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Theatre Arts Project Topics and Materials

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1. Introduction 4 2. Theoretical Framework 2.1. Television Commercials 8 2.2. Attitude 10 2.3. Different Types of Commercial Background Music 11 2.4. Elaboration Likelihood Model and Theory of Musical Fit 12 3. Problem Statement 3.1. Research Question and Sub-Questions 18 3.2. Purpose and Relevance of the Research 19 4. Methodology 20 5.... Continue Reading


Costume and makeup is an interpretative tool in drama that enhances, describe the actor’s appearance during a performance. The use of costume and makeup is dictated by the directorial concept. Choices of costumes are usually to add aesthetic value to the actor’s role. The role of the costume is to design characters. Usually, the costumes are... Continue Reading
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The study focuses on the use of costume and make-up as variable tools for promoting culture and tourism, a case study of Nigerian home videos. It is believed that people have only one function and importance of the home videos as a means of entertainment and relaxation. The study looked at another importance of home videos in promoting our culture... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Of the factors which influence and determine the contents and messages of drama, the society from which that drama emanates is of great significance. The ineffectiveness and inadequacies that constitute the social and political setting of the present day Africa and which hinder human and societal growth engendered the writing of plays... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study is titled “Women as Agents of Peace in Ahmed Yerima’s Little Drops and Aristophanes’ Lysistrata”. The study deals with how women overtime have come to the world’s rescue by ensuring that peace reigns supreme in the society. The researcher will approach this project by analysing Ahmed Yerima’s Little Drops and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study x-rays the departing ethics of the people and cultural  bastardization inherent in our  society today and elucidates how a well structured film could stand as an influential tool in  upholding, sustaining and developing Nigerian cultural practices using Kunle Afolyan‟s film,  “October 1” as a paradigm. A Literary... Continue Reading


Tones are a central part of any tone language. The culture of every society or group is imbibed in the language spoken by such a community or group. This research work looks at the influence of tones on the features of Tiv language. The main objective of this research is to look at the effects of tones on the segmental and supra-segmental features... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The problem of poor acting has bedeviled the quality of production content of the Nigerian movie industry, and too many ambitious Nigerians jump into acting without understanding the demands. This project which focused on the acting technique of a successful Nigerian actor is a qualitative study shall employ the interview methodology to... Continue Reading


Background of the Study Theatre has become more popular over the years. It is generally known to people as a building designed for performance of plays, dances etc. In our institution today where there is Theatre Art Department some of their output works in theatre industries, while some are independent, although the word theatre and drama are... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work is an analytical study of the use of Costumes and Make-up during the 2014 Edition of Confluence-V-Carnival. It is a case study research which explored the interview approach, and uses the MLA documentation style sheet. Chapter one defines the background and frame of reference for the project; providing the objectives,... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Media in our society today has been deployed as a possible means of transmitting political messages and ideology, focusing on print which impact and relevance outshone other media form. However, this research work aims at finding out how printed material (Newspaper) fared in coverage, reportage and affiliation when it comes to political... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Under the condition of cultural hierarchy, playwrights, theatre operas, the symphony, musicians and galleries were funded by wealthy patrons present and in order to preserve the best of African tradition. The point is that while the western world tends to see and cherish their arts as the storehouse where their culture could be expressed... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The general objective of this study is to appraise the representation of the Nigerian (African) culture in the global market by the Nigerian Nollywood. Specifically, the study tries to find out how The Nigerian Nollywood projects Nigerian rich local cultural values to the outside world; and appraise how the influx of foreign cultural... Continue Reading


Abstract Media create norms and role models for people to emulate and imitate; television as a medium has the persuasive powers that can trigger change in number of ways in any society. Television programming for social development, a study of “Aajiirebi” on Africa Magic Yoruba. The researcher discovers that “Aajiirebi” programme on Africa... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The Theatre is a major component of the society; as no society can do without diversion and the documentation of its cultural heritage. This study seeks to examine the impact of effective house management as a panacea for audience motivation; using Ondo’s state ministry of Culture and Tourism as a paradigm. The study adopts qualitative... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The discontinuation of radio drama programmes on most Nigerian radio stations does some degree ofdisservice to the society, because the Radio drama model has the capacity to socially mobilization the society. This research is an analytical study that centers on how Radio drama can be used for social mobilization. It uses the Radio drama... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The relevance of creative directing cannot be over-emphasized, as it finds new meanings to an author's play text. Unfortunately. most dramatists view creative directing as a means of degrading their crea1i1•ework They believe that since they wrote the text, they understand its meanings belier than anyone. This study seeks lo correct... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study appraises the role of the print media in political mobilization in Nigeria; using the Hope newspaper as a paradigm of the print media.The Media is the mirror of the society, and its role in developing the society cannot be overestimated. Suffice to say that the mass media as the fourth estate of governance had been assigned the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Theatre practice in Nigeria has dwindled in great degree just as the culture is fast dying, and the situation leaves many theatre practitioners in a state of joblessness and redundancy. In spite the numerous reasons are accountable for this joblessness and redundancy. However this research hinges on the need for leading directors to adopt... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT The essence of drama is communication and this communication must be done in a manner that the audience will understand because they are the one will communicate to through the drama that we perform. In communicating this message, the director must understand the nature of his audience, it is these understandings that will prompt him in... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The joy of every play director is to see that his audience is appreciative and well-receptive of his  directed plays and would want to patronize the live theatre again and again; such was the production of Bakare Ojo-Rasaki 's Drums of War. The production was laden with aesthetic effects which are believed to have been the major... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Generally, indigenous dances have strong influence in our society because of the power such dance entails, these dances are most spectacular and are representative of any art form which calls for the highest participation in African indigenous life. The consistency of studying or practicing indigenous dances, paying attention only to the... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT In spite of the introduction of the use of computer, laptop, e-learning, and availability of internet facilities in contemporary education, Primary school pupils specifically still find it difficult to assimilate what the teachers are teaching them; because the modern day teachers stiII continue to operate under the traditional method... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT This project focuses on how costume and makeup communicates in Nigerian Home video film using a home video titled EFUNSETAN ANIWURA directed by Tunde Kelani as a case study, how the director uses costume and makeup in communicating the actors characters and the message of the film. This project also focuses on how costume and makeup... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The tools of an actor are his/her voice and body (and perhaps the mind). And these are what every disciplined actor should continuously work on to improve their productive capacity for proper play interpretation. Many actors especially the amateurs (Greenhorns) seem to do little or nothing about improving these tools due to their over... Continue Reading
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