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Industrial Relations and Personnel Management Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT The research evaluated the impact of trade openness on the economic growth of Nigeria 1988-2014. The study employed secondary time series data, sourced from Central Bank of Nigeria Statistical Bulletin 2014. A four variable model was developed comprising GDP as dependent variable and Trade Openness, Foreign Direct Investment and Exchange... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work set out to investigate industrial sector growth and economic performance in Nigeria. The study employed multiple regression models and Granger causality model using secondary data from 1981 to 2015. Results show that the coefficient of crude petroleum and natural gas, solid mineral variables and manufacturing sub-sector... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study tends to examine the Effects of Globalization on Industrial Relations Practice with special reference to John Holt Plc. To achieving this, related literature was cited on Globalization. Descriptive research design approach was employed for the research design and a simple random sampling technique was used in selection of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study has delved comprehensively on the effect of labour turn over on employees' productivity in the manufacturing industry with UNILEVER and PZ Nigeria Plc as a case studies. The objective of this study is to examine whether better working condition has effect on labour turnover... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Job satisfaction is an attitude variable that reflects how people feel about their jobs overall as well as various aspects of them. There are basic important dimensions to job satisfaction. The objective of this study is to understand the ways in which individuals seek to satisfy their needs or drives, and the consequences of the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The need for improved productivity has become universally accepted and that it depends on efficient and effective training is not less apparent. It has further become necessary in view of advancement in modern world to invest in training and development. Thus, this study attempts to explore the roles, functions and performance of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project tends to examine Motivation, a Technique for Productivity and Efficiency. Survey design was employed with the use of a well structured questionnaire. Respondents were selected based on simple random sampling technique. Sample size of Thirty Five (35) respondents were selected from the staff of the institution. Three... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The aim of the study is to examine the effect of corporate social responsibility on organizational performance. The population comprises of two thousand seven hundred (2700) workforces. The questionnaires were issued to one hundred and thirty five (135) respondents which formed the sample size. The samples were drawn using stratified and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examined the effectiveness of training and development on employee's performance. To access the situation, well structure questionnaire were administered using stratified random sampling techniques in other to cover the branches and hierarchy of staff of the bank used for the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A major concern to the government of Lagos state is the problem of solid Waste Management within Lagos metropolis. To ameliorate the situation, the government put in place strategies for effective collection, disposal and management of solid waste to improve the living environment of the people. A new initiative was developed statewide... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project is on Fringe Benefits and Employees Job Satisfaction in Nigerian Port Authority. This research work is generally about the Benefits and Employees Job Satisfaction Public Sector.  The project has undertook the general introduction into the research work led to the review of various literature that relates to the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project is on the impact of wages and salaries administration on employee productivity. The purpose of this research work is to know the impact of wages and salaries administration on the staff of Sona Breweries Nigeria Plc. The aim of wages and salaries administration program of Sona Breweries is to improve the quality of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study cantered on Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations in a Depressed Economy; a case study of Grief Nigeria Pic which intends to show the importance of labour welfare and industrial relations in a workplace and the environment at large. The study revealed that interaction in... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research examined the Impact of Occupational Stress on Worker’s Performance with special reference to Neimenth International Pharmaceuticals Plc. The research adopted survey research design. Data were gathered through primary source with the aid of a well-structured questionnaire. Simple random sampling technique was adopted in... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The importance of training and manpower development for the successful operation and maintenance of civil aviation system is a fast paced, competitive industry cannot be over-emphasized. Training has an important role to play in achieving the aim and objectives of any organization. It brings about... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Human resources management is concerned with the effective use of an organisation’s human resources. It deals with people at work and their relationship within the working environment. This study, the effect of human resource management strategy on organisation performance (a case study of Nestle Nigeria Plc). The purpose of this study... Continue Reading
EFFECTIVE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AS A KEY TO THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF ORGANIZATION GOALS ABSTRACT In any organization human resources are the important assets. Every organization is human oriented, a factor without which the organization id reduced to nothing. Organization have their mission of being in existence and therefore could achieve these... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work aims at assessing the impact of human resources management of organizational performance of quantity surveying firms in Nigeria. In order to achieve this aim, the study aims at assessing the level of human resource management practice among quantity surveying firms, determining the relationship between human resource... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.0     INTRODUCTION Many agro allied companies in the Nigerian industries have made a substantial effort to reduce work-related injuries due to heavy lifting, repetitive motion, awkward and static work postures, vibration, and other recognized ergonomic stressors. The results achieved by these companies demonstrate that there are... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was conducted to analysed the effect of crisis management in organisation efficiency and effectiveness. Being able to effectively respond in the event a crisis is relevant to an organisation’s survival. Whether or not an organisation is prepared for a potential crisis depends upon senior officials and other personnel... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project tests three possible explanations for why firms adopt job rotation: employee learning (rotation makes employees more versatile), employer learning (through rotation, employers learn more about individual workers’ strengths), and employee motivation (rotation mitigates boredom). Whereas previous studies have examined either... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project aims at examining importance of difference in wages rate at different level of workers in an organisation. It will also look into how salaries will motivate to put in their best, to get the best outcome in an organisation. This project will make use of questionnaires as instruments to get information that will be useful for... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1     Background to the Study In the early 1900’s, conflict was seen as an indicator of poor organizational management which needed to be avoided, in the mid 1950’s, it was accepted passively and perceived as normal and expected; manager focused on resolving conflict, while in the 1970’s, conflict was viewed... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study Whether public or private, the organization’s survival is based on its ability to bring on board and sustain high quality workforce over a period of time. Many organisations are currently facing mounting pressures to ensure their sustainability, flexibility, and responsiveness to... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The world is suddenly faced with the need to make a sharp break from old habits and deliberately learn new ways of doing things. Technologies that were startling innovations yesterday, such as personal computers and phone-fax answering machines, are rapidly becoming low-margin commodities.... Continue Reading
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