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English Project Topics and Materials

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Background to the Study This study is designed to look at causes of student’s difficulties in learning English language among senior secondary school students in Wamakko Local Government Area of Sokoto State; Implications for language Educators. The study looks at the difficulties student encounter in the learning of English language and which... Continue Reading


Background of the Study Education provides children with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance themselves and their nation economically. To this effect, there are some socio-economic factors and political factors that often affect the level of performance of children who undergo the educational system more especially in Nigeria setting.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work examined “ Multilingualism; its implication and benefits in learning essay writing in the English Language among Junior Secondary School Students in Jos-North Local Government Area” . The study investigated multilingualism; its implication and benefits in learning essay writing in English language among Junior... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study examined the availability of computer assisted language facilities in Osun state model schools and determined the influence the facilities availability has on students’ performance in English Language. The study further established the influence of the facilities utilization has on students’ performance. They were with view... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research topic – Marxism in Festus Iyayi’s Violence and Ngugi wa  Thiongo’s Devil on the Cross – explores the representation of Marxism in African  fictions. Almost all African nations have slipped the noose of colonialism; this has  influenced African leaders who continually perpetrate the principles and system of  self... Continue Reading


Abstract Architecture is a social form of art while literature can either be a written or verbal form of art.  Reflecting on the literature of a particular region can help to better understand the  fundamental basics of the architecture of such region. Just as the Architecture of a region is a  reflection of the people’s culture and way of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work presents A Journey of Self-Discovery reflecting the times of Sefi Atta’s novel Everything Good Will Come. It has examined the growing up of a child from adolescence to adulthood. This research is subjected to textual analysis, using post-colonial paradigm as the framework with a view to highlighting the enduring need... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In 1835, Auguste Conte, in his treatise on The Positive Philosophy, stated that “the essence of God’s wisdom in creating Eve (woman) was not to undermine Adam (man) but to establish a balancing force between the creator and the created.It is, therefore, a truism that a woman is, by the very fact of her creation, a partner of man. It... Continue Reading


The study offers a reading on how silence has been presented as a strategy for trauma  enunciation in Abdulrazak Gurnah’s selected novels: Paradise (1994) and Desertion (2005). It  also explores how migration and racial differences have led to the muteness of the characters.  This is in order to fill the critical lacuna that exists in the... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This research investigated management and use of grey literature in academic libraries in Niger State. The purpose of it is to identify types of grey literature, examine methods of acquisition, processing, preservation and utilisation. In addition, to ascertain management challenges and strategies for improvement. Research questions were... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Semantics is the study of meaning system of a language and its approaches vary widely. In one view, meaning is the relationship between language and the external world (referential or denotative meaning), between a word and the concept it stands for. In another, it involves the mental state of the speaker, as reflected in a range of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT A speech act or stylistics analysis is the study of literary and non-literary texts using linguistic and literary descriptions.   The aim of this research work was a speech act analysis of Akachi adimora-ezeigbo’s Trafficked . The study critically analysed the data through the use of some levels of stylistic description namely;... Continue Reading




Abstract  The study attempts to investigate the importance of costume and make up as viable tools for cultural and tourism promotion using Nigerian Home Videos as case study. It examines this topic by drawing copious evidence from the randomly selected Nigerian home videos watched. Most Nigerians takes home video as a means of entertainment. The... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The research investigates the contribution of African Independent Television (AIT) in promoting youth popular culture. To this end the objectives of the study were to assess the role of AIT in repackaging Africa’s rich cultural Heritage to attract youths, determine the contribution of AIT in enhancing Nigeria values among youths,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This Research Work focused on the tense errors in the English essays of Secondary Schools Students. The research was conducted on essays written by thirty (30) Students of the above school. The analysis of the essays revealed the deficiencies of some of the Students in using English tense. In the use of the present tense, for instance,... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Pagei Certificationii Dedication iii Acknowledgementsiv Table of Contentsvi Abstractix CHAPTER ONE General Introduction 1.0 Introduction1 1.1 Purpose of the Study2 1.2 Scope of the Study2 1.3 Justification3 1.4 Methodology3 CHAPTER TWO Literature Review 2.0 Introduction4 2.1 Conceptualization of Discourse4 2.2 An Overview... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT African writers have pre-occupied themselves with the happenings in the society. Thus, thematic focus has always been on societal ills, one of which is female oppression. This study examines the feminist perspectives in Hilary Rouse-Amadi’s Amina and Mobolaji Adenubi’s Empty Arms. The sociological approach was adopted, which enabled a... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This work focuses on the metaphysical approach as portrayed by Amos Tutuola’s The Palwine Drinkard and D.O Fagunwa’s The Forest of God. This study shows how metaphysics was used in the two plays. Metaphysics is based on the use of myths, gods, medicine and use of god like creatures. The novels are used to show these facts.Research... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT   Generally, christain handbills and posters are meant to invite people for programs in churches. Different handbills and posters have different meanings. It has been observed that there are other hidden meanings to these sentences, to this effect, the researcher hopes to highlight the meanings pragmatically. Data have been collected... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The psalms explored the full range of human experience in a very personal and practical way. Its 50 “songs” run from the creation story through the patriarchal, theocratic, monarchical, exilic and post exilic periods. The tremendous breath of subject matter in the Psalms includes, diverse topics such as jubilation, war, peace worship,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  Stylistics is the study of  literary and non-literary texts using linguistic and literary descriptions.  The aim in this research work was a stylistic analysis of Akachi adimora-ezeigbo’s Trafficked. The study critically analysed the data through the use of some levels of stylistic description namely; graphology, morphology, syntax,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Language is a vital medium through which human beings express themselves. It is used by its speakers to achieve diverse purposes such as reprimanding, encouraging, admiring, and persuading. Writers also use language to achieve their purposes and it is observed that their writings are attention catching, and thought provoking. It is... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Language and style never moves beyond a concentration on the supremacy of words. These words somehow contain meanings style is effectively language manipulated in ways that signal it as different from ‘ordinary’ language. A stylistic analysis of the selection of some Wole Soyinka’s poems is carried out to educate, explicate and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In the course of the several other researches done in the past, it was realised that many works have been done on stylistics but none is related to sports columns and so this essay aims at visiting these vacuums and filling them.  Two of the most widely read newspapers were selected for this study. In the study, it was found out that... Continue Reading
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