Theology and Biblical Studies Project Topics and Materials

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the study Church Growth is a movement within evangelical Christianity which focuses on developing methods to grow churches based on business marketing strategies.It cannot be disputed that youths play a vital role in the life of a Church as they are the... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1      Background of the study The New Testament authors emphasize unremittingly that the key to genuine human flourishing is faith in Jesus Christ as the revealed and revealing Word of God, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). In the Gospels Jesus speaks and acts with a hitherto unknown authority... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Nigeria is a multi – ethnic country which means that, there are diversified interests of individual due to differences in tribes, culture and religion. It is hard for each individual with a religious consciousness to respect the interest of the other since the other might force such... Continue Reading


CHAPTER ONE 1.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION Over the years, several researches have been conducted in the field of discourse analysis with various definitions given to it. Brown and Yule (1983:1) opine that “the analysis of discourse is necessarily the analysis of language in... Continue Reading


A SEMANTIC ANALYSIS OF PSALM 51. CHAPTER ONE 1.1       INTRODUCTION             Babatunde (1995, p2) submits that “semantics” is coined from a Greek verb which means to “signify”. He further explained semantics to be the study of meaning that seeks to covey and classify human experience through language. This implies that... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was to examine the influences of doctrinal differences among churches in Nigeria, which often hampered unity among the competing denominations in the 21st century. The findings of this study showed that there is lack of national unity among the churches in Nigeria. Factors that... Continue Reading


THE THREATS TO SUSTAINABLE PEACE IN NIGERIA; THE ROLE OF THE CHURCH  CHAPTER ONE                                          INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The political uncertainty, conflicts and turbulence in Nigeria poses serious concerns for the citizens and noncitizens in the region. However,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work was designed as a surgery to assess the impact of Christianity on the Traditional Religion. Africa has a mode of worshipping God who they called many names in the language of each ethnic group. For... Continue Reading
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