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Marketing Project Topics and Materials

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Chapter One Introduction Background of Study Statement of Problem Purpose of the Study Significance of Study Research Questions Scope of Study Chapter Two Review of Literature Conceptual Framework Influence of Television Advertising on Consumer’s Choice of Household Products Influence of Newspaper Advertising on Consumer Choice of Household... Continue Reading
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:                                 A CASE STUDY OF FIRST BANK NIGERIA PLC To achieve a set of organizational goals and objectives, companies conceptualize, design, and implement various strategies. These strategies can be corporate, business, or functional.... Continue Reading
IN EGOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA IN EDO STATE ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate problem problems facing the marketing of poultry product in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State four research questions formulated and analyzed. The respondents were made up of poultry farmers... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This Research examined the relevance of Pipeline transportation to the marketing of Petroleum products in Nigeria.  Toward this end 83 staff of the Nigeria national Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)’s offices in Enugu and Port-Harcourt were randomly selected to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT             The study was on the impact of marketing in the development of tourism in Enugu state.             The researcher towards reviewing all the related literature necessary to up date the subjects and have a better understanding of the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT It has always been said that the consumer is the king and will remain the king in the market place-meaning that the success or failure of any product/service depends on the attitude of consumer towards it.             The consumer attitude... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF MILO PRODUCT OF NESTLE NIGERIA PLC) ABSTRACT             The importance of personal selling cannot be over emphasized. This has informed this study which is on the impact of personal selling on the marketing of beverages. A case study of Milo.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project is very crucial study of the effect of segmentation in the target marketing of NBL plc Enugu. To solve the research problem primary and secondary data were collected.  The research instrument used in collecting the data were questionnaire... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF ALL STATES TRUST BANK PLC) ABSTRACT             The study focuses on the impact of effective public relations practice in the marketing expansion of banking services in Enugu metropolis. a case study of All State Trust... Continue Reading
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(A CASE STUDY OF UNILEVER NIGERIA PLC ) ABSTRACT This study is a research into “An Evaluation of Product Positioning on Unilever Nigeria Plc.         The study seeks to find out how product positioning helps the firms in achieving greater part of... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF NNPC ABA DEPOT) ABSTRACT The research topic “AN EVALUATION OF DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES IN THE MARKETING OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS” (A CASE STUDY OF NNPC, ABA DEPOT) was chosen because of the constant scarcity of petroleum products that the Nigerian public... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF PARK-LANE HOSPITAL ENUGU) PREFACE Public relations as a marketing function is an extension of the societal marketing concept which focuses every marketing decision on customer satisfaction, and welfare of the firms larger public which is designed to enhances the... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF GABBEY PHARMACY LIMITED ENUGU). ABSTRACT             This research project is aimed at determining the impact of promotional strategies of pharmaceutical firms on consumer patronage. The study was expected to reveal at the end of the day the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project work was designed to study the attitude of consumer towards made in Nigerian goods with special reference to women world boutique in Enugu metropolis.  A survey was conducted in five (s) zones to obtain field data. The objectives of the study were to find out the... Continue Reading
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(A CASE STUDY OF CYRIL SUPERMARKET ABAKALIKI, EBONYI STATE) ABSTRACT             The purpose of this project is to examine the impacts of self service on the performance of supermarkets.             The study is divided into five chapters. In chapter one the... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF UDI L. GOVT. COUNCIL) ABSTRACT These study on the effect of pricing strategies on the marketing of agricultural products in Enugu State.  With particular attention to Udi L. G. A Council was carried out with the some for the following... Continue Reading
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PROPOSAL         This research project focused on the consumer protection laws in Nigeria and its implications on Nigerian consumers.         The researchers utilized both secondary primary data sources in order to gain insight on consumer protection laws... Continue Reading
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(A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN BREWERIES PLC ENUGU) ABSTRACT If a company has a good product, well branded and priced, required and proper promotion done but could not get to the users as and when required, the company has succeeded in achieving nothing.             Therefore, the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The major issue in this research work is the place of marketing in the service industries. Marketing is very vital in every organization especially in the service industry.  The hair saloon firms in Nigeria are expected to be marketing oriented especially in current times when competition... Continue Reading
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ABSTRCAT             This research did a critical Appraisal of the Nigeria Export promotion council strategies in the Export of Nigeria goods.             In the 1960s, non oil products such as palm produce crera, cotton,... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF THE MALT BOTTLED BY CONSOLIDATED BREWERIES ABA) ABSTRACT             Communication is perhaps the most important human survival skill because we all need it to maintain contact with the world.  This research study focused on the nature,... Continue Reading
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page                                                           Abstract                             Table of Contents                       CHAPTER ONE: ... Continue Reading
THE IMPACT OF MARKETING MIX   IN THE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVES ABSTRACT This project work was to investigate the impact of marketing mix in the accomplishment of organizatioal objectives. The main objectives were: 1.   To identify the impact of marketing mix in the organization. 2.   To identify the different approaches... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF UBA BANK PLC) ENUGU ABSTRACT         This research work looked at the impact of information technology in marketing of banking services and used U.B.A Bank as a case study. Specially, the study addressed the following issues. The performance of... Continue Reading
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