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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Education is one of the most important needs for the well being of individual and that of the society. Thus, education is a powerful instrument for social, political, and economic progress, without which neither an individual nor a society can attain a professional growth. Information and... Continue Reading
1.0 INTRODUCTION  Daturastramoniumis an annual herb, with stem erect and spreading branches above. It is common in the waste land, fields and gardens in Baghdad district. Leaves, seeds and roots contain the alkaloid daturine (a mixture of the two alkaloids hyoscyamine and atropine) and also contain scopolamine alkaloid (Hyosine) acids, tannin and... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY INTRODUCTION Transportation is an act of conveying people, goods and services from one location to the other. According to Clement A.U. Ighodaro, transportation has been considered to be a rational way... Continue Reading
Abstract The 15 th of October has been decreed a day to focus on germs specifically. It’s the germs on our hand that are in the firing line .The world health organization estimates that 3.5 million children die from diarrhea and lower respiratory tract infections each year. That’s why global hand washing day was decreed. Sanitation of hand has... Continue Reading
ABTRACT Hematological parameters are measurable indices of the blood that serve as a marker for disease diagnosis. The aim of this study was to evaluate hematological parameters of patients with malaria in Nigeria. This was a prospective study in which the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A Budget being the planning of how to spend revenues and incoming capitals so this makes is necessary to make sure that it is done with extra care. Budgets and the methods of preparing a good one has been a problem to most... Continue Reading
AN APPRISAIAL OF EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING IN INCREASING SALES OF COSMETICS ABSTRACT This project is on the Appraised of effective Advertising in increasing sales cosmetics in Enugu Metropolis ( A case study of petals cosmetics).Advertising here relates to undertaken to ascertain the media to communication that will maximize sales for every naira... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE Plants constitute an important source of active natural products, which differ widely in terms of structure and biological properties. They have played a remarkable role in the traditional medicine of various countries. In recent years, the prevention of cancer and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examined the effects of different processing techniques on the organoleptic quality of soymilk processing and storage. The utilization of soybean for the production of soy milk was studied. Soy milk was extracted from... Continue Reading
Studies on the inhibitory effect on tyrosine on polyphenol oxidase in water yam Abstract Yam (Dioscorea SPP) is an important food in West Africa. Nigeria alone produces 21,814 millions tons of yams per year, making it the worlds largest yam producer. It is estimated that after six months in storage, up to 56% of the crop is lost due to rot.... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE It is generally agreed that the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) originated in the tropical rain forest region of West Africa (Ishiwu & Iwouno, 2006). The main belt runs through the Southern latitudes of Cameroon. Cotedivire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone. Togo and into the equatorial region of Angola and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work was done at the laboratory of the Fisheries and Marine Technology, Imo State polytechnic Umuagwo-Ohaji. Two plant products, Mynistic fragans and Aframomum melegueta obtained from the local market were... Continue Reading
SUITABILITY OF THE APPLICATION OF FIRE DRILL IN THE PREVENTION OF MARKET FIRE . (A CASE STUDY OF MARKETS IN OWERRI) ABSTRACT Fire safety in market is determined by a number of factors: the provisions of means of regulation against fire out break, the ability for a building to resist the effects of fire and to minimize the spread of fire and smoke... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study was restricted to investigate the economic effect of tertiary institution in Imo State. Data were collected through the medium of questionnaires and oral interview. Data were analysed in simple percentage in tables and figures. The study establish that provision of... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF RELATIONSHIP MARKETING ON CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION AND PROFITABILITY. (A CASE STUDY OF MTN NIGERIA , ABA) ABSTRACT This research work review extensively the meaning of Relationship Marketing on customer satisfaction and profitability by using Intercontinental Bank Plc Aba, as a case study. This study was carried out to reveal the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examines Brand awareness and perception and uniben students’ patronage of Tecno mobile products, and seeks to discover factors besides brand awareness and perception that affect the choice of the Tecno brand at the first purchase in the... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF STUDY This classroom management and control deals with how things are done. Its structure, procedure and routines to the point of becoming rituals           When procedure are explained to and practiced by students it is periodically reinforced by practicing, classroom management and control. When... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study Organizations are finding it difficult to predict their long-term survival due to the ever dynamic business environment resulting in different opportunities and challenges. This necessitates organizations to come up... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1Background of the study  financial technology (FinTech) refers to innovative financial products or services provided through technology. With technological advances (such as mobile and Internet) and their global adoption, consumer... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY ON STUDENTS PERFORMANCE IN PUBLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS TABLE OF CONTENT chapter one: introduction 1.1 background of the study 1.2 statement of the problem 1.3 objective of the study 1.4 research hypotheses 1.5 significance of the study 1.6 scope and limitation of the study 1.7 definition of terms... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Based on the fact that there has been a high rate of poor nutrition in Oredo local government area of Edo State, the study determine the causes and effect of the condition child under age... Continue Reading
TABLE CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE Introduction Retaining walls Cantilever rw Rankin theory Forces on cantilever rw Counterfort rw Forces on counterfort rw The gravity rw Forces on gravity rw Semi gravity rw CHAPTER TWO Stability of retaining wall Soil properties of rws Drainage in rw Allowable bearing capacity... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The project consist of five (5) chapters among the important content of chapter one include the introduction, background to the study, statement of problems, limitation of t he study, definition of terms and purposes of study. All these... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This issue of teenage pregnancy in our contemporary society has been considered an epidemic and endemic in nature, which constitutes social problem that should requires social action for amelioration. Moreso, this study focuses on effect of... Continue Reading
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