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Statistic Project Topics and Materials

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INTRODUCTION  Hajia Gambo Sawaba General Hospital since its inception in 1975 has received considerable amount of people, for treatment medical advice, family planning and a host of other reason. Different categories of people have patronized the hospital for its efficiency. It is therefore in the best interest of the researcher to use his or her... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work was aimed at carrying out statistical analysis of federal government’s revenue and expenditure 2003-2008. Secondary data was obtained from National Bureau of Statistics. The statistical package used is Mintab. The result of the analysis shows that there is positive and strong relationship between expenditure and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Rising cost of foodstuffs affect the welfare of majority of Nigerians who live below the poverty line of one dollar per day. The study examined the relative changes in prices of staple foods in Imo State. The study collected secondary data from National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on the yearly prices and quantities of staple foods in Imo... Continue Reading


Fsywvsysywbhd u b ... Continue Reading


AbSTRACT This research work is based on the construction of control chart for quality characteristics of Coke liquid (Sodium content, Sugar content and Volume) which may be used for control of future products of the Coca-Cola Company. Secondary data collected from Coca- Cola Company, Idokpa, Benin City Plant was analysed using Control Chart for... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In this project, Partial Least Square Regression was compared with Ordinary Least Square Regression (OLSR) to handle the problem of multicollinarity and small sample size on all Nigeria Insurance Company’s expenditure data. The prediction  methods have been compared for efficiency through Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and Mean Square... Continue Reading


Outliers are every day problems encountered in all spheres of life. This work addresses the different methods of labelling outliers and as well highlights the applications of outliers in real life processes... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Road accident has been of great social and economic concern.  It has became a total topic for scientific investigation.  The number of deaths on the road today, particularly on the major roads of rural-urban areas are what motivated me in writing this project. This study is essentially based on the Statistical Analysis of Road Accidents... Continue Reading


School, colleges and universities have no worth without student. Students are most essential asset for any educational institute. The social and economic development of the country is directly linked with student academic performance. The determinants of students' performance have been the subject of ongoing debate among educators, academics, and... Continue Reading


Health related quality of life is one of the growing subjects used for evaluating health conditions among patients who suffer from specific ailment.It has been assumed that identification of the variables is able to mirror the one's general health conditions.However,formulating the extent of contribution is multiple variable towards overall... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The present study was conducted at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of feeds (cotton seed cake, yeast supplement, cow milking ration) and seasonal variation (dry and rainy season) on dairy milk yield. A total of 21 mid lactation cows were fed with cotton seed cake, yeast supplement and cow... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT     This research work was focused on the EFFECT OF LACK OF PRACTICAL TOOLS ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS in The Ibarapa Polytechnic, Eruwa.     The objectives and purpose of the research work is to determine whether factors such as lack of practical tools, lack of enough practical lecturers, improvising of practical tools... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT   For schools to be effective, computer literacy should be demonstrated through computer availability as well as student’s awareness and usage of library related website. The research design is a descriptive survey which comprises a sample of 383 students randomly selected from a population of YABATECH students. The research instrument... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The primary aim of this project is to estimate the long run relationship between economic growth and currency devaluation. This project investigated the impact of currency devaluation on economic growth of Nigeria. This was achieved through a review of literature. In order to generate the necessary data for this research, the Central Bank... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Water as an essential commodity plays a major role in national development, the availability of water through pipe borne to individual, communities, and the country at large will help in achieving the New Millennium Development Goal (MDG7), hence the constant study, analysis and forecast for  supply of water using past water supplied.... Continue Reading


Logistic regression model deals with the relationship that exists between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. It provides a method for modeling a binary response variable, which takes values 1 and 0. Further, Logistic regression is useful for situations in which you want to be able to predict the presence or absence of a... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The research focuses on the impact of non-oil exports on Nigerian economy. It employs the documentary method in retrieving secondary data for the study. The data is retrieved from the CBN statistical bulletin for the year 2016. The method of data analysis is the ordinary least square (OLS) method of multiple regressions using the Microfit... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work examines the effects of some factors influencing Hypertension, and the data used was obtained from the case-hypertensive patients’ record at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (2007 - 2012). Basically, the target of this research are patients of infections/diseases (e. g. HIV/AIDS) that later developed... Continue Reading


This research work describes a study that used measles disease data collected through  Knoema health surveillance system to evaluate univariate time series method namely;  autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA). The data obtained from 1980 to 2016  were used as modeling data and forecasting samples, respectively. The performances... Continue Reading


The word is not interested in the storm you encountered but did you bring t h e  ship in?  It's is not the time a man spends in planning, it's the faith and confidence he put  in his planning that really counts.  Investigation has revealed that the economic base of Nigeria base on the crude  oil. Hence there is every need to take a critical... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study is concerned with the female enrolment at the junior secondary school levels in Nigeria. In writing th is project, the approach has been to determine the trend in female enrolment at the junior secondary school level by the geo - political zones. Th i s research work is organized into five chapters. The first chapter deals with... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is aimed al studying the impact of health sector reforms on life expectancy in Nigeria using a secondary source of data ranging.from 1980 to 2014 obtainedfi-om the Central Bank Statistical Bulletin and World Bank indicator. Ordinwy least square of multiple regression models was used to establish the relationship... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The word is not interested in the storm you encountered but did you bring the ship in? It's is not the time a man spends in planning, it's the faith and confidence he put in his planning that really counts. Investigation has revealed that the economic base of Nigeria base on the crude oil. Hence there is every need to take a critical... Continue Reading


Abstract -. 'Since. statisticians do not usually perform an experiment, their claim to attention when they write on experimentation requires some explanations', William Cochran and Gertrude Cox (1957). Block designs are widely used in many fields of research. Their most common type is the randomized (complete) block design. It is not applicable... Continue Reading
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