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Computer Science Project Topics and Materials (Page 68)

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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTER BASED LOAN SCHEME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF HARVARD TRUST BANK ENUGU) ABSTRACT Organizations like Banks give loan to their customers based on certain conditions given by the loan scheme management board. These conditions must be clearly met by the customers before they qualify for the loan they are... Continue Reading
A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN BREWERIES PLC 9TH MILE CORNER SIDE ABSTRACT Computer has tremendously penetrated into every field of life. It makes work flow very easy. Interesting and result oriented. Bill of material is not left out. This project work researched into the... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY NATIONAL DRUG LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY NDLEA ABSTRACT The manual approach used in the regulation of the investigation been carried out by the National Drug investigations is very devious and dress full. This research work investigated into the problems... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF EMENITE NIG. LTD. EMENE, ENUGU) ABSTRACT With the trend of technology growth in the world of today, virtually every facet of human work has been affected; even the remotest of it all, and the production circle cannot be left out. This study was carried out to... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED MODERN POULTRY FARM A CASE STUDY IMO POULTRY FARM LTD ABSTRACT The magical impact of computer has made enormous contribution to all aspect of the society people can now do things easily unlike in the past. Computers have lesson human activities (effort) in their day to day life, by reducing both human... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND SIMULATE A COMPUTER THREE WAY INTERCOM SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF SOIL PLAZA HOTEL LTD EMENE) ABSTRACT Communication has bee a growing area in modern computing through the use of network and efforts have been made towards evolving an efficient and quickest way of communication. The essence of computer in this civilized and computer age can... Continue Reading
. ABSTRACT This work deals extensively with the design and construction of an electronic dice display (EOD) with audio unit. The device displays the of a hudo dice in numberical form and also produces sound as it displays the number. The device works with principle of chance... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIAN PORT AUTHORITY LAGOS) ABSTRACT Handling of cargo has been a circular task all these while in our various ports. And Nigerian Ports Authority (N.P.A) being an organization responsible for seeing to the affairs of our various sea ports in Nigeria, have... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF CIVIL SERVICE) ABSTRACT Ever since man discovered the computer and hence computer science, attempt have been made to computerize every facet of human life. This project work experts the issue of designing and implementing a state civil payroll accounting... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF IMO STATE TRANSPORT COMPANY ITC OWERRI) Abstract The project looked into the concept of simulation system that provides method of handling problems, which are difficult or costly to solve analytically. It is also allows the study or learning the behavior of the system. To text hypothesis and design a... Continue Reading
Abstract Basically, it can be discovered that there are heaps of files, available space in the office of the Head of Computer Science Department, slowing down his or her work, making the place untidy and even frightening him from tasks to be accomplished, but it should not be so in this... Continue Reading
. A CASE STUDY OF MOTOR LICENSING OFFICE, NKANU ABSTRACT In as much as information which need to be generated, stored and disseminated is time, relevant and power in every field of life its survival cannot be over emphasized in any case, the issue of... Continue Reading
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