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ABSTRACT The methanol extract of Ocimum basilicum (Scent leaf) was greenish in colour and increases in concentration through evaporation process which turns the extract to thick and dark green colouration. The percentage parasitaemia growth increases consecutively for seven (7) days with 7th day result having the highest parasite growth of 18.73%.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT ABO and Rh blood group systems are of major clinical significance amongst the thirty (30) human blood group system. The Distribution of ABO, Rh blood grouping and hepatitis B virus among blood donors with National Blood Transfusion Service, Kaduna was carried out. Two hundred voluntary blood donors (200) were used. Questionnaire was used... Continue Reading


Background: A large number of herbal medicines are widely in-use to offer relief from hepatic injury, although attempts are still ongoing globally to get scientific proofs for these orthodox remedies, there is still paucity of data on Russelia equisetiformes. There are solitary reports of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antinociceptive... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The present study was conducted in Ekpoma, headquarters of Esan West Local Government area of Edo state. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of marijuana on the heart of wistar rats.  The study involved twenty four growing wistar rats having weights between 250g-275g divided into 4 groups; control and groups 1-3, comprising... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Malaria and typhoid fever are both endemic in the tropics and pregnant women constitute one of the high risk groups. The study on prevalence of Plasmodium and Salmonella infections among pregnant women in Aba, Abia State was carried out in Aba between June and July, 2016. Blood samples from 200 volunteered pregnant women who came for... Continue Reading


The growing threat and spread of antibiotic resistance by a wide range of common pathogens has led to increased investigations into traditional medicinal plants as alternatives. Honey has been used as a medicine since ancient times in many cultures and is still used in ‘folk medicine’. The moist environment of chronic wounds is an ideal growth... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Health care is a necessity and a basic human need. Households or individuals often derived various strategies to cope with large health expenditure. Sickle-cell Anaemia is the most frequent haemoglobin disorder and one of the world’s greatest cause of morbidity and mortality mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. This research work title the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT An alcohol detector: - is a electronic device that detect alcohol in the breath of a person that has consumed the liquire. In this project, the design involved the hardware module and software module. The hardware module consist of sensor circuit (MQ – 3), the pic (Microcontroller circuit), the L.C.D. Circuit and the alarm circuit. The... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT      Caffeine is an odorless, slightly bitter organic compound found mostly in beverages such as coffee or tea and in chocolate.  It is the most widely used “mind-altering drug” in the world, though it is considered safe and is mostly unregulated.  Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant on the nervous system, aiding in alertness. ... Continue Reading


                                      ABSTRACT The present study was to determine the prevalence of pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients using clinical samples (urine, skin lesion and pus) and environmental samples (sand, tap water, flowers). A total of thirty (30) samples were collected from patients, ten (10)... Continue Reading


Abstract Most stains used in histopathology are synthetic, toxic and costly for use. Hence, this study was carried out at the Histopathology Laboratory of Imo State University to find out the probability of replacing routine toxic and costly stains for nature, non-toxic, less costly and effective stains. Sixteen (16) kidney tissue sections were... Continue Reading


Abstract Fifty (50) Non-diabetic Hypertensive Patients in the medical out-patient (MOP) department of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Ituku Ozalla, Enugu, Nigeria aged 40-78 years comprising 25 males and 25 females were investigated. Also fifty age and sex-matched apparently healthy subjects served as the control group. The... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The fusion between the “breakpoint cluster region” gene (BCR) and Abelson gene (ABL1) is the molecular hallmark of most cases of chronic myeloid leukaemia and some cases of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The objective of this study was to detect BCR-ABL1 in saliva of known CML patients collected in Oragene-RNA kit (DNA Genotek,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) a causative agent of haemolytic uremic Syndrome (HUS) and haemorrhagic colitis especially in children, believed to originate from cattle is increasing with the day in parts of Nigeria. In order to ascertain the probable sources to assist a control regimen, laboratory analysis was carried out... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT It is widely known that hepatitis C virus (HCV) slowly and progressively damages the liver while the human host may be unaware of the infection. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of HCV in apparently healthy individuals in Enugu metropolis. This is important because it will explain the prevailing liver disease... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT Analysis of the physico-chemical and bacteriological properties of Ajalli stream, Ngwo Spring water, Umuagba Ime-Owa River, Abonuzu stream and Ibute Amaeke hand dug well water all around 9th mile brewery in Enugu State were investigated between June 2009 and May 2010 to assess the extent of pollution of the water due to effluent... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The study was carried out to detect Mycobacterium bovis in cattle milk and abattoir staff in Enugu. Blood samples were collected from 50 subjects at Artisan and Ogbete market abattoirs with 25 samples from each location. Fifty Milk samples were collected from cattle at Fulani settlements which comprised of 13 from Gariki, 16 from 9th Mile... Continue Reading
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  TABLE OF CONTENTS   Contents                                                                                                                     pages Title page ... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.0       Introduction 1.1       Enzymes 1.2       Classification of Enzymes 1.3       Factors affecting enzymes activities 1.4       Kinetic of Enzymes catalyzed reactions CHAPTER TWO 2.0       Immobilization process 2.1    Immobilized Enzymes 2.2    Immobilization techniques and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACTS: This paper discuss the elemental composition and concentration of Gliricidia sepium leaves by energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence.  The element present are Cl, K, Ca, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn. Also discuss on  Phytochemicals of the leaves wish contain alkaloids, tannins ,and saponins. The used analytical method, the experiment setup and... Continue Reading


Abstract This is a case control study aimed to measure levels of, Prothombin time (PT), activated partial Thromboplastin time (APTT), platelet count in patients with homozygous sickle cell disease (HbSS), sickle cell trait (HbAS) and normal controls (HbAA). The study period from August to October 2019, in Khartoum State in the Sickle Cell Clinic... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Uvaria chamae P. Beauv is known to have various medicinal and therapeutic properties. The Biochemical and toxicological effects of the leaf extract were assessed in this study using Albino wistar rats. Acute toxicity test was performed on the rats to determine the LD50.Sub acute toxicity test was also carried out by oral administration of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Iron deficiency is one of the most common of the nutritional deficiencies. The eventual consequence of iron deficiency is iron deficiency anemia; where the body stores of iron have been depleted and the body is unable to maintain level of hemoglobin in the blood. Blood donation leads to a substantial iron loss, as about 0.5mg iron is lost... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The effect of Ocimum tenuiflorum on hematological parameters in immunosuppressed albino rats was investigated in this study. The aqueous (AE) and methanol extract (ME) of the leaf were obtained. Acute toxicity study was done to determine the LD50 of the leaf extract. Rats of mixed sexes, aged 2- 3months, weighing 150 to 240 grams were... Continue Reading
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Abstract Despite the relative availability of modern medical services in Nigerian urban cities, orthopaedic patients have continued to patronize Traditional orthopaedic practitioners (TOP) even in the midst of low recognition. This study focused on the persistent utilization of traditional orthopaedic services (TOS) by patients in Ilorin. Health... Continue Reading
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