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All Project Topics with Materials - Page 4

(A CASE STUDY OF ABA SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT COUNCIL OF ABIA STATE ABSTRACT The topic of this research project is “The Effects of Inter-Governmental Relations on the Performance of Local Government . A case study of Aba North Local Government Area of... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The efficiency of any activity for production of goods and services depends to a great extent on the supply of materials, equipment and manpower made available in their right proportions... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of Pidgin English on student English language writing skills in Ebonyi State University. The Study adopted the survey research method using self-administered questionnaire. The... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ENG0392
  • Department:English
  • Pages:48
  • Chapters:5
  • Methodology:Means Scores
  • Reference:YES
Abstract The paper examined fake news and whistle blowing policy: public assessment of the impact on media credibility. Faced with the increase in the dissemination of fake news to the public domain causing restiveness and tension, the researcher set out to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study provides an appraisal of performance appraisal techniques on employee motivation. It analyses the nature of performance appraisal, performance appraisal techniques and the nature of employee motivation. The research... Continue Reading
. ABSTRACT 1. Workers are the valuable resource that impact in many waysto the daily operations of an organization once they have an appropriate welfare scheme or program laid down by the... Continue Reading
EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERNAL CONTROL SYSTEM IN PREVENTION OF FRAUD IN PUBLIC SECTOR (A CASE STUDY OF UNTH ENUGU) ABSTRACT The research work was aimed at the “effectiveness of internal control system in prevention of fraud in public sector a case study of UNTH Enugu. It cannot be over emphasized here that an effective control system does not only... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC2827
  • Department:Accounting
  • Pages:93
  • Chapters:5
  • Methodology:Z Test
  • Reference:YES
ABSTRACT This research work was designed as a surgery to assess the impact of Christianity on the Traditional Religion. Africa has a mode of worshipping God who they called many names in the language of each ethnic group. For... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONNEL INFORMATION SYSTEM (CASE STUDY OF NATIONAL AGENCY FOR FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL (NAFDAC)) ABSTRACT Personnel information system (PIS) is an application that combines many human resources functions, including employee records, payroll system, recruitment and training, performance appraisal and... Continue Reading
Abstract This study undertook a historical overview of the development of the local government system in Nigeria, especially from 1950, when Nigeria became a federal unit (that is North, West and East). It was discovered that before 1976... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background Information 1.2 Statement of the problem 1.3 Purpose of the study 1.4 Importance of the study 1.5 Limitation of the study 1.6 Statement of the hypothesis 1.7 Definition of terms CHAPTER TWO 2.0 Literature Review... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:ACC2826
  • Department:Accounting
  • Pages:95
  • Chapters:5
  • Methodology:Simple Percentage
  • Reference:YES
THE EFFECT OF LOGISTICS INDUSTRY ON THE ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA (A Case Study Of The Maritime Industry) Abstract The most significant elements that enable us to understand economic growth and development levels of nations are economic indicators of the country of interest. As much as these indicators have positive and high values, they affect... Continue Reading
ROLE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN JOS SOUTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA ABSTRACT This study critically looked at the Role of Local Government in Rural Development in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. This research work fundamentally analyzed Local Government as a veritable tool for grass... Continue Reading
ASSESSMENT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT ON COMPANY DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF UNITY BANK PLC, UYO) ABSTRACT This research on the topic “Effect of customer services management on company development” seeks to investigate the impacts of customer services practitioners and their corresponding roles in company growths and developments. Eight... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:MKT0969
  • Department:Marketing
  • Pages:68
  • Chapters:5
  • Methodology:Chi Square
  • Reference:YES
ABSTRACT The study was designed to find out the effects of Inventory Management on Corporate Profit using the Nigerian Gas company as the case study. To achieve this objective, three Null Hypotheses and Alternative Hypotheses were formed to guide the study. All the staff... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study assess lubricant Oil Discharge on Soil Properties in mechanic village. It spans through the effects on soil properties, effects on water bodies, effects on human and other living organisms, effects on the environment, general hazards caused by this activity... Continue Reading
(A STUDY OF POWER HOLDING COMPANY, EKET) ABSTRACT This study examined the effect of developmentalization and commercialization policies of government agency on the economy of Nigeria with specific reference to PHED... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The Isolation and Identification of Rhizopus from a Decaying Bread were conducted. The black mould used in the practical was collected from bread. It is allowed to stay in moist environment or at room temperature for 2 to 3 days. The mould is then inoculated in the nutrient egar... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION The need to take account of spatial variability of soil properties when modeling soil forming and environmental processes is now clear and known. Understanding the distribution of soil properties in the field and its variability are important in refining agricultural management practices, (Mc Bratney and Pringle, 1999)... Continue Reading
  • Type:Project
  • ID:SOI0022
  • Department:Soil Science
  • Pages:50
  • Chapters:5
  • Methodology:Scientific
  • Reference:YES
ABSTRACT Nigeria experiences the highest rate of road traffic accidents resulting in fatalities and various levels of injuries. On Abuja-Lokoja road, traffic accident takes the lion’s share of the risk having highest number of vehicular accidents with corresponding... Continue Reading
ABSTARCT Text-to-speech and related read audio tools are being widely implemented in an attempt to assist students’ reading comprehension skills. PDF to audio system is a screen reader application designed and constructed for effective audio communication system. PDF’swere designed to present... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.1 Introduction There is innumerable graduation of opinion on an issue as there is no one public opinion because there are many different publics. The only thing required to do is to describe the distribution of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Nigeria in past times have witnessed lots of setbacks which stems from insecurity, poverty and injustices. Currently, these plagues have not been fully addressed and as such continue to terrorize its victims; robbing them of their fundamental human rights... Continue Reading
AN EVALUATION OF THE PERFORMANCE OF THE INDUSTRIAL SECTOR AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA” (A CASE STUDY OF MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY) CHAPTER ONE 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The industrial sector means many things to many people. To some, it constitutes all business that engages in productive process, while to some others, it is... Continue Reading
AN EVALUATION OF THE IMPACT OF AKBC RADIO PROGRAMME “THE FARMER” ON THE ADOPTION OF INNOVATIONS IN UYO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of AKBC radio programme “the farmer” on the adoption of innovations in uyo local government area. A total of sixty (60) farmers selected from various... Continue Reading
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