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Computer Science Project Topics and Materials (Page 67)

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ABSTRACT UBN PLC, is a bank which deals with customers account both current, savings, deposit loan etc. The above-mentioned processes and activities are not only time consuming but also stressful when done manually. The complexity and strain processes involved.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The difficulties students and staff of admission office usually face in any higher institution, made us to realize that computer assisted admission system is the best in processing students records in federal college of Education, Eha-Amufu Enugu. This will save our school... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project contains a detailed analysis of the existing manual-based billing system of a Hospital of the penults Hospital Trans-Ekulu, Enugu State as a case study. Base on the analysis, problem areas were identified and a computer based Medical billing system was designed... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The computer as an electronic and electromagnetic device is known for its versatile range of uses in every area of human endeavour more especially in scientific and mathematical calculations. Although little thought has been given to designing a complete and concise... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOMATED MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVING LICENSING SYSTEM ABSTRACT Considering the fact that our country is still developing, there are a lot to be done to improve the way information is processed in our licence wait before been attended to. In view of this project work analyses the current procedure used in our motor licensing... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN AUTOMATED MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVER’S LICENSING SYSTEM. (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU MOTOR LICENSE OFFICE, ENUGU STATE; ABAKPA) NIKE). ABSTRACT The ill treatment that take place in our motor vehicle Drivers licensing office today, one have to wait endlessly in order to get his driver’s licensing or renew his driver license... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A library system is an information system that serves a population of users. The term “Information system” is normally used in situations where an organization is considered as a whole with respect to its information requirement and information utilization. In a... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A PROFITED DATBASE SYSTEM FOR GOVERNEMNT ESTABLISHMENT ABSTRACT The problem which always emanate from inadequate personnel information maintenance and management has been a torn in the flesh of the entire Nigerian society, Enugu state precisely. In other to proffer solution to the existing problems, the project work... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The fundamental aim of this project is to emphasize how a system of information network aids the government and police administration in decision taking through a range of statistical data as collected and analyzed in an existing information system. It also airs the... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF NIITEL NIGERIA LIMITED ENUGU BRANCH) ABSTRACT In our present society, communication is more or less the “cannot – do – without” that people always say and the strength of every successful business generally. The impact of this can be felt in the... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF SICKLE CELL DISEASE) ABSTRACT This work is specially put together not to replace medical doctors or medical laboratory scientists but rather to assist them in accelerating in their diagnostic work which will go a long way to eliminate the trial... Continue Reading
(NIGERIA BREWERIES 9TH MILE CORNER ENUGU STATE) ABSTRACT This project is written to help Nigeria Bottling Companies especially Nigeria Breweries 9th mile Plc Enugu in the areas they encounter problems in distribution and the solution given to tackle those problem. The... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF NITEL LTD ENUGU) ABSTRACT The focus on Privatization of Corporate enterprises is relatively recent in Nigeria. The prominence in economic programs of most developing countries since the 1980’s is due to the need to reduce Public... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The work present a design of a computerized personnel auditing system for a local government administration. A computerized personnel auditing system for a local government administration is concerned with the computerization of... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The clamout for justice and rights of man is an age long affair. Social crusaders, philosophers, non governmental organization (NGOs) and thinkers of various persuasions, have devoted most of their effects to the promotion of monitoring and... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF NITEL PLC ENUGU) ABSTRACT The current and future well-being of an organization depends mostly on the activities and management of its human resources element. All activities towards improved productivity such as profit, organization... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF UNTH, ENUGU) ABSTRACT The proper management and utilization of financial resources has over the years been the bed rock of growth, expansion and continual existence of the world most popular industries and business organizations. In... Continue Reading
(CASE STUDY OF TUTORIAL ON PRIMARY SCHOOL MATHEMATICS) ABSTRACT In Nigeria today, it’s a well known fact that mathematics is one of the subjects that student find difficult to understand and pass for one reason or the other. The reason why student have this problem varies possible... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF SUPER MARITIME SHIPPING AGENCY, LAGOS) ABSTRACT This project was out of the necessity to address the inherent problems encountered by members of staff of super maritime shipping Agency and their customers. The manual process involved in the... Continue Reading
THE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERISED CAREER CHOICE COUNSELLING SYSTEM ABSTRACT The presence of guidance and counselors in school is not just for the sake of it, they are there to direct student on the area they psychologically find them fit. The job of guidance and counseling towards a future carrier is not an easy one, the student has... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A WINDOW BASED FRONT DESK INFORMATION SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF MAY FRESH SAVINGS AND LOAN LIMITED ONITSHA ABSTRACT In account form analysis, a lot of discrepancies causes by manual aspect of the form such as: lost of form, inability to correct intakes, poor storage facilities have been a problem in the May fresh savings... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF MODOTEL HOTEL, OKPARA AVENUE ENUGU) ABSTRACT The importance of financial accounting is gradually being recognized as germane to prudent management of any business firm. This has necessitated the need for the computerization of structured... Continue Reading
DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTER –BOARD INSURANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A CASE STUDY OF UNIVERSAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED ENUGU ABSTRACT The aim of this project is to give a simplified approach to the procedures involved in the services offered by Insurance Companies. Since the insurance company or industry is an industry whereby the use of... Continue Reading
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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERISED QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM IN STOCK PRODUCT (A CASE STUDY OF ANAMMCO NIG. LTD EMENE ENUGU ) ABSTRACT The purpose of the study is to computerize quality control system in production (A case study of Anammco Nig. Ltd Enugu) and to develop a computer packages whereby the technique observed from the manual... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF ANAMMCO NIG LTD EMENE ENUGU) ABSTRACT This study is based on the computerization of a quality assurance monitoring system of a manufacturing industry. It entails sourcing from all parts of the company on how they operate especially in the quality... Continue Reading
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