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Abstract The research “” addressed the scaring acceleration of characters that depicts lack of integrity among some pastors in the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.  Thus, the research is targeted towards investigating the possible causes,... Continue Reading


This paper discusses the prophetic ministry and the order of training employed at the time of the Old Testament. Worthy of note is that, the name given to bands of prophets or “sons of prophets” living together for instruction and worship under Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha. Little is known about these schools, but they seem to have been... Continue Reading


The Epistle of Jude is a letter that was written addressing issues of their day as if it was today. This is a demonstration of how the body of Christ has been going through the same cycle of challenges over and over that requires that believers know and stand on the Word of God. Take a look at these important issues the church is universally... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project work focuses on consciousness raising and female empowerment as major avenues of women’s liberation. It examines the rights of the sexes and highlights some perspectives of feminism. The work also explores the gap between women and men engendered by cultural constructions, which perpetually put women in disadvantaged... Continue Reading


The word “Theology” is derived from two Greek words, theos and logos which in English mean “the study or discourse of God” and implies that those who undertake to study God will learn a great deal about God’s nature, actions and attitudes. House argues that from learning about God, the student would in turn discover how God relates to... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION   Nigeria has over the years been able to prove her worth; this is demonstrated by the hosting of Festival of Arts and Culture in 1977, it was initiated with a determination to propagate the values and originality of black culture. This festival has left behind great legacies, this legacies are what formed part of this research work.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The world’s financial system is definitely imperfect, and sinful people do sinful things.  Ponzi schemes multiply, corrupt tax policy exists, the theft of savings through inflation is very real, the rich oppress the poor, loan sharks prey on the vulnerable, benchmark interest rates are lied about, contract law is violated, increasing... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The study intend to determine whether theory and practice of continuous assessment are effective or ineffective and the problems hindering primary schools with prospect in the nearest future. The research will work towards introducing the topic and the case study, i.e. selected primary schools, as the study advance aims, objective... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION At the very heart of nature and human existence is religion. Not only does it give order to a just society, it also offers explanation to the ultimate meaning of life, and how to live accordingly in relation to other human beings. Thus Nottingham (2004) describes religion as;  A cultural tool by means of which man has been able to... Continue Reading


A comparative approach  between  the Tiv and the Christian  concept  of dearth  and  life after death. ... Continue Reading


A general overview of the Benin Kingdom, the history of the OBA, the coronation of the OBA and its religious implications to the society. TABLE OF CONTENT Title page………………………………………………………….i Declaration………………………………………………………….ii... Continue Reading


The project looks into how football, a universal language, can serve as a tool for bringing adherents of several religions together peacefully. ... Continue Reading


ABSTRACTS This research work focused on early marriage as an antidote to illegal relationship  (premarital sex) among the youth, Ilorin south Local Government Area of Kwara State.  Premarial sex is an isssue which most people r1efuse to talk about. It is sadly, still in a  Muslim society, premarital sex is no more recognised as a forbidden... Continue Reading


Abstract Traditional religion is core to Zimbabwean people and, its impact has been felt by many Christian churches in Zimbabwe. Churches that are affected most are Apostolic and Zionist churches. These churches have promoted syncretism because they have mixed practices from African Traditional Religion (ATR) and Christianity in their worship and... Continue Reading


Death is not something that we enjoy talking about, at least not seriously (the jokes are innumerable), and funerals are even less popular as a topic of serious conversation. Joseph Bayly called death The Last Thing We Talk About.  Yet such discussions ought not be left to the end, for if we have time to discuss it at the end (we often don’t... Continue Reading


The positions of Universalism, Pluralism, Inclusivism, and Exclusivism is very important in doing missions, for one to do mission effectively he or she must know the positions of universalism, pluralism, inclusivism, and exclusivism, so many missionaries witness Christ to the unbelievers wrongly because they done understand the four views of... Continue Reading


Custom is perceived to be acceptable way of behaviour which is an integral part of morality of every society. The custom of people guide them into doing the right thing expected of them in the society. In Nigeria, there are ills which affect the well being of the citizens; corruption has devoured the goodness seen in the country. This problem... Continue Reading


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Religious Tourism can be defined as travel with the core motive of experiencing religious  forms,  or  the  products  they  induce,  like  art,  culture,  traditions  and architecture. Being one of  the most ancient civilizations of the world, India has been in contact with almost all the major religions of the world,... Continue Reading


This research work is on the, “”. Single Parent homes are increasing in our society. The major causes of this are divorce, death and choice to remain single either as a lesbian or gayest. This is almost applicable in some... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is titled, “The church and poverty reduction in Arochukwu Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria.” The persistent problem of poverty in the society and in the church especially in Arochukwu Presbytery has made the land and the church impossible to sustain internal growth. Poverty rate in Arochukwu... Continue Reading


Dismantling the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is dismantling Christianity from its foundation and hope. But even before going there to fight a battle built on propaganda, can we establish that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is genuinely historical? That's the question this project is answering.... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT 1he study essentially demonstrated that the Christian missionaries and the early Eue clergy did not take cognizance of the Eue belief in God, (Mawu) the all embracing creator of humankind. This can be discerned in the manner and methods these early missionaries proclaimed Christ in Eueland. Their interpretation of salvation was far out of... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT There is no known society the world over without religion. This shows that religion is an indispensable element in any human society. Throughout the ages religion has offered solutions to man’s problems, and explanations to the mysteries of the world. The desire for man to know and conquer his environment led to the advancement of... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The study is on “The Plight of Children of Un-identified Parents or Abandoned Children in our Society”. Children of un-identified parents refer to those human beings who are below the age of eighteen (18) years whose parents cannot be traced. Moreover, their parents have shelved their parental responsibility to unknown people. This... Continue Reading
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