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Christian Religious Knowledge Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT The issue of the divine nature of Jesus Christ had generated series of controversies over times from the apostolic age to this present age. Many people find it difficult to reconcile the issue of “God in the flesh” as in the case of Jesus Christ. This brought about the partly understanding and spiritual limitation in relationship with... Continue Reading
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  • ID:CRK0004
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ABSTRACT This research aims at studying the spiritual dynamics and social impact of Ecumenism in the various Christian Churches with the sole objective of promoting  theological understanding among Christians of different faiths; Relevant literature and analysed field data will form basis for our method of research; while future prospects and... Continue Reading
Christian Religious Studies (C RS) is suffering from the lack of use of instructional material as a result of government failure to provide the materials and to know the great importance of the use of instructional materials of teaching not only Christian Religious Studies (C R S), but it comprises all subjects in primary schools. This research... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT There is no doubt that social media has gained wider acceptability and usability and it is also becoming probably the most important communication tools among people. Church is simply a particular Christian denomination or group of Christian believers. There is perceived effect of social media on the church. Several authors had considered... Continue Reading
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