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ABSTRACT The research topic was systematically introduced giving an insight into how to promote national development via the eradication of drug abuse. The adopted research method is Simple Random techniques was used in analyzing and presentation of data. A questionnaire and face to face interview was conducted in order to access credible... Continue Reading


Abstract: The study sought to assess the Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria with Akwa Ibom State as case study. This study adopted Basic Needs and Organizational Partnership theories as the theoretical framework to achieve the purpose of this study. Research questions were raised which preceded the hypotheses. Statement of the problem of this... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  Since 2006, Uganda is bracing itself for oil and gas production and  engaged in preparing and signing Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) with international companies. However, a major concern  for  oil  sector stakeholders  is the  current  low level  of  local gainful  participation. This concern  is  heightened  by ... Continue Reading


Open government data is data and information produced or commissioned by a government or  government-controlled entities, available to all to help the public better understand what the  government does and how well it performs, and to hold it accountable for wrongdoing or  unachieved results. The purpose of this study was to investigate the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The project is about the assessment of the Kenya‟s migration policy and the effects it has on human trafficking at the Kenya-Somalia Border, Garissa County. Migration is defined as the movement of people from one place to another due to various reasons. Migration and trafficking have a close connection. It is important that efforts to... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT There is scanty data that shows the influence of devolved administration on crime reduction, social harmony and dealing with anti-social behaviour at the sub-county level within Kenya in general and particularly in Laikipia County. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of devolved county administration initiatives... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Performance in national examination in Mombasa County has been on the decline. Stakeholders in the sector are brainstorming on ways to remedy this situation. The present study sought to explore school culture and its influence on the students‟ performance in KCSE. It was conducted in Public Secondary schools in Mombasa County. In this... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of management of PSV SACCOs on road safety in Nyeri County, Kenya. The study objectives were: to determine the effect of Self-Management of PSV SACCOs of public transport through PSV SACCOS on road safety in Nyeri County; to establish the effect of investment in public transport... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Over the years, many interventions have been used to enhance women participation in political leadership. However, despite efforts to ensure that women ascend to elective leadership positions, women in both developed and developing countries are still underrepresented and their participation in political leadership remains low. In Turkana... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Entrepreneurship is a near practical solution to the ever increasing joblessness among the youth. Efforts to engage Kenyan youths successfully in this direction has however remained a mirage as some of the monies channeled for this purpose through the YEDF is not taken up as expected. The net result is an escalation of youth unemployment... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Limited employee participation witnessed in the public sector has persistently resulted to poor service delivery. Therefore employee participation should take the center stage as it constitute a powerful force for re-energizing service delivery. However this has not been the case at NCWSSC as evidenced by the poor water supply and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  The purpose of this study was to assess effects of the procedures used by heads of secondary schools during deployment into various administrative posts, on teachers‟ motivation. The locale of the study was Murang‟a East District. Herzberg‟s two-factor theory forms the theoretical framework of this study. The objectives of the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Improved service delivery has been the focus of the Kenyan government in the recent past as part of public sector reforms and in the quest for the same, Kenya introduced performance contracts. The purpose of this study was on performance contracting and its effect on county government service delivery case of Mandera County. The study was... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The Kenyan government adopted Community Policing initiative as a crime fighting tool in the year 2002. The Community Policing initiative was aimed at enhancing security and safety, reducing crime, fear and improving social order. Crime happen on regular basis and continue to be an issue of discussion to policy makers, policing agents,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The department of immigration makes decisions in the course of discharging their mandate some of which are contested by those seeking services from the department. The post-work permit verification period has seen an astronomical rise in such contested decisions. Little is known about the determinants of these contested decisions. This... Continue Reading


Access to higher education world over has been a preserve of the affluent few since they can  cater for the costs of the education. Majority of the developing countries in Africa are yet to  address the issue of subsidizing higher education to enhance completion rates. The general  objective of this study was to determine the effects of County... Continue Reading
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Studies on impact of school feeding programmes on access, retention and performance have  been conducted in various parts of the world all of which conclude that the programmes have  the potential to increase access to primary education, reduce drop-out rates and promote  academic achievements. The purpose of this study was to assess the impact... Continue Reading
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The ability to retain Volunteers has proved a challenge to many international  organizations. This is no exception for many volunteers engaged in international  organizations. Volunteers are more intrinsically motivated compared to extrinsic  motivation and their need is to make a valued contribution by giving back to the  community and skill... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Kenya, just like many developing countries is currently confronted by huge fiscal deficits, declining external assistance and huge debt service charges that are adversely affecting the country’s development process. The tax revenue in Kenya keeps performing poorly and unsteadily. The revenue collected from tax does not match the target... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The intention of the study was todeterminehow the graduate trainee programmesaffects the preparedness of graduates for the job market. The study focused specifically on trainee motivation, work assignment, work supervision and practical experience of the trainees at the National Construction Authority. The statement of the problem was... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Crime is a major concern to every nation, more so, the involvement of minors in criminal activities. In Kenya there is a high rate of children involvement in criminal activities indicated by the high number of minors arrested or sentenced of criminal charges. Of specific concern is Taita-Taveta County where minors have joined terrorism... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The objective of the study was to establish the determinants of implementation of cash transfer programme for elderly persons in Kiambu County, Kenya. Three specific objectives guided the study: investigating how enrolment process of beneficiaries determine implementation of cash transfer program for the elderly; finding out how staff... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Strategic procurement is the process of creating alignment and consistency of action that establishes the long range objectives and overall strategy by which procurement function fulfills its mission. It entails the transformation of an organization’s mission, goals, and objectives into measurable activities to be used to plan, budget... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Banana production is important due to the role it plays in the economy of Kenya. It provides income to the farmers; generate job opportunities and boost food security in the country. Banana is ranked as the fourth most valuable crop in the world after maize, wheat and paddy. In some Eastern and central parts of Kenya banana plantations... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Contrary to the provisions in the Constitution under the Bill of Rights that access to equitable healthcare is a right to every Kenyan health, health indicators. Garissa County are very poor, particularly for women and children, with high maternal, infant and child mortality, high levels of acute malnutrition, and low immunization... Continue Reading
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