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h the theoretical case for universal pre-primary school education is strong, the practical aspect of it is weak. This paper attempts to make a case for the practicality of pre-primary school education by investigating its effect on primary school performance. I am of the opinion that two or three years of pre-primary school education has the... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION The rapid growth of internet-based technology/innovations has resulted in many approaches to learning development, manifested in different forms of e-learning (Shawar, Al-Sadi, and Sane, 2007). The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) at all levels of education is no doubt the catalyst for improving access to quality... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The objective and aim of this dissertation is to examine the identification of the effects of poor office environment on the performance of officer workers in Enugu North Local Government Council in carrying out this investigation, some research question were formulated. The researcher use simple percentage as the method of analyzing the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The study examined the causes of student’s dropouts as perceived by teachers in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State of Nigeria. As a survey research, a sample of 194 teachers was taken for the study. The sample procedure was by the simple random sampling techniques. The instrument used to collect data was a questionnaire while data... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION Polyphone Automatic sealing and cutting machine is a machine that is used simuanously to seal and cut polyphone into different sizes depending on the required dimension. Polyphone is a type of synthetic rubber widely used often as transference sheets for water proof packaging. Traders in the market require polyphone bags in packaging... Continue Reading
INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Evaluation has a Latin origin, meaning to strengthen or to empower. Today, evaluation means different things to different people. Rowntree (1990) viewed evaluation as a process of getting various peoples reactions on a programme with a view to improving it. Evaluation could also be defined as a process of... Continue Reading
AN EXCEL SHEET WORK IS ALSO INCLUDED BUT NOT ATTACHED IN THE MSWORD DOC. YOU WILL BE SENT THE EXCEL SHEET DOC. ONCE YOUR PAYMENT FOR THE FULL WORK HAS BEEN APPROVED. INTRODUCTION The mass media are diversified media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication. The technology through which this communication takes... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work was carried out in urban and rural areas of Ogbrau Local Government Area of Anambra State to find out factors affecting attitude to work of secondary school teachers. The questionnaire was the instrument used in obtaining data for answering the research questions. Some of the factors associated with the problem have... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project was on the relevance of educational psychology into teaching learning processes in secondary schools in Enugu North Local Government Area of Enugu State. The study was specifically aimed at investigating the importance and help educational psychology has rendered to teaching – learning processes in order to achieve these... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research work focuses on the causes of Premarital Sex among Secondary School Girls and Its Impact on their Academic Achievements in Yagba East Local Government Area of Kogi State. One Hundred and Fifty Questionnaires were administered to female students in different schools. The data were analyzed and the following findings were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This work was done in order to investigate the microbial content of some bolted soft drivels sold in Enugu interlopes. Soft drink are consumed in large quantities by the different age groups, adult and children of different class of people all over the state. This is aided by the general availability of these drink almost every place... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Composites have been developed with great success by the use of reinforcement. Monolithic materials cannot possess all the properties to be obtained hence, the need to employ the use of composite materials. Aluminum is generally utilized as a basic material particularly in the aerospace industry in view of its light weight property Be... Continue Reading
Crude oil viscosity is an important parameter which is considered in both porous media and in pipeline channels. Estimating oil viscosity at various operating conditions of pressure and temperature is of great value to petroleum engineers. In petroleum and reservoir engineering, we are often faced with the analysis of processes which involve... Continue Reading
ABSTRACTA study on the effects of post- harvest variables on the yield and quality of Shea butter wascarried out. The Shea nuts acquired from villages were divided into five batches with avillage/uncontrolled sample. Each batch was boiled at different time ranges (0, 15, 30, 45 and60) minutes. Each batch was dried through an oven drying method.... Continue Reading
It's a journal that explains the design of a shea butter plant.... Continue Reading
                                                                 ABSTRACT          Biomass is organic materials that are made from plants and animals. Biomass stored alot of energy from the sun. Biomass is renewable sources of energy which can grow more such as trees and crops,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In our present society, wireless communication has become most prevalent and mobile units (hand held devices /GSM/ Computers) are one of the most common equipments for conveying messages wirelessly. Owing to the fact that most youths in our society today on the average make use of at least one wireless device that communicate with other... Continue Reading
Abstract This project work was embarked on the construction and determination of the efficiency of 12 volts DC fan using two N3055 transistor, 1kΩ variable resistors, resistors, breadboard, veroboard, 12 volts DC battery and connectors at Science Laboratory Technological Department, Federal Polytechnic Offa, Nigeria. This is always required to... Continue Reading
The aim of this project is to shows the possibility of wireless power transfer through the design of a wireless charging pad.  In this project write-up, the methodology and principle of operation is wireless power transfer through inductive couple, a feasible design is modelled accordingly. The inductive couple technique is used because it is the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In this era of social and economic instability in which the public must be given a convincing why they should part with their hard earned money, the role of the public relations practitioners cannot be over emphasized. The study also analyses the public relations strategies and policies management of the organization in question. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study examined the impact of mass media in respect to the review of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the National Assembly. It is also aimed at evaluating the constitutional and social responsibilities of the media towards the development of the 1999 constitution in Nigeria. The researcher adopted survey... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Development is the process of moving the world or mobilizing communities as a whole to engage in the task of self improvement with the available resources. This project work is mainly based on the theoretical and practical approach of the impact of radio broadcasting in improving the educational system in Nigeria. In this work, the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study was carried out with the sole objective of determining the Effectiveness of Radio in Educating Nigerian Women on Immunization. A Case Study of Oru-East L.G.A of Imo State. The researcher identified the research problems and used them to raise four research questions and four research hypotheses. Literature relating to the topic... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study is aimed to ascertain the impact of mass media campaign aimed curbing the spread of the diseases AIDS among teenagers in Enugu state. The objective of the study is also to find out through survey method whether the teenager are really getting sufficient information about AIDS blue so as to enable them inform their opinion about... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT It has been observed by researchers that many children today are being influence by what they view or see on the television, especially when it comes to cartoons production. For instance, there are reported cases of children misbehaving after their exposure to television programme, of cartoon type. Based on the above observation, the... Continue Reading