Civil Engineering Project Topics and Materials

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INTRODUCTION This work was obligated to present in one. The fundamental and practical information in the filed of the comparative analysis of the strength of concrete made from various aggregate which may be useful to people involve in civil and structural engineering and particularly, those that found pleasure in the design and related structure.... Continue Reading


INTRODUCTION Retaining walls are structures used  in providing stability for earth or materials where conditions dis allow the materials from summing its nature al slope or stability There are many factors affecting or militating against the stability of retaining walls. These includes the level of water table behind the wall, size of the base of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project is a fabrication of a standard drawing writing desk using the cheapest, effective and most readily available materials. Method of maintenance and services were also taken into consideration. The functional aspect of the equipment was also given adequate consideration in the project work. Also take into consideration the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Transportation is a requirement for every nation, regardless of its industrial capacity, population size or technological development. The Nigerian transport systems, right from inception, were poorly designed and are unable to scale up to meet greater demand, a design flaw which causes traffic congestion on roads, overstressed railways,... Continue Reading


PREFACE This is the presentation of an information on the detailing of structural members in Buildings.  Structural detailing is a branch of structural work that transposes the idea or works f a structural engineer in working drawings for easy utilization in the building Construction works.  Working drawing are produced by an architect and a... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT  The project covers a view and detailed explanation of the route survey which in chider reconnaissance surrey, theologize traversing and levelling operation as well as soil tests which includes compaction test, mechanical analysis, plastic and liquid limits and CBR test. The project also covers the design of pavement   and the geometric... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The main aim of the research is to study the mechanical properties of concrete and heir effects in concrete stability and failure. He fractures mechanical properties in particular uniaxial tensile strength Ft, young’s modules Eo and fractures energy Gf as sell as the shape of the stress strain and the stress- deformation relation  were... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT  The study cover a view ad detailed explanation of the modification required to be carried out on the main access road lining federal secretariat and IMT civil soil laboratory and industrial centre order to update it’s services functions. The need for easing the flow of traffic on this access road has risen, since it’s a busy area in... Continue Reading
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effects of aggregates sizes on concrete strength... Continue Reading


Masonry structures are prone to extensive damage followed by failure and collapse when subjected to loads resulting from wind, earthquake and other natural or man-made events. Recent earthquakes and terrorist acts have clearly demonstrated the need for the development of effective and affordable strategies for the strengthening of masonry. As a... Continue Reading


CERTIFICATIONi DECLARATION AND COPYRIGTHii ABSTRACTiii Dedicationiv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTv Table of Contentsvi LIST OF TABLESix CHAPTER ONE1 1.1 Introduction1 1.2 Motivation statement3 1.3 Problem statement5 1.4 Objective of the study6 1.4.1   Specific objectives6 1.4.2 Research question7 1.5 Scope of the project:7 1.6 Expected outcome of the project8... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Food is inevitable in ones life and fish is a main source of vitamins and protein in ones life. Fish pond is a place for growing fish for commercial or private needs or gestetic purpose. The design of fish pond is very important because of its aqueous retaining nature which if there is leakage will not only cause loss of water but also... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This research work on the water drainage problems (A case study of IMT campus 3 Enugu), the scope of this research work covers every activity which has to do with the drainage problems, background to the subject matter, rational for the study and the limitations of the study, the research review as, the related literature about the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This project involves the route survey which includes: reconnaissance survey, theodolite traversing and leveling operations as well as soil tests which includes; plastic limit test, liquid limit tests and moisture content determination, compaction tests and California bearing ratio tests. This project also involves the design of the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The work has gone a long way in determining strength of concrete made of various aggregates such as granites stone, black gravel, washed gravel and surface gravel. Some factors such as porosity of the  aggregate temperature causing loss of water plate form for mixing of concrete mix affect the workability and eventually the strength of... Continue Reading


PREFACE This is the presentation of an information on the structural reinforcement detailing of concrete members.  Structural detailing is a branch of structural work that transposes the idea or works of a structural engineer into working drawing or easy utilization in the building construction works.  Working drawing are produced an engineer... Continue Reading


PREFACE The whole information conveyed in this book has been planned and written for proper understanding of structural detailing of a building.  The approach in this book is to provide the readers sound and basic knowledge in structural detailing in a building. Consequently, I have given more details than is normally given in a book concerning... Continue Reading


PREFACE This project is mainly concerned with the presentation of information basically on the structural detailing of reinforced concrete members of a story building, in a sloppy land with a retaining wall.  Structural detailing is a branch of structural work that transposes the idea of works of a structural engineer into working drawings for... Continue Reading


PREFACE In structural detailing, the project is initiated by the structural engineer. The architectural drawings are prepared by the architect to the required scale and specification given to him by the client. The structural engineer designs the structural frame work of the building and specification required such as slab, beam, column and... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT One of the major problems facing the country is pavement failure. It is the concern of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) authorities to carryout a case study of pavement failure along Hillview off ESBS Road Enugu. The investigation show that the pavement failed both structural and functionally taking into consideration. The... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT Groundwater hydrology may be defined as the science of the occurrence distribution, and movement of water below the surface of the earth.  Geochydrology has an identical connotation, and hydrogeology differs only by its greater emphasis on geology.  Utilization of groundwater dates from ancient times, although an understanding of the... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT In the sense that the materials involved in this project were capital intensive more especially cement, so in carrying out the work one must intensive to be careful in the selection and collection of materials to be used in the casting of the concrete. The materials used are coarse aggregate (granite) fine aggregate (sand). The coarse... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This thesis on a project undertaken by the author is aimed at providing explanation of the basic theory of the  work of road design and its associated activities also, to cover practical methods of working. In pursuit of the meaningful completion this project a lot of investigation was embarked with principles and practice of road... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This case study is “comparing the strength of blocks made from: cement stabilized laterite blocks, cement stabilized red earth blocks and sand,  red earth and laterite blocks and mud blocks dried in the kiln. This project implement the following analysis (1)To  effect  reduction to the  rise in market price of sand (fine... Continue Reading


PREFACE This case study is an existing pathway or fort path linking Ugwuji and Campus 111 (IMT) for a proposed road construction by the government of Enugu State. This project encloses the following  -The condition of the existing sub-grade and its suitability for use as a good sub-grade soil material by processes of different lab test. -Using... Continue Reading
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