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Public Health Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT A major challenge for achieving successful mosquito control is overcoming insecticide resistance. Bacillus thuringiensis which is one of the most effective biolarvacide for control of species of mosquitoes and monitoring of larval... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Unth Itukuozalla) A total of 50 blood (30 pregnant and 20 HIV) samples were obtained from pregnant women and PLWHA attending clinic at UNTH Ituku-ozalla. Samples were screened for hepatitis c viral infection using the rapid one step hepatitis C... Continue Reading
     ABSTRACT Antibacterial activity of honey obtained from two different locations in Enugu State (Nsukka & Ugwuaji) Nigeria on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Streptococcus pyogens isolated from wound was... Continue Reading
– URBAN MIGRATION IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF OWERRI MUNICIPAL) ABSTRACT  Rural resources have a lot of potential which needed to be brought into full production as to uplift the values. These values can only be achieved when other resources like times, money, infrastructure, expertise and the... Continue Reading
HOUSING AS AN ASPECT OF SOCIO POLICY MAKING (A STUDY OF RIVER STATE) Abstract Housing is a process which makes the act of dwelling possible. In effect, the term, housing includes the house itself and the total surrounding environment with its ancillary facilities and services. One of the processes in building a house is the Building Approval phase... Continue Reading
Introduction The rural environment dominates the District and is mostly used for pastoral and arable farming, horticulture and planted production forestry. There are also the urban environments of Gore and Mataura. The rural environment is characterised by the... Continue Reading
ASSESSMENT OF THE PROBLEMS IN THE MANAGEMENT OF URBAN HOUSING (A CASE STUDY OF OWERRI MUNICIPAL) ABSTRACT Poor waste management has been a major problem to human existence and it affects both rural and urban areas. Various methods of waste disposal exist and this study assessed the waste man-agement practices among residents of Owerri Municipal,... Continue Reading
THE PROBLEM OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN NIGERIAN CITIES (A CASE OF OWERRI MUNICIPAL AREA COUNCIL). ABSTRACT: Solid waste management (SWM) in many low- and middle–income countries is sometimes driven by the informal sector. Unfortunately, contributions of the sector to SWM are not acknowledged in many developing countries. This situation often... Continue Reading
ANALYSIS OF INDUSTRIAL WASTE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IN BREWERY INDUSTRY (A CASE STUDY OF CONSOLIDATED BREWERY (33 EXPORT) AWO-OMAMMA IMO STATE) CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION  1.1 Background Of The Study 1.2 Statement Of The Problem 1.3 Objective Of The Study 1.4 Significance Of The Study 1.5 Research Questions 1.6 Research Hypotheses 1.7 Limitation... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Oye Emene Enugu State Nigeria ) ABSTRACT Some locally available fruits (garden egg, orange, banana, guava, avocado, pawpaw and pineapple).sold in Oye Emene Enugu, Enugu State was examined for parasitological contamination. A total of 87 samples were examined using... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Ogbete Market Enugu) ABSTRACT Safety of food is a basic requirement of food quality. A total of 25 street food samples (Jollof rice, egwusi soup, ugu, water leaf and green), were randomly purchased from five different vendors in Ogbete main... Continue Reading
PREVALENCE AND ANTIMICROBIAL SUSCEPTIBILITY OF GRAM NEGATIVE BACTERIA IN THE URINE OF CARITAS UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ABSTRACT In order to access the prevalence and sensitivity pattern of urinary pathogens, 60 midstream urine samples from students of Caritas University were investigated using cultural methods. Samples were examined microscopically and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Comparative examination of three main sources of water supply in Independence layout Enugu was carried out with a view to determine their levels of contamination of bacteria. The sources of water examined are tap water, well water and stream water. The pour plate method... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In comparing the antimicrobial strength of three most common antibiotics, which includes: streptomycin chloranphenicol and gentarccin.  Samples of urine and high vaginal swab (H.V.S) were collected from park lane Enugu. The organisms isolated were pure... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work is carried at the isolation and characterization of pathogenic bacteria from hawked suya meat, were bought in full from the sellers and was collected in raps of aluminum foil. It was then taken to the laboratory for analysis the samples were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION TO HEPATITIS B Viral hepatitis is a disease as old as the history of Medicine. Hepatitis was described in the Babylonian Talmud in the fifty century BC, and was referred to by Hippocratic over 2000... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND INFORMATION Milk is defined as a secretion of mammary gland of female animals. It is an exceptionally good source of protein which is of a high biological value in promoting the growth of children (ihekorany and Ngoddy, 1985). Milk is described as a... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Ogbete Market) ABSTRACT In the work, samples of Garri obtained from Ogbete market were evaluated for microbial contamination. Four sample of Garri from different sources of supple were collected from Ogbete main market Enugu Okwo, Nkalagu, Emene, and Abakaliki respectively. The sample were... Continue Reading
AND ESCHERICHIA COLI ISOLATED FROM WOUND INFECTED ABSTRACT The antibacterial activity of sweet orange(citrus smensin) on staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli isolated from would infection was studied. A total number of 100 wound sample were collected form... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic At University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (Unth) Enugu ABSTRACT The study on anaemia in pregnancy is aimed at determining packed cell volume (PCV), Haemoglobin (Hb) level and Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) of pregnant women, as well as the selferity,... Continue Reading
FROM STORED PAP (OGI) ABSTRACT The microbial changes which took place during the steeping and storage of pan (ogi) was studied. The steeped water had an initial PH of 6.8 which latter reduced to 4.9 at the end of steeping. The bacterial number for the steeped water ranged from 4.7x104 to 3.2 x 107... Continue Reading
NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME IN NIGERIA(Prospects And Problems) ABSTRACT The intention of this research is to analyse the prospect and problems of National health Insurance scheme in Nigeria. Which will bring health care for all? In analyzing this topic I will give a brief introduction on how the scheme works and states the prospect and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The prevalence of Trichomonas Vaginalis among adult in “Osumenyi” in Nnewi south local government Area of Anambra state was carried out. This was done using a stotal of one hundred adults from there different clinics viz ;- Health center, family planning and Antenatal Clinic in Osumenyi;... Continue Reading
(A Case Study Of Parklane Hospital Enugu) ABSTRACT The incidence of the infestation of plasmodium species (P.Falciparum, P. Vivax, P.Ovale, and P. alaria) which causes human malaria in Enugu metropolis was conducted at Parklane Hospital using their patients.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A study was carried to ascertain the potency of some techniques used in diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Two hundred and five samples (203) were collected from the patients from the university of Nigerian teaching hospital and was analysed... Continue Reading
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