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Civil Engineering Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT One of the major problems facing the country is pavement failure. It is the concern of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) authorities to carryout a case study of pavement failure along Hillview off ESBS Road Enugu. The investigation show that the pavement failed both structural and functionally taking into consideration. The... Continue Reading
PREFACE In structural detailing, the project is initiated by the structural engineer. The architectural drawings are prepared by the architect to the required scale and specification given to him by the client. The structural engineer designs the structural frame work of the building and specification required such as slab, beam, column and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             The project covers a view and detailed explanation of the route survey which in chider reconnaissance surrey, theologize traversing and levelling operation as well as soil tests which includes compaction test, mechanical analysis, plastic and liquid limits and CBR test.             The project also covers... Continue Reading
TABLE CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE Introduction Retaining walls Cantilever rw Rankin theory Forces on cantilever rw Counterfort  rw Forces on counterfort rw The gravity rw Forces on gravity rw CHAPTER TWO Stability of retaining wall Soil properties of rws Drainage in rw Allowable bearing capacity CHAPTER THREE Procedure for the design of rw Analysis... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The ignorant of the effect of sewage effluent on the permeability and other engineering properties of soil has to a level, reduced the pace of development in terms of technology.     The wide use of soil, irrespective of the type in virtually all civil engineering projects across the globe today has given rise to numerous researches on... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             This case study is “comparing the strength of blocks made from: cement stabilized laterite blocks, cement stabilized red earth blocks and sand,  red earth and laterite blocks and mud blocks dried in the kiln.             This project implement the following analysis... Continue Reading
PREFACE             This is presentation of information on the detailing of structural members in Buildings. Structural detailing is a branch of structural work that transposes the ideal or works of a Structural Engineer in working drawings for easy utilization in the building construction works. Working drawing are produced by an... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work on the water drainage problems (A case study of IMT campus 3 Enugu), the scope of this research work covers every activity which has to do with the drainage problems, background to the subject matter, rational for the study and the limitations of the study, the research review as, the related literature about the... Continue Reading
PREFACE             This project is mainly concerned with the presentation of information basically on the structural detailing of reinforced concrete members of a story building, in a sloppy land with a retaining wall.  Structural detailing is a branch of structural work that transposes the idea of works of a structural engineer into... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The current extensive use of low quality aggregate in Nigerian road for engineering applications is of concern because their appear to be a level of ignorance surrounding their existing properties and implications. This project was conceived for the purpose of comparing the crushed aggregate deposits in Isi-Agu Abia State and mac-Daniels... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project, aimed at investigating the anaerobic processes in septic tank as a waste water treatment option using waste water from septic tank and Soakaway as sample A and B respectively. It was observed that after the  analysis, sample A (septic tank which has fresh waste water) has higher value in conductivity =1708us/ cm3, Total... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In the sense that the materials involved in this project were capital intensive more especially cement, so in carrying out the work one must have to be careful in the selection and collection of materials to be used in the casting of the concrete. The materials used are coarse aggregate (granite) fine aggregate (sand). The coarse... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was aimed at developing a rational approach to septic tank design in order to reduce health risks associated with improperly treated effluent especially in developing countries. To this end, several research tools including questionnaires, pilot scale study and model formulation were employed. Questionnaires were used to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A significant revolution with computers’ usage in civil engineering business and construction process has been presented. Computers reduce all the extensive work specifically through the introduction of programs and software. Lately, software development has effectively contributed in various civil engineering disciplines, as it... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The technical report of this project deals with the design of a water treatment plant model which consists of five tanks. Water treatment plant model is made up of glass with pipe joining them together to allow movement of water from one tank to another. 6mm plain glass is used for base and 5mm plain glass is used for other component.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The Reliability Analysis of a Prestressed Concrete Beam (PCB) was presented using First Order Reliability Method and Eurocode 2 procedures to carry out the analysis. The results show that the safety of the PCBin bending decreasedfrom 2.9 to 1.0 and 3.1 to 2.6 as prestress force and the depth from the extreme compressive fiber to the... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The quest for economy in asphalt production using locally available materials necessitated this research which is aimed at evaluating the suitability of Saw Dust Ash (SDA) as mineral filler in asphalt mixture.Chemical analysis, sieve analysis, specific gravity and plasticity index tests were performed on SDA. Asphalt briquettes prepared... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The concept of public participation and how it can be incorporated in transport planning was studied. Current planning methods and steps were reviewed, and a tool which incorporates public participation in planning (questionnaire) was developed. This study was carried out using questionnaires that incorporate socioeconomic factors that... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research is focused at designing of water storage facilities of size 875,000 litres (750,000 litres for underground water storage, and 125,000 Litres for elevated steel tank) of treated wastewater and its transmission system for the storage and re-use of treated wastewater. The project is aimed to structurally design water storage... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In this thesis the reliability analysis of reinforced concrete bridge decks subjected to high cycle fatigue was undertaken. A simply supported (single span) reinforced concrete bridge deck was specifically used for the investigation. The statistical models of capacity loss were derived. The uncertainties in structural resistance and the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work focuses on the development of Iso-safety design charts for flexural design of flat slabs at predefined reliability levels in accordance with Eurocode 2 (2004) design criteria. Constitutive models for reinforcing steel and concrete were selected in accordance with the Eurocode 2 design requirements and subsequently the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Black cotton soil classified as an A-7-6 (24) soil on AASHTO classification collected from new Marte area of Borno state was modified with up to 4% cement and LBWA up to 8% by weight of the soil. The effect of locust bean waste ash (LBWA) on the cement modified soil was studied with respect to particle size distribution , Atterberg... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT           This case study is “comparing the strength of blocks made from: cement stabilized laterite blocks, cement stabilized red earth blocks and sand,  red earth and laterite blocks and mud blocks dried in the kiln.           This project implement the following analysis (1)             To  effect ... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The one- time held historical and cultural reputation the Enugu city was the cleanest city in Nigeria is fast fading away. in its place great Pyramids of  refuse are found at every junction and street corner begging for removal despite of public out cry, public enlightenment programmes on personal hygiene and environmental health. The... Continue Reading
[APPLICATION OF HENRY SCHEFFE’S AND OSADEBE’S CONCRETE OPTIMISATION THEORY] Abstract Sandcrete blocks are prismatic units manufactured from lean (sand-cement) mortar mixes and are the predominant walling materials used in buildings in Nigeria and other countries.... Continue Reading
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