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ABSTRACT This project investigates the effect of automated audit on the performance of Auditor in the four selected audit firms in Ogun state ( Tunji Labode & Co , Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, Gbemi Shorunke & Co., Chartered Accountants , Isabo-Okeyeke, Abeokuta, SETH Consulting , Isabo, Abeokuta, and Upswing Associates Limited , Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project investigates the impact of Nigerian stock exchange on the economic development of Nigeria, identifying the factors that can improve the performance of the Nigerian stock exchange market in line with its counterparts in the rest of the world. The study explored the effectiveness of capital market instruments on Nigerian... Continue Reading
A BSTRACT             For over four decades, the Nigerian economy has mostly depends on proceeds from the sale of crude oil. This is at the expense of other sectors such as solid materials and agriculture that hitherto, contributed significantly to the economy of Nigeria.             Employing a descriptive survey type, this... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT An attempt at knowing the impact of broken home on student’s academic performance accounts for the present study. To embark on this study, the descriptive research design of the survey type was adopted. A sample of 160 respondents was drawn from the students and teachers of four selected schools in Ijebu-North Local Government,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work seeks to unravel al the ambiguities and uncertainties   on the extent to   which   banks   rely on the accounting information submitted by their customers before granting   them credit, The commercial objective   of banks   is to maximize profit, tough other social and economic functions tend to deflect banks... Continue Reading
Cassava is produced in a large quantity in Nigeria. One of the products emerging  from its processing has turned out to be a major staple food in the nation, which is ‘garri’.  Due to insufficient and inadequate processing equipment; cassava has been susceptible to  wastage and ‘garri’ production has been reduced in scale, thereby... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The primary objective of this study is to identify the most appropriate herbal plants for the removal of contaminants from water and also to develop a water treatment kit at an affordable cost for the society.  Moringa Oleifera was chosen for this study, the effectiveness of these herbs in the removal of fluoride from water shows that... Continue Reading
The availability and stability of electrical energy is necessary for domestic and industrial use. But unfortunately the monopoly which the Power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) enjoys in this country is not in favor of the electricity users, because the supply is never constant and damages occur due to inconsistency of this supply is very... Continue Reading
This study covers the evaluation of the synergistic effect of Datura stramonium leaves extract-Zn2+ in the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in well water. Varying effects of different concentrations of the extract and 5ppm of Zn2+ on the corrosion inhibition of the mild steel specimen will be determined in order to ascertain the synergistic... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The topic of this study is the impact of television advertising on marketing of soft drinks in Enugu metropolis, a case study of fanta bottled by the Nigeria Bottling company Enugu state. This study was undertaken to discover the challenges confronting the Nigeria Bottling company against effective advertising and marketing of soft drinks... Continue Reading
Abstract This research focused on the application of the mass media as a means of improving students’ Performance in English grammar in senior Secondary Schools in Enugu North Local government Area. The researcher carried out extensive appraisal of Literature related to the topic under discussion to assess the opinions of scholars regarding the... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page - - - - - - - - - i Certification page - - - - - - - ii Dedication - - - - - - - - iii Acknowledgement - - - - - - - iv Abstract - - - - - - - - - v CHAPTER ONE: Introduction... Continue Reading
1.0 ININTRODUCTION Information generally is very important, in fact; it is a tool that is used to solve most human problems. In this era of technology advancement, information dissemination and communication has become a vital tool for mankind to keep abreast with latest development in its world. Human beings desire to be informed of what is... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Teaching sex education in Nigerian schools, especially secondary schools is an issue of great importance and a matter of urgency; due to the burning problems which pre-marital sex has created and is still creating among many teenagers in secondary schools. These problems among others include: unplanned pregnancies, abortions, school drop... Continue Reading
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS v LIST OF TABLES….xi LIST OF GRAPHS .xiii ABSTRACT………xiv Abstract This is a study of the principles and guidelines that should be adopted in implementing technical education in Kaduna state. To carry out the study, four research questions and four hypotheses were formulated. To collect relevant data from the target... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examined the causes of the reduction in the enrolment of business education in Senior High Schools in the Cape Coast Metropolis. The descriptive survey research design was used in this study. In all, 127 business students from three schools formed the sample size for the study. The instruments used to collect data were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study investigate the establishment and effectiveness of internal control procedures in the Nigerian banking sector with the specific problems of Coal camp Micro-finance highlighted. Six research questions were used to collect data from a sample of eight staff of the bank. In view of the small number of staff of the bank,... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Western education has become synonymous with modern civilization, enlightenment and socialization. This is because the more advanced nations of the world, with their superlative and result-oriented qualitative education have become the unassailable parameters for human transformation, innovation and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Weed control is one of the most difficult tasks on an agricultural farm. Three methods of weed control are commonly known in agriculture. These are mechanical, chemical and biological control. Mechanical weed control is easily adopted by farmers once they get convinced of its advantages. Mechanical weed control not only uproots the weed... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Food extrusion is one of the earliest methods adopted by most industries to convert their paste raw material to a finished and desire shape based on their of an extrusion machine. Extrusion technique is a process in food processing technology that combines several unit operations including cooking. kneading. shearing. shaping and forming.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Water conservation and food security are some of the problems facing developing countries. The challenges of water conservation could be tackled by adopting the drip irrigation method. The drip irrigation system is an irrigation system that involves the artificial application of water to the base or root zone of plants in a controlled... Continue Reading
 ABSTRACT Many grasses have played prominent roles in forage research and livestock production in Nigeria. Grasses possess two main photosynthetic pathways: the C 3 pathway that is typical of most plants and a specialized C 4 pathway that minimizes photorespiration and thus increases photosynthetic performance in high-temperature and/ or low- CO... Continue Reading