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Material Science Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT Attempt was made to produce wood pellets from sawdust using locally sourced binders as an alternative binder, to wood lignin which is a natural binding agent. Wood pellets were produced by manual moulding with starch concentration of cassava and potato starch as the process variable. Results show similar behavior between pellets bonded by... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The effect of Heat treatment on the Mechanical Properties of a welded joint of medium carbon steel has been carried out. The materials were cut, welded, to get 27 samples needed. Thereafter, Heat Treatment was carried out on the samples. Then the specimens were grouped into two groups, group A and group B. In group A, after the heat... Continue Reading
               ABSTRACT Snail  shells  and  discarded  aluminium  components  are  of  low  economic  values,  and are  often  considered  as  environmental  pollutants.  Finding  ways  of  utilizing  these  supposed wastes  is  consequently  a  direct  way  of  creating  wealth  from  wastes.  Snail ... Continue Reading
This research investigated the corrosion behaviour of selected steels (low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steels) in 3.5 molar sodium chloride (NaCl) solution. The selected steels were cut into smaller sizes, after which they were heat treated and immersed in the corrosive media (3.5M NaCl solution) for corrosion test investigation. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT According to a few recent studies, calcium titanate is a material that is similar to hydroxyapatite in biological properties. However, calcium titanate is not currently being used in the biomedical application as to hydroxyapatite. The objective is to prepare nano calcium titanate powder from the solution of calcium oxide, ethanol, and... Continue Reading
Abstract This study focused on the factors responsible for poor performance of senior secondary school students in mathematics in Onitsha Education Zone. The study was guided by four research questions. The study is a descriptive survey design. The targeted population consisted of senior secondary school students in Onitsha Education Zone. A total... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT         The main purpose of this project is to Analyze Road Traffic Accident (RTA) data in Nigeria, taking Anambra State as a Case of Study and to find out the major causes of such accident and suggest strategies for preventing or controlling them for the benefit of road users. An Analysis of Accident data recorded between the years... Continue Reading
Investigation of the low carbon steel bends into different angles with dimension 50 mm X 20 mm and then plated in Nickel bath at 3V for 25 minutes subjected to NaCl and H2SO4 corrosive environment. This research investigated the corrosion resistance of nickel- plated and un-plated low carbon steel and in a corrosive environment of H2SO4 and NaCl... Continue Reading
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Room temperature tribocorrosion behaviour of Al-4.5%Cu/SiC particulate composite was evaluated against stainless steel ball in natural sea water. Ab-initio, the Al-4.5%Cu was reinforced with 5,10,15 and 20 % SiC reinforcements to produce the Al-4.5%Cu/SiC particulate composite by stir casting method. The tribocorrosion test was carried out with an... Continue Reading
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