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ABSTRACT Sphenoid sinus is surrounded by critical structures and this can make sphenoid sinus surgeries very dangerous. The aims of this research were to study the anatomical relationships between the sphenoid sinus and their important adjacent neurovascular structures using the multiplanar reconstruction technique and to measure some important... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This was a descriptive and analytic study ,the main objective of this study was to study shoulder joint pain using magnetic resonance imaging. The study was conduct at Alamal Daignostic center in Khartoum state which equipped by high guality machine Philips 1.5 tesla closed machine. A total of 50 patients (29 male,21 female) aged from (20... Continue Reading


Abstract From February 2014 to November 2014 inclusive, (200) patients presented for breast imaging and of these, (100) formed the study group , All patients in the study group were imaged with breast ultrasound. There was inclusive and exclusive data due to the lack of required information. The appearance of specific types of breast carcinoma has... Continue Reading
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Abstract This is a descriptive cross sectional study conducted in Um Dawan Ban area in medical Mohammed Saad’s complex from August 2016 to January 2017, by Real Time Ultrasound Denshi Fukuda machine with Convex(Curved) probe with frequency 3.5 MHz. The problem of the study was an incidence of abnormal vaginal bleeding was high among pregnant and... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Ionizing radiation has been employed in the diagnosis of various diseases and treatment since its discovery in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen1. There are many types of ionizing radiation available for either treatment or diagnosis worldwide. Despite wide radiation applications in medicine, it can be hazardous if not properly handled.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The main purpose of any patient that comes to the hospital is to get healed or health condition improved. On the other hand, it is the obligation of the Radiographer to ensure that image of diagnostic value is obtained. Radiographic examination of the padediatric comes with its peculiar challenges, which the radiographer must overcome in... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was carried out to evaluate the compliance with standard postero-anterior (PA) chest Techniques in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku Ozalla.  A total of 375 assessment sheets were used in this study.  The age  range of  patients whose  their  chest radiographs participated  in this study  ranged  from... Continue Reading


This study proposes to research the awareness of the public on the health effect of radiation emitted from telecommunication mast. Since the major effect of this radiation emitted from telecommunication mast is stochastic on living cell, more attention will be paid on mast located in residential and school premises where children and youth are... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was done to determine the problems and prospects of setting up and running a private ultrasonographic centre in Enugu metropolis. It was carried out in the 38 registered diagnostic centres with private hospitals inclusive that have an ultrasonographic unit. A survey type of design was used for the study, the source of data... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Study Design A retrospective study Objectives To correlate the MRI findings with the outcome of patient treatment in patients with spinal cord injury. This study tried to study the recovery of patients who have been diagnosed of spinal cord injuries by MRI examination and compared it with the prognosis made by the MRI findings. Material... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Acute abdomen might indicate a progressive intra-abdominal condition that is threatening to life or capable of causing severe morbidity.  A good history, thorough clinical examination, laboratory investigations and imaging studies are necessary in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis. A comparative study of the diagnostic accuracy of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Controversy exists about the optimal imaging modality in patients with stroke. This work was carried out to optimally compare CT and MRI images in patients with stroke. ( A case study of  National Hospital, Abuja). A retrospective study of 54 stroke patients who underwent both CT scans and MRI scans at National Hospital, Abuja between... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Background:  Chest x-ray remains a major tool for diagnosis and management of many diseases ravaging mankind. Aim:  To assess the chest-x-ray referral patterns and findings in the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu. Patient and Method:  A retrospective study of 377 patients who underwent chest x-ray examination... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT :  Comparable relationship between BMI, lumbar radiological findings/diagnosis, and features of patients that presents with low back pain has been a research of interest in the diagnosis of low back pain. Aim: To investigate the association between body weights, body mass index, age, features and clinical findings in patients with low... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT A prospective cross sectional survey conducted on the undergraduate clinical students of Radiography Department, UNEC to find out what constitutes stressors for the undergraduate clinical students of Radiography Department, UNEC in the course of their clinical posting. The study sample consisted of one hundred and fifty six Radiography... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This is a prospective non experimental survey study design aimed at describing radiographic care of trauma patients: case study of UNTH and NOHE. The questionnaires for the study were distributed among radiographers in the above mentioned hospitals. The objectives and purpose of the research were explained by the researcher. Medical... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT A study was conducted on the assessment of the nature of complication due to long waiting time in A/E:RADIOGRAPHERS PERCEPTION in the X-Ray Department , university of Benin Teaching Hospital .Questionnaire was distributed to medical staffs , observation was also used as a source of data collection on the possible causes of complication... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page-------i Approval Page-------ii Certification-------iii Dedication-------iv Acknowledgement-------v Abstract-------vi Table of contents-------vii CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction-------1 1.1 Background of study - ------1 1.2 Statement of problem-------3 1.3 Objectives of study-------4 1.4 Significance of study-------4 1.5... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT   This study investigates the relationship between job stress and its impact on the productivity of radiographers working in tertiary institutions in Enugu metropolis. The entire population will make the sample size and it will be used because it appears to be small. The researcher will use a convenient sampling method. The sample... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT It was a survey research conducted in 2013 at ultrasound Laboratories of Ugochukwu Hospital and maternity, St Charles Hospital Boromm, General Hospital Onitsha and Toronto hospital and maternity all in Onitsha. Four research questions of at least. Three items each were used to obtain data from 120 respondents using convenient sampling. ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  Plain abdominal radiographs are commonly requested for acute medical emergencies on patients with non-specific abdominal symptoms and signs. Whether plain abdominal radiography contributes to therapeutic decision making or disposition remains questionable particularly in the case of a negative result, the additional value of plain... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  In Nigeria today, admission into radiography is competitive relative to what it used to be. Many students from other discipline are craving to change to radiography, those that are already in the course are not planning to leave and people that did not qualify for the programme course are struggling to enter at all cost. The purpose of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study was undertaken to assess radiographers’ knowledge of management of unconscious patients and their response to unconscious patients in teaching hospitals as well as National Orthopeadic hospital Enugu. A population size of forty radiographers was studied. The sampling techniques used was convenience sampling. That was collected... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Radiological workers appreciate the concept of radiological protection of patient in theory due to its benefits of avoiding radiation induced genetic and somatic effects. However, they tend to neglect the practical aspect of the topic thus, leading to large number of patient entering into the radiological diagnostic room without been... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study was done to determine the problems and prospects of establishing and managing a private radio-diagnostic centre in Onitsha, Anambra state. It was carried out in the 42 diagnostic centers with private hospitals inclusive that have a radio-diagnostic unit. A survey type of design was used for the study, the source of data... Continue Reading
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