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ABSTRACT In the olden days, it was a well-known facts, that a rich and wealth man is known by the number of children and yam barns he had. (Greater in number) but recently, the reverse is the case, in that a rich and wealth man is known as a man with lesser number of children who he takes greater care of. The mass media had played... Continue Reading


(A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU METROPOLIS) ABSTRACT The aim of this research work is to find out the Effects of Billboard Advertising on product promotion in Enugu metropolis. To do this, we used survey research method to elicit the desired information from the sample produce. In this work we... Continue Reading


(NIGERAI AS A CASE STUDY} ABTRACT Communication has remained a formidable sector in the life wire of every society. For a meaningful life and co –existence in the society, proper use of communication techniques is very necessary. This work was born as a result of concern the dwindling nature... Continue Reading


(A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU URBAN DEWELLERS) ABSTRACTS Television in modern world is the major part of entertainment. In 1956 a videotape was used for the first with help of video tape, events are recorded for later broadcast. In ninety – Ninety, the coming of home videos in Nigeria, has enabled a massive... Continue Reading


 ABSTRACT            Development is the process of moving the world, of  engage in the task of self- improvement with the available is necessary, not only for all... Continue Reading


(A CASE STUDY OF BOURNVITA BEVERAGE). ABSTRACT This research work, is aimed at giving an insight into the Effect of Television Advertisement on the Buying Habits of Consumers. It deals generally on the concept of Advertising and narrows it down to the roles advertising plays... Continue Reading


AN ASSESSMENT OF MASS MEDIA’S ROLE IN THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST DRUG ABUSE IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This work was done to final out the assessment of the mass media’s role in the campaign against drug abuse, because drug abuse has become a serious problem we are facing both in Nigeria and in other parts of the world. The objectives of this research is... Continue Reading


IMPACT OF HOME MOVIE ON THE LIFE OF STUDENTS TERTIARY INSTITUTION IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF IMT STUDENTS) ABSTRACT In this write up, Impact of home movies on the life of students of tertiary institution in Nigeria (A case study of IMT students). There are five chapters constituting this research work, each deals with different perspective on how... Continue Reading


Abstract The study investigated the effect of social media on the academic performance of students in delta state university Abraka, to which four major questions serve as a guide. The survey design for the study was based on the used of 16 item questionnaire, distributed to 130 respondents in delta state university. The derived were analyzed with... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This global modern technologies in the nineties had been such a glaring and widely exciting experience. This leaves no body even a Thomas in doubt of what situation and trend will look like even as we are now in the 21st century. Expectedly, there will be an... Continue Reading


” CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Telecommunication is explained by Bell Graham as communication between two people using equipment to overcome the effect, caused by distance or physical barriers between them. The... Continue Reading


THE INFLUENCE OF WESTERN TELEVISION PROGRAMMES ON THE CULTURAL VALUES OF NIGERIA YOUTHS (A CASE STUDY OF CARITAS STUDENTS, ENUGU). ABSTRACT This study probes the impact which Tv has on the cultural values of the Nigeria youths. It specifically tackles the impact of western Tv programes on Nigeria University students. The research posits that the... Continue Reading


THE IMPACT OF “SUPER STORY” DRAMA SERIES ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF UNILEVER ADVERTS (UNILEVER SPONSOR OF “SUPER STORY”) ABSTRACT This Study on the Impact of “Super story” drama series on the effectiveness of unilever adverts: (Unilever Sponsors of “Super Story”). The choice of this topic arises due to the observation that huge amount... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the study Statement of problem Objective of the study Scope and limitation of the study Significance of the study Research question Definition of terms CHAPTER TWO Review of Related... Continue Reading


. (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU STATE) PREFACE A baby’s first attempt at walking is sometimes very calamitous, when not properly guided, indelible sears are left as a result of bruises sustained from “Childish” falls. In the same vein, as green horns in the act of writing books for... Continue Reading


    (A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU METROPOLIS ) ABSTRACT             Development is the process of moving the world, of  engage in the task of self-... Continue Reading


(A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU STATE BROADCASTING SERVICE, ENUGU) ABSTRACT The aim of this research to study the problems of broadcasting media in the advertising process. To carry out this study in a three research question were formulated. In carrying out the study, I designed questions from each of... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT This study is aimed, at pointing the role of public relations department and the practitioner in building the corporate image in government parastiatls TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 THE HISTORY OF NIGERIAN AIRWAYS 1.2 THE OBJECTIVES OF NIGERIAN AIRWAYS 1.3 STATEMENT... Continue Reading


ABSTRACT The role of public relations in ENHANCING CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION IN A GOVERNMENT PERASTATTALS (A CASE STUDY) OF THE ENUGU STATE IDATER CORPORATION) is hinged on disclosing the necessity of applying public relations and the role public relations... Continue Reading
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(A CASE STUDY OF ANNOUNCER NEWSPAPER OWERRI) TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of study 1.2 Statement of Research Problem 1.3 Objectives of Study 1.4 Significance of Study 1.5 Research Question 1.6 Research Hypothesis 1.7 Definition of Terms 1.8 Assumption 1.9... Continue Reading


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN NIGERIA’S TELECOMMUNICATION SECTOR A CASE STUDY OF GLOBACOM NIGERIA LIMITED ENUGU ZONE ABSTRACT The topic of the research is Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria’s Telecommunication Sector (A case study of Globacom Nigeria Limited, Enugu). The researcher used survey design in the study. The population... Continue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.1 Background of study 1.2 Statement of Problem 1.3 Objectives of study 1.4 Research Questions 1.5 Significance of Study 1.6 Scope of the Study 1.7 Definition of Terms References CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1... Continue Reading


THE IMPACT OF ADVERT ON CONSUMERS’ PREFERENCES OF PRODUCTS PREFACE British Novelist Norman Douglas may have caught the essence of advertisings worldwide significance when he remarked, “You ca tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements”. Indeed, while the advertising business was viewed as particularly American Institution in the first... Continue Reading


AN APPRAISAL OF PRESS FREEDOM IN NIGERIA UNDER CIVILIAN RULE (A CASE STUDY OF OLUSEGUN OBASANJO REGIME 1999 – 2004) ABSTRACT This topic of research, “An Appraisal of Press Freedom Under Civilian Rule (A case study) is a top flight, thought provoking and interestingly challenging especially in our contemporary Nigeria which has embraced... Continue Reading


(A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU URBAN) TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter one – Introduction 1.1 Background of study 1.2 Statement of research problems 1.3 Objectives of study 1.4 Significance of the study 1.5 Research Questions 1.6 Research Hypothesis 1.7 Concept ional and Operational Definition 1.8 Assumptions 1.9... Continue Reading
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