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Political Science Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT This  study examines the relationship between the  third world countries and the western capitalist countries.  It shows dependency as a phenomenon or problem of relationship that gave rise to the economic growth and development  of the western world in expense of the third world societies which are economically... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This research work that analysis on the impact of public opinion on public policy in Nigeria from 2010-2012 while narrowing it down to the economic policy of deregulation or fuel subsidy removal of 2012. Broadly divided into five chapters, the work breakdown how governmental decisions are being influenced by the opinions of the people in... Continue Reading
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  • Pages:196


Abstract   The relation between Nigeria and china has grown so much in recent years. This relation is governed by agreements which cut across political, trade, investment, aid, technical and military. The implementation of these agreements is uneven as China is strategically on the advantage side and Nigeria perpetually on the disadvantaged... Continue Reading
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TABLE OF CONTENT Title Page Certification Dedication Acknowledgement  Abstract CHAPTER ONE: 1.0Statement of the Study 1.1Scope and Limitation of the Study 1.2Methodology 1.3Literature Review CHAPTER TWO 2.0Introduction 2.1Conceptualizing Electoral Violence 2.2Remote Causes of Electoral Violence 2.3Immediate Causes of Electoral Violence CHAPTER... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Human Rights are ontological, inherent and intrinsic to all human beings in as much as they are human, irrespective of nationality, sex, ethnicity, origin, colour or any other status. These rights can be protected in a functional democratic setting that anchors its foundation in the rule of law. In democracy, the rule of law protects the... Continue Reading


Abstract  :  Political violence has become a problem of great national and international concern and because of its socio economic and political consequences.its implications on National  development cannot be overemphasize. Secondary source of data collection was adopted in the course of this research. It theoritical  framework ... Continue Reading


At the end of the Cold War, Africa was ravaged by conflicts in various regions and that required the intervention of ECOWAS to preserve her regional security. Several instruments were therefore established for the management of conflicts through the ECOWAS Revised Treaty (1993) and other protocols. However, there are problems with the... Continue Reading


Comparative studies are most times deemed to be a “seamless whole” and can either be qualitative or quantitative, comparative research as it is also called can take many forms. Two key factors are time and space, which involves historical comparism. This research project is a comparative study of two dynamic political structures in two... Continue Reading


Good ... Continue Reading
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Abstract The study examined the effect of card reader on election credibility in Nigeria. Card reader was the most highly contentious and the real issue in the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. This project work has groups into five chapters. Chapter one deals with the background to the study; statement of the problem; (which the researcher... Continue Reading


The linkage between the elections and democracy is clear, far, no other method for selecting the leadership of a democratically ruled   society has been proved or crown to be superior but it remain a fact that there is no political system that is conflict free. Even the advanced democracies political participation, citizenship rights, the... Continue Reading


CHAPTER 1 1.1 INTRODUCTION The year 1999 is very significant in the history of politics in Nigeria. It marks the beginning of a new political generation in Nigeria which is the birth of democracy. The birth of democratic system of government in Nigeria was greeted with high hopes and expectations in... Continue Reading


This project looks into the recurring crises between Farmers and Herders in Nigeria, which has stagnated the development of the areas affected. The paper tries to look into the source, the effects, and also proffer solutions to the crises. It also assesses the impacts of agencies that were set to solve the problem.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study examines the Local Government Administration and Grassroots Development in Bwari Area Council: Issues and Options. The objectives of the study was t o; examine local government administration as an instrument of grassroots development, to examine the factors limiting local government administration in achieving the goals of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT A cursory glance at the economic conditions of Nigeria will reveal that under development has persisted in spite of independence and abundant resources available in the contrary. The cardinal question is why Nigeria has not developed given years in independence and abundant human and material resources, especially during Gowon through... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project is in the evaluation of ethnicity and the issue of political development in Nigeria. The ethnicity is a social consult that indicates identification with a particular group. Which is often descended from common ancestors. Members as the group share common cultural traits (such as language religion and dress) and are an... Continue Reading


                                                                            ABSTRACT The influence of the use of social... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This work focused on the media, voting behavior and Nigeria’s international image, using the 2011 general elections in Lagos State as case study. It looked at the media and elections, elections and Nigeria’s International Image and then voting behavior. The work also looked at the various elections that were conducted at... Continue Reading


Abstract This study or research on women empowerment in Nigerian politics is divided into five (5) chapters. The first chapter is on the topic that deals with the introductory part of the study by providing a comprehensive historical background to the study, identifying the major problems, grapples with the review of relevant literatures and the... Continue Reading
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Abstract Book Haram figuratively implies that western for non-Islamic education is a sin, is a very controversial Nigeria militant group that seeks for the imposition of sharia law in the entire northern states of Nigeria. The hierarchical structure of the group is not presently well defined. The official name of the group id jamaiatu Ahlis sunna... Continue Reading


Abstract This research work that analysis on the impact of public opinion on public policy in Nigeria from 2010-2012 while narrowing it down to the economic policy of deregulation or fuel subsidy removal of 2012. Broadly divided into five chapters, the work breakdown how governmental decisions are being influenced by the opinions of the people in... Continue Reading
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  • ID:POL0641
  • Pages:189


Abstract The civil society and civil society organizations, have sacrificed their existence, goals and objectives to the course of the fight towards socio-political development in Nigeria. To this effect, they have made relentless effort and provoking arrangements, to ensure that the goals and objectives for which they are set up are achieved to a... Continue Reading
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  • ID:POL0640
  • Pages:150


Abstract Many people when they hear or read about the word poverty will automatically think and look at poverty as being simply a lack of money. This is partly true but for a better understanding of poverty it is necessary to go beyond this simple or common sense, definition of poverty. Poverty is much more than a simple lack of money. For... Continue Reading


Abstract Terrorism according to lodge is an illegitimate means of attempting to effect political change by the indiscriminate use of violence (Lodge 1988:5). Also Madunagu (2001:51) maintains that terrorism is “the use of violence to achieve political objectives”. The bottom line of the above definitions is that terrorism is an aspect... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Over the years, Nigeria was experienced series of attacks, agitations, restiveness and blests ranging from diverse regions and localities. References are; hostage thing in the south-south region, the Niger Delta militancy crisis, the Boko Haram crisis in Northern Nigeria (which is the case study of this research work) etc. most... Continue Reading
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