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ABSTRACT The rate of competition in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria is moving at a leap frog basis due to changes in technology, product and services, customer taste among others. This has made change management experts to emphasize on the importance of establishing organizations readiness for change and have crafted various strategies... Continue Reading
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents CERTIFICATION .. ii DECLARATION .. iii DEDICATION .. iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS . v TABLE OF CONTENTS . vi LIST OF TABLES . ix ABSTRACT . xi CHAPTER ONE . 1 INTRODUCTION .. 1 1.1Background of the Study . 1 1.2 Statement of Research Problem .. 3 1.3 Research Aim and Objectives . 3 1.4 Research Questions . 4 1.5 Research... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was designed to investigate the clothing motivations and behaviour of female undergraduates in universities in Benue State. Specifically the study determined (i) The motivating factors or the reasons underlying the selection and wearing of clothing by female undergraduates in Benue State universities. (ii) The types of clothing... Continue Reading


GENDER CONSIDERATIONS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN NORTHERN NIGERIA [A CASE STUDY OF OJU PRINTING PRESS, KADUNA) CHAPTER ONE 1.1        BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Individuals go into business for the sake of obtaining regular income, becoming self employed and also help others. Although there are different kinds of business... Continue Reading


Department:  Department of Entrepreneurship Development Project Abstract:  The growth of business in our society is prevalent hence, the researcher decided to carry out a study using Emohua. The researcher study was on the growth of entrepreneurship education and a small scale... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE 1.0     Introduction An appraisal of small scale industries in employment creation in Nigeria: A study of Onitsha metropolis. 1.1     Background of the Study Many scholars have written widely on small scale industries and its potency to generate employment, thus, underscoring the quintessence, significance and relevance of this... Continue Reading


(A CASE STUDY OF ETSAKO WEST) ABSTRACT This study was carried out to examine entrepreneurship as a panacea to economic development in Etsako West of Edo State. To achieve this objective, four research questions and one research hypothesis were formulated to guide the study. The data was... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Entrepreneurship capacities are increasingly recognized as important drivers of economic growth, productivity and employment, and as a key aspect of economic dynamism. Recent dimensions to entrepreneurship have necessitated the need for formal education for entrepreneurs. There has... Continue Reading


CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study Entrepreneurship practices exist in most countries of the world, including Nigeria. In Nigeria the development of entrepreneurship has gone a long way to achieve industrialization and economic development. Management scholars agree that although management theory and practices have... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This work is a review of the problems and prospects of setting up small-scale business in Nigeria. The Statement of Problem identified were setting problem caused by poor planning, finance problem caused by lack of financial support and poor funding and multiple and... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the study Nigeria is hugely endowed with energy resources that include oil, natural gas, coal, biomass, solar, wind and hydro resources among others (Iwayemi, 2008; Onuaha, 2010). However despite this huge endowment Nigeria is also an energy deficient country whose economy suffers tremendously... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Access to electricity and its accompanied high tariffs poses a greater challenge to SMEs growth and performance in lower income countries like Nigeria, as compared with those in higher income countries. This assertion is confirmed in a research by Scott et al (2014) which reveals that, the... Continue Reading


The Concept of Entrepreneurship Throughout the theoretical history of entrepreneurship, scholars and researchers from multiple disciplines such as anthropology (steward, 1991), psychology (shaver and Scott, 1991), sociology (Reynolds, 1991), economic (Kirchhoff, 1991), management (Stevenson, 1985), and technology (Roberts, 1991), and (Litvak and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is on causes of business failure and possible solutions with a case study of Faith printing press, Uyo. business failure is when  a firm is suffering from either technical insolvency or bankruptcy or when it happens that a firms total revenue do not cover its total cost , this can be avoided by finding  solutions to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Small and Medium Enterprises play a very important role in development of the Nigerian Economy. Making up about 97% of the entire economy, they serve as a source of employment generation, innovation, competition, economic dynamism which ultimately lead to poverty alleviation and national growth. Tax policy is one of the factors that... Continue Reading


CHAPTER I 1.0 INTRODUCTION For both developing and developed countries, small and medium scale firms play important roles in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Apart from increasing per capita income and output, Small Medium businesses create employment opportunities, enhance regional economic balance through industrial... Continue Reading


Background to the Study Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are sub-sectors of the industrial sector which play crucial roles in industrial development (Ahmed, S. 2006). Following the adoption of Economic reform programme in Nigeria in 1981, there have been several decisions to switch from capital intensive and large scale industrial projects which... Continue Reading


Background to the Study Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are sub-sectors of the industrial sector which play crucial roles in industrial development (Ahmed, S. 2006). Following the adoption of Economic reform programme in Nigeria in 1981, there have been several decisions to switch from capital intensive and large scale industrial projects which... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page                                                                                 i... Continue Reading


BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The study of the role of government agencies towards the development of small scale enterprises is quite interesting. These enterprise have a very important impact on the life of everybody in the society. Small independence business are everywhere and in every line of work, they can also be seen in every community. This... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT It is an undisputable fact that Nigeria of the pre-independence era was predominately small scale in its productions and marketing activities. Industrial revolution brought about a shift from the orthodox trade by barter to a more sophisticated marketing system where consumers satisfaction becomes the ultimate goal of the most businesses.... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      Background of the study 1.2        Statement of the problem 1.3   Purpose of the study 1.4  Significance of the Study 1.5  Research Questions 1.6  Significance of the study 1.7  Scope of the study CHAPTER TWO REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1       Introduction to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research tends to examine the effect of business stress on the performance of small scale enterprenuer with scope covering One hundred business owners across Lagos State. A survey design was employed, with the use of simple random sampling technique one hundred business owners were sampled in Lagos state. Data were gathered with the... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background to the Study 1.2       Statement of Problem 1.3       Objective of the Study 1.4       Research Question 1.5       Statement of the Hypothesis 1.6       Scope of the Study 1.7       Definition of Terms 1.8       Justification of the study... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study focused on the effect of backward integration strategy on organization performance. Nestle Nigeria Plc was used as case study. Fifty copies of questionnaires were administered using convenience sampling techniques for the purpose of data collection and interviews were conducted to authenticate the information derived. The data... Continue Reading
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