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Computer Science Project Topics and Materials

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Caritas University, Amorji Nike, Enugu, is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria on December 16 2004. It was officially opened on January 21, 2005 by the Federal Ministry for Education,... Continue Reading
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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Caritas University, Amorji Nike, Enugu, is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria on December 16 2004. It was officially opened on January 21, 2005 by the Federal Ministry for Education,... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT All commercial application developed (irrespective of the programming environment used) are to business models. Applications help to computerize business models. It is the computerization process that empowers a business model to capture,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of the study is to computerize quality control system in production (A case study of Anammco Nig. Ltd Enugu) and to develop a computer packages whereby the technique observed from the manual method can be improved on. It is a known feet that the manual method... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.1 INTRODUCTION     In this project, design and implementation of a computerize visa processing information system is based on how you can get lost of information about our service, from advice on how to apply for a visa, to news about immigration policy changes. I hope you find it helpful.     UK visas... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A ONLINE BIRTH RATE MONITORING INFORMATION SYSTEM A CASE STUDY OF UNITED NATION CHILDREN FUND (UNICEF) ENUGU ABSTRACT This project is specially put together with the aim of monitoring infant and matality rate through the use of information system, it is believed that at the end of this work, its users would be able to... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION With the write of their great capacity and speed, computers have been extremely effective in processing massive quantities of accounting transactions and producing essential documents and reports. It is no wonder, insecure, that many managers, planners administrators, educationists, researchers, chief executives and... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION A clinic is an institution with an organized medical and nursing staff, provide a range of medical service, like surgery, for people requiring intensive treatment or observation. It may also include facilities for childbirth as well as various out-patient departments. A clinic is not make up of various departments... Continue Reading
(CASE STUDY OF TEXACO FILLING STATION) ABSTRACT           This project work carefully written by the researcher to fully cover the information system for a small business enterprise.  It tends to incorporating linked between the components of... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY The federal ministry of finance was established in 1958 by the finance (control and management) ordinance, to replace the finance department.  The ordinance conferred on the ministry the responsibility for the control and management of the public finance of the federation.  In the 1080, attempts were made to... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 OVERVIEW OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM This passenger manifest information (PMI) is a kind of records that help individual flight to organized their passenger in a flight. This record in the flight. This record help them to know the members of passenger in the flight, without their records they can known the numbers of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The problem which always emanate from inadequate personnel information maintenance and management has been a torn in the flesh of the entire Nigerian society, Enugu state precisely. In other to proffer solution to the existing problems, the project work... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In as much as information which need to be generated, stored and disseminated is time, relevant and power in every field of life its survival cannot be over emphasized in any case, the issue of computerization cannot be overlooked. Recently, computer has been discovered as a very efficient instrument, which has played a very significant... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Basically, it can be discovered that there are heaps of files, available space in the office of the Head of Computer Science Department, slowing down his or her work, making the place untidy and even frightening him from tasks to be accomplished, but it should not be so in this... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Drug procurement and distribution tracking system is a set of computer programs that obtains the supplies of drugs, distribute the drugs and monitors the inventory control of the drugs. Using the pharmaceutical department of Portharcourt University teaching hospital as a case study, the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The project looked into the concept of simulation system that provides method of handling problems, which are difficult or costly to solve analytically. It is also allows the study or learning the behavior of the system. To text hypothesis and design a system that may be available for direct observation or... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work deals extensively with the design and construction of an electronic dice display (EOD) with audio unit. The device displays the of a hudo dice in numberical form and also produces sound as it displays the number. The device works with principle of chance... Continue Reading
An online examination system for recruitment of staff is a web application that establishes a network between the organization and applicants. The organization enters on the site the questions they want in the exam. These questions are displayed as a test... Continue Reading
In virtually any job whether it is clerical technical, business, or professional whether it is banking, manufacture, medicine, or retailing compare are useful tools with which to calculate, measure asses store, retrieve, regulate, monitor information, dry field of human endeavor is characterized by one a combination of these process.  The impact... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION PROJECT OVERVIEW---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROBLEM STATEMENT------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBJECTIVES---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCOPE OF STUDY... Continue Reading
Introduction  An identity document is any document which may be used to verify aspects of a person's personality. If issued in the form of a small, mostly standard-sized card, it is usually called and identity card... Continue Reading
This project is principally designed for BRITISH AIR LINE. Air transport can be said to have been conceived when the first controlled and sustained flight with a prove red heavier than air machine was achieved by the writher on December 17, 1903 this earned America the birth place of air place. It was in Europe that the airplane was first put into... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project deals with the network of livestock but focuses on the information of the livestock and how they interact with the physical environment. This new design is meant to given the public information on livestock making use of the computers. This project will also focus on animal husbandry, breading, feeding, and management of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Temperature determines the survival of all natural creatures and as well the operational fitness of all scientific invention, it is quite important to every aspect of human endeavor and its control is as important as the temperature itself. This research work centers its study on temperature and its control with a view of designing and... Continue Reading
Introduction  Remuneration is the monetary compensation that one receives exchange for the work or services performed. Typically, this consist of monetary rewards, also referred to as wage or salary. A number of complementary benefits, however, the increasingly popular... Continue Reading
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