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Nutrition Project Topics and Materials

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Abstract According to the available literature, West African mothers usually breastfeed for 12 months. Many urban poor and rural women breastfeed for up to 18 to 24 months. These reports indicate that there is early supplementation with solid foods or early weaning. Although the majority of women start weaning their infants at the age of three to... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTERONE Introduction Background of the study Statement of the problem Objectives of the study Significance of the study CHAPTER TWO Literature review Unhealthy Fast Food Food and Cultural identity Meals as Occasions for Socialization Perception of Different Types of Food Processed Food (Fast Food) Appealing Nature of Fast... Continue Reading
nutritional benefit of iru on blood pressure control... Continue Reading
A few centuries ago, one might not have needed to keep fit or eat healthily. Today a lot of diseases and sickness are rampant due to obesity, malnutrition and not eating a balanced diet meal. In the 21st century, information is moving at the speed of light and people need to gain... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A nutrient is a substance used by an organism to survive, grow, and reproduce. The requirement for dietary nutrient intake applies to animals , plants , fungi , and protists. Nutrients can be incorporated into cells for metabolic purposes or excreted by cells to create non-cellular structures, such as hair, scales, feathers , or... Continue Reading
In recent years, there has been profound interest in the role of oxidative stress in the precipitation of pre- diabetic condition (1) and there are reports of oxidative stress increasing in patients with diabetes mellitus (2). Oxidative stress results when reactive forms of oxygen are produced faster than they can be safely neutralized by the body... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Definition: Protein hydrolysate could be defined as the end product of protein hydrolysis using chemical and enzymic methods. Protein hydrolysate have many uses in specialty foods such as non allergenic infant formular, diets foods and other special nutritional foods. The drawback of many hydrolysates such as Soya or... Continue Reading
                                                                          ABSTRACT Meat products such as beef burger, breakfast sausage, hot-dog and frankfurter required at U.T.C (United Trading Company Nigeria plc, were assessed for their proximate composition and sensory quality. Crude protein was... Continue Reading
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