization with a higher desire for information about everything. This... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF EXCHANGE RATE FLUCTUATION ON THE NIGERIA ECONOMIC GROWTH (1980 – 2010) ABSTRACT This research work is centred on the impact of exchange rate fluctuation on the Nigeria’s economic growth with special emphasis on purchasing power of the average Nigeria and the level of international trade transaction. Without exchange rate the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study investigates the Federal Government of Nigeria electronic payment system implementation and the constraints confronting it with a view to providing solutions to the constraints so identified. The study is motivated by the apparent low level of... Continue Reading
EFFECTIVE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AS A TOOL FOR ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN BREWERIES PLC ABSTRACT The Management of Human Resources is an effective way of achieving organizational performance. It has been discovered that most organization are lacking behind in this area and as a result have been experiencing a decline... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:BAM0475
  • Pages:130
EFFECT OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ON EMPLOYEES PRODUCTIVITY A CASE STUDY OF YABA LG CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY One of the main objectives of any organization is to provide goods and services to the general public. Organization performs these all important role through the prefer utilization men and material/resources... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This issue of teenage pregnancy in our contemporary society has been considered an epidemic and endemic in nature, which constitutes social problem that should requires social action for amelioration. Moreso, this study focuses on effect of... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:EDU0552
  • Pages:108
ABSTRACT The project set out to examine the impact of international trade on the development of commerce and industry in Nigeria, the variables used for this study are GDP, Volume of Import, Volume of Export, Net Export and Trade Openness. The methodology used... Continue Reading
AN ASSESSMENT OF THE PERFORMANCE OF PUBLIC ENTERPRISE IN NIGERIA A CASE STUDY OF NITEL (1985-2008) Abstract It is because of social issues like economic inequalities, unemployment that made the state to interfere in economy of Nigeria. Government chose public sector as a means or medium for economic and social development due to poor managerial... Continue Reading
AN ANALYSIS OF NIGERIA–CAMEROON RELATIONS 1999-2007 ABSTRACT The major significance of this study is that it will examine and highlight Nigeria – Cameroon Relations from 1999 to 2004. It will also suggest how areas of conflict could be resolved by both countries. This project research also hopes to contribute to the academic literature on... Continue Reading
Abstract This study investigates the effect of inflation on consumption pattern on farming household in Nigeria. The Nigerian economy had faced with inflationary trends over the years and the various government policies to deal with it eluded long- term solution needed to... Continue Reading
EFFECTIVE INTERVAL CONTROL MEASURES AS TOOLS FOR TRANPARENCY, PROBITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC RESOURCES: (A CASE STUDY OF IGBO ETITI LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCIL OF ENUGU STATE) PROPOSAL The research work (Effective internal control measures as tools for probity, Transparency and accountability in the management of public... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC0584
  • Pages:130
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Caritas University, Amorji Nike, Enugu, is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria on December 16 2004. It was officially opened on January 21, 2005 by the Federal Ministry for Education,... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:CPU0206
  • Pages:102
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