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All Project Topics with Materials - Page 6

INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Evaluation has a Latin origin, meaning to strengthen or to empower. Today, evaluation means different things to different people. Rowntree (1990) viewed evaluation as a process of getting various peoples reactions on a programme with a view to improving it. Evaluation could also be defined as a process of... Continue Reading
The broad objective of this research work is to take a critical look at the principle of total quality management so as to find out how its implementation will affect an organisation‟s productivity and profitability. For the purpose of this study, the researcher limited its data to those of the Skye Bank Plc and her customers. The researcher... Continue Reading
The research work covers the effect of financial accounting reporting on managerial decision making. The studies have the following objectives: To know whether the various ways of presenting financial accounting reporting have any effect on managerial decision making in the company. To examine the attitude of management in the allocation of... Continue Reading
The research topic of this study is “The Effect of Computerized Accounting System on the Performance of in Banking Industry – a study of selected banks in Enugu Metropolis. The purpose is to know whether the application of Computerized Accounting System superceeds that of manual Accounting System, and that if computerized Accounting System... Continue Reading
There has been a persisting challenges of accountability and transparency in local government councils in Nigeria. The objective of this study has been to ascertain whether accountability and transparency has put to check the circumvention of due process in financial and non-financial activities of the Local government council in Nigeria. A survey... Continue Reading
This research is aimed at examining how effective and efficient management apply accounting information in making business decision in public sector organizations. The main objectives of this study are; 1. To identify how accounting information controls Fraud, mismanagement and irregularities. 2. To determine how useful and effective accounting... Continue Reading
It has been noted that tax system in Nigeria has come to play a significant role, as a major source of revenue to the federal government by way of imposing tax on tax payers and it is for them to pay up the tax. The act of evading and avoiding tax by most registered companies and some individuals has however affected the revenue base of the... Continue Reading
The study is centred on the effect of the internal audit in M.B ANAMCO LTD, Emene Enugu State, the research covers all department under the firm in other to ascertain whether auditing has an effect in the private firm and if not what is the cause. INTRODUCTION Internal audit is a management tool used in ensuring transparency in conduct of... Continue Reading
This paper examines the effect of exchange rate fluctuations on the Nigerian manufacturing sector during a twenty five (25) years period (1986 – 2010). The argument is that fluctuation in exchange rate adversely affects output of manufacturing sector. This is because Nigerian manufacturing is highly dependent on import of input and capital... Continue Reading
This research work deals with the challenges of internal audit function in the Nigerian public sector with reference to Kaduna state ministry of finance. Internal auditing is a process generally adopted towards ensuring and safeguarding of resources and promoting operational efficiency in organization. The objective of this study has been to... Continue Reading
This research is on the challenges of cost benefit analysis in a computerized Accounting System. The purpose of this study is to enquire into the viability or other wise of computerized accounting Systems, with particularly reference to coca-cola Bottling Company, Enugu. The objective of the study is to ascertain if the introduction computer... Continue Reading
This study was to assess the significance external auditor‟s in the examination of financial statement of first Bank of Nigeria Plc., Enugu. The banking sector in Nigeria and elsewhere in recent times have become so diversified, challenging, highly competitive and has been characterized by persistent, fraud, errors and misappropriation of funds... Continue Reading
This research work examined the relevance of financial ratio analysis in the appraisal of small scale business with particular reference to Mr. Biggs fast food in cross river state. The study examined the establishing of the extent to which accounting ratio can be used to interpret accounting records of small scale business, finding and analysing... Continue Reading
A large proportion of the government health institutions are faced with similar problems. These problems hinder the growth and development of institutions in this country. The problems include: Unsatisfied clients/patients arising from poor qualify drugs. High rate of obsolescence, wastages and theft of drugs. Poor quality of inventory control... Continue Reading
The topic of this research work is inventory control as an effective tool for cost control in an organization using Cadbury Nigeria plc as a case study. Inventory control can be defined as the implementation of management’s inventory policies in a manner that assures that the goal of inventory management is met. The management of various... Continue Reading
Internal audit is a tool, procedure, way to helping organisations achieve their set goals or objectives. The main objective of the study is to examine the effectiveness of internal audit in an organisation. Other objectives of this study are as follows: To show how internal audit assist in management operations. To show how organisational... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work provides a basic introduction on the use of computer in medical practice is aimed at designing an automated diagnosis system for patient care in clinics and hospitals. Diagnostic systems in the establishments, organisations and environments operating a full manual system and the impact of such shift. The problem of efficiency,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT One of the major and most concerned roles of academic institution is result computation and grading for this proves both the school and student academic performance and attainment. This research work studied the departmental result, its nature, mode of preparation, the hitches hindering smooth and fast production of departmental result.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Those people out there , who are familiar with journalism will better appreciate how difficult it is to produce or developed well edited news . This project Design and implementation of a computerized News Editing system , distinguish itself as it provides solution to the teaming problems facing today’ journalist as for as news editing... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This system has been developed to simplify the process of organizing elections and make it convenient for voters to vote remotely from their home computers while taking into consideration security, anonymity and providing auditioning capabilities. On-line Voting System is a web based system that facilitates the running of elections and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The global community especially the technologically advanced world is striving to attain what has been the global information age. It is an age that is envisaged to go beyond the use of computers as a mere tool for fast information processing, rather they will also become medium for processing and transferring such information from one... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The current and future well being of an organization depends mostly on the activities and management of its human resources element. All activities towards improved productivity such as profit; organizational efficiency and effectiveness can only be made possible by the manner and method in which the human resources are managed. Human... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION This passenger manifest information (PMI) is a kind of records that help individual flight to organized their passenger in a flight. This record in the flight. This record help them to know the members of passenger in the flight, without their records they can known the numbers of passenger in the flight. So the passenger manifest... Continue Reading
This project is about developing a system, using fingerprint technology. The Attendance system can be used by the university to digitally manage student’s attendance in class or examinations. This system focuses on registering the student’s attendance and report generation. This is achieved by designing a Visual... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The legal practitioner is a research and law teaching, where Lawyers & Judges study about cases on-line. They insert in any newspaper, periodical or any other publications and advertisement offering as a member of the Bar to undertake confidential inquiries; to write for publication or give an interview to the press or otherwise cause... Continue Reading