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CHAPTER ONE: 1.1  Background of the Study 1.2  The Statement of the Problem 1.3  Objectives of the Study 1.4  Research Questions 1.5  Hypotheses 1.6  Significance of the Study 1.7  Scope/Limitations of the Study 1.8  Plan of the Report CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.0 Introduction 2.1.0  Theoretical Framework 2.1.1  Definitions 2.1.2... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This research work investigates the impact of banks’ credit on the growth of Nigerian economy between 1981 and 2012. The study was needed due to the central role which the deposit money banks’ credits play in the economic, financial and social development and growth of the economy. The study made use of secondary data in its analysis.... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The topic for this project is A financial Aprraisal of the operational performance of privatized Nigeria company. The research study is done in order to get possible solution or recommendation to the problem of the company and to make the staff to be efficient and effective.           Privatization can be defined basically as the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This thesis investigates the Impact of Deposit Money Banks Loan on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria, between 1990 and 2014. The variables used for this study are secondary data generated from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) statistical bulletin, Volume 26, December 2014 and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The study is anchored on human resource development (HRD) as the critical element that propels the financial institutions towards achieving and sustaining competitive advantage in this age of explosive information technology which has brought in revolution in the global economic landscape with impact on individuals and challenges on... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This study was done in order to analyze the impact of lending policy of CRDB Bank upon recovery rate and consequently to give recommendations wherever possible for the sake of making loan recovery rate performance more competitive and profitable in the future and current market. The main problem in this study is the impact of loan... Continue Reading


THESIS ABSTRACT The objective of this research was to investigate the management of the Special Collection Division in a period of reduced funding in Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Six research questions were framed to guide the study. It was a case study. The population comprise of all the users of Special Collection... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Ratio  has been most important tools for the effective  development of manufacturing companies and industries, the major uses of ratio is to  access the profitability, gearing, liquidity and asset turnover of the company. The introduction of ratio analysis in manufacturing company has brought about a turn around in many industry... Continue Reading
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The study is focused in examining financial constraint and investment decision of firms in Nigeria. The study seeks to reveal various financial constraints that are having effect on firms’ investment decision. The data have been taken from the balance sheet of nine (9) manufacturing firms listed in the Nigerian Stock Exchange for the time period... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Access to financial services in a country is essential for economic growth. The term access to financial services refers to the ease with which an individual can use financial services if theywant to. It is thus distinct from usage; an individual may have access to financial services but choose not to use them. It is also possible for an... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Remittances constitute a portion of international migrant workers earnings sent back from the country of employment to the country of origin. While the rates and levels of officially recorded remittances to developing countries has increased enormously over the last decade, academic and policy-oriented research has not come to a consensus... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In the last few decades, mutual funds have developed due to the global integration of financial markets. The aim of this study is assessing the role of mutual funds towards increasing the financial gains of investors, using Databank Mutual fund as a case study. The study adopted descriptive research. The simple random sampling method is... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Banking crises are usually followed by low credit, GDP growth and high job insecurity. This is because crises tend to take place during economic and social downturns. The banking crisis affected not only different institutions and companies, but also the economic and financial livelihood of people, especially banking sector workers. Ghana... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The continued and sustained growth of any economy is dependent on a strong and robust financial sector. The Bank of Ghana in a bid to reform and ensure stability of the sector, withdrew the licenses of nine banks in Ghana, one of which was uniBank Ghana Limited. This study aims at finding the reasons why uniBank failed from the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Profitability and maximizing shareholders wealth top the chat when it comes the reasons why people or organisations engage in business. A bank like any other business venture also has these same objectives in mind. The contentious issue however, is finding a right balance between the profit maximization objective and the right amount of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Growth of microcredit is seen as an important way to expand financial services to the poor and unbanked, and to help reduce poverty. However, high default rate remains a major challenge for micro-lenders. Understanding the causes of default among the poor is important for devising effective strategies to deal with this problem. This study... Continue Reading
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Operational risk is a fast emerging area in banking industry. Awareness of operational  risk as a separate risk category has been relatively recent in most banks. It is therefore  important to examine the effect of this risk on financial performance of the commercial  banks. Unlike market, the operational risk factors are largely linked to... Continue Reading


Financial sustainability requires appropriate risk based audit practice hence effective and  efficient internal audit. Most non-governmental organizations are faced with  sustainability challenges which can be attributed to difficulties in the design, monitoring  and implementation of project financing strategies which may impact negatively... Continue Reading


The study analyzed the relationship of WCM on financial performance, taking the case of Firms  in the Commercial and Services Segment of NSE, Kenya. Specifically, the study analyzed the  effect of accounts receivable, accounts payable, stock conversion period, cash conversion cycle  on Return on Asset as measures of financial performance of... Continue Reading


Financial sustainability requires appropriate risk based audit practice hence effective and efficient internal audit. Most non-governmental organizations are faced with sustainability challenges which can be attributed to difficulties in the design, monitoring and implementation of project financing strategies which may impact negatively on... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  Efficient debt management determines the cash flow and the success of the day-to-day operations of the business. Poor credit management leads to late payment to creditors and other stakeholders in the supply chain. This study focused on the determinants of micro credit performane in kenya. The objective of this study was to establish... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT As of December 2017, the Kenyan banking sector registered a decline in performance with the subdued economic activities. The industry reported a decrease in profit after tax by 9.6 % during the year 2017. A decline in asset quality was reported, with the NPLs ratio increasing to 12.3 % in December 2017 from 9.3 % in December 2016. The... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT Inappropriate credit policies, as well as inadequate, limited institutional capacity by Kenya's financial sector, led to several of the banking institutions collapsing over what was termed as poor management of credit risks which resulted to increased amounts of loans that were not being serviced. The main aim of the research project... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Human resources are the source of achieving competitive advantage because of its capability to convert the other resources (money, machine, methods and material) in to output (product/service). The competitor can imitate other resources like technology and capital but the human resource are unique. People are one of the most important... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an essential part of any economic system and it is an incentive that allows economies to grow. However the positive results of FDI are not accessed by all countries, communities or sectors. The performance of commercial banks in Kenya has been found wanting for the last five years with some banks... Continue Reading
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