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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background of the Study The Internet revolution was really about people customer and fundamental shift of market power from the seller to buyer. In the new economy customers expectations are very different than before. A company understanding of this difference and its ability to capitalize on it will be the key to... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY E-Commerce is the process of conducting business electronically among various entities in order to satisfy an organizational or individual objective. A key ingredient of E-Commerce, sometimes referred to as electronic trading, is the advertisement and procurement of goods and services over... Continue Reading


Background of the study While the international order among states is quite strong, the world is not peaceful. In the wake of globalization and the explosion in communication technologies, new security related threats have Emerged that are to a great extent independent of national boundaries. As a result, a new kind of war is being waged in every... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research project titled co-operative thrift and loan society (A case study of African thinkers and credit societies). This study consist of five chapters and the study aimed at indentifying the causes of establishing co-operate we thrift and loan societies in African thinkers C of Bod Enugu state. To solve the research problems, both... Continue Reading
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