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TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page i Certification ii Dedication iii Acknowledgements iv Table of Contents vi Abstract ix CHAPTER ONE General Introduction 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Purpose of the Study 2 1.2 Scope of the Study 2 1.3 Justification 3 1.4 Methodology 3 CHAPTER TWO Literature Review 2.0 Introduction 4 2.1 Conceptualization of Discourse 4 2.2... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page i Certification ii Dedication iii Acknowledgments iv Table of Contents v Abstract ix CHAPTER ONE: 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Background to the study 1 1.2 Purpose of the study 3 1.3 Justification for the study 4 1.4 Scope and delimitation of the study 4 1.5 A review of the play-let 4 1.6 Biography of the author 5 CHAPTER... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT African writers have pre-occupied themselves with the happenings in the society. Thus, thematic focus has always been on societal ills, one of which is female oppression. This study examines the feminist perspectives in Hilary Rouse-Amadi’s Amina and Mobolaji Adenubi’s Empty Arms. The sociological approach was adopted, which enabled a... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work focuses on the Lexico-semantic variation of the Nigerian English using Olu Obafemi’s text Naira Has No Gender. The aim of this work is to highlight meaning change according to context and environment. Element of Lexico-semantic variation in Nigerian English which are Transfer, Analogy, Acronyms, Semantic Shift and Extension... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work focuses on the metaphysical approach as portrayed by Amos Tutuola’s The Palwine Drinkard and D.O Fagunwa’s The Forest of God. This study shows how metaphysics was used in the two plays. Metaphysics is based on the use of myths, gods, medicine and use of god like creatures. The novels are used to show these facts.Research... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Generally, christain handbills and posters are meant to invite people for programs in churches. Different handbills and posters have different meanings. It has been observed that there are other hidden meanings to these sentences, to this effect, the researcher hopes to highlight the meanings pragmatically. Data have been collected from... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Given the fact that communication is chiefly achieved through language, it is therefore important to study and account for how speakers encode their utterances and how meanings are decoded from the utterances during communication. This has made us to attempt a pragmatic analysis of President Goodluck Jonathan’s inaugural speech,... Continue Reading
1.1 INTRODOUCTION OF THE STUDY The velalive insufficiency of fund for capital investment is a common factor in every economy especially in developing counties of the world. In developing counties like Nigeria; the low level of capital investment manifest in high unemployment rates; low productivity and corresponding low standard of living for... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research is a study of the problems of acquisition and replacement of plant and equipment in a manufacturing industry. It is aimed at examining the activities involved in the production process with a view to using it in determining whether or not resources were fully utilized. It is also aimed at discovering the bottlenecks and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The objective of this study to access based on questionnaire the exceptional quality or other wise of the present economic effect of petroleum scarcity. Information was drawn from both primary and secondary source. The primary source include information were questionnaire raised to check petroleum users on the scarcity in Enugu state... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study is intended to find out the impact of government internal audit and accountability in ministries and Extra – ministerial in Nigeria context specifically. The literature review describes the various internal audit and accountability in ministries and extra-ministries and efficient application so that the funds general within... Continue Reading
1.0 INTRODUCTION This research work will be concentrating on audit planning and control and also represent an extensive study of audit procedure in some selected accounting firms for improving auditing concepts in practice. TABLE OF CONTENT Title page I Approval ii Dedication iii Acknowledgement iv Abstract v Table of content vi CHAPTER ONE 1.0... Continue Reading
INTRODUTION 1.1BLACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Concerted efforts were m ad for many years to involve sub- urban and rural people in Nigeria in modern banking practices. Apart from encouraging the establishment of commercial banks, merchant banks, specialized development bank were created focusing or mortgages Agriculture, savings, co- operatives and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study is concerned with an investigation into found and financial Malpractices as a leading factor in Business failure – A case study of Nigerian Telecommunication Ltd (NITEL) By way of background, the study commenced with an overview of the business environments and its effects on business growth and survival. Using NITEL as a case... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This is a research work on human resources management in commercial banks a case study of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. It is aimed at ascertaining the extent of staff welfare, their training and development, and how it affects the growth of the bank. Important of the study is to enable the bank render good and efficient services to their... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION The essence of budgeting is to provide an essential element of control in an organization in order to facilitate the achievement of set objectives .The control process is the fundamental organization link between the manager and the other people in an organization in a non profit making organization output various with the objective... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Many people tend to seriously think that auditing is a subdivision of accounting, probably that is how it was introduced to us and because every auditor is an accountant but every accountant is not an auditor. Auditing has its root elsewhere. The relationship of auditing and accounting is close, but they... Continue Reading
1.1 INTRODUCTION Most businesses use planning and budgeting procedures to prepare for the future. Manufacturing firms need to understand the relationship of sales revenue to product costs, selling expenses and administrative expenses as yearly as possible in product development. Therefore, the practice of standard costing and budgetary control... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Even since the inception of the first three successful indigenous banks in Nigeria, the National Bank of Nigeria established on February 11th 1933, the Agbommagbe Bank (now wema Bank Nig Plc) in 1945, The African continental Bank Plc in 1947 and others subsequently established in the country during the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to assess human resource planning on organisational behaviour and performance, using the Ghana Education Service as case study. The researcher used descriptive research design for the study. The objectives of the study were to establish the relationship between human resource planning and organisational... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to investigate the management of work place - related stress: the case of the Division of Human Resource Management Unit of UEW, Winneba. A sample of forty-five (45) participants was chosen for the study through simple random technique and purposive sampling techniques. Among others, it was found that: staff... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Mortgage financing are structured financial arrangements provided byapproved financial institutions that accept real estate as security for theloan. Basically, mortgage financing is used to acquire or purchase ordevelop a property. However, it is also used to access the equity on anexisting property. This research work examined various... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT The right to life is the most basic, fundamental, primordial and supreme right which human beings are entitled to have and without which the protection of all other human rights becomes either meaningless or less effective. Indeed, the right of each person to life is something, which is intrinsic to his status as a human being and which... Continue Reading
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When we hear of an uprising, the first thing that comes to mind is a state of dissatisfaction which has led to a reaction. But then, It is curious to find in an uprising a situation that seems satisfactory as the trigger. This is especially so in a context where much more troubling situations exist. This is what one may sum of the irony in the... Continue Reading
                                                        Abstract: The study investigated the impact of cash accounting basis on financial statement transparency in tertiary institutions in Nigeria using Ekiti State as a case study. The population of the study includes relevant staff in the... Continue Reading