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Most Relevant Mass Communication Project Topics and Materials

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ABSTRACT The need for this study was to reveal that, no doubt health is the most essential ingredients of life. However, life remains worthless without good health that actually sustains human existence. Health as primary and rudimental to life the role of media to the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In the olden days, it was a well-known facts, that a rich and wealth man is known by the number of children and yam barns he had. (Greater in number) but recently, the reverse is the case, in that a rich and wealth man is known as a man with lesser number of children who he takes greater care of. The mass media had played... Continue Reading
TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE 1.1 Background of study 1.2 Statement of Problem 1.3 Objectives of study 1.4 Research Questions 1.5 Significance of Study 1.6 Scope of the Study 1.7 Definition of Terms References CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF NTA, ABUJA) ABSTRACT This research work critically examined on Challenges facing Nigeria Media Establishment, faced with different organs of the media such as the radio, television, newspaper, etc. I narrowed down my research to television using... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This study is aimed at evaluating the effect of tobacco advertising on youths, using student in Institute of management and Technology as a case study. The work opens up in chapter one and contains the background of the study, statement of the problems objectives of study, research questions,... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF INSTITUTION OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY (IMT) ENUGU ABSTRACT Radio is one of the viable media of mass communication. Just as communication is the transfer of information from the source to a destination. Presently, for any thing to be called communication it... Continue Reading
CHALLENGES FACING THE MEDIA ORGANISATION IN DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION (A STUDY OF NIGERIA TELEVISION AUTHORITY, NTA) ABSTRACT The subject matter of this work is “challenges facing the media in Dissemination of information” in carrying out the research work, the researcher adopted the survey design using the questionnaire measuring... Continue Reading
MASS MEDIA AND THE MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN NIGERIA. ABSTRACT From all indications, it has become obvious that the mass media has a great role to play in the management of human rights abuse in Nigeria, taking into cognizance their role in the society which includes surveillance of the society, correlation of the various ideas and... Continue Reading
APPRAISAL OF MASS MEDIA CAMPAIGN ON MENACE OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA (A case study of NTA, Osogbo) Abstract The study appraisal the impact of mass media as instrument for eradicating corruption using Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) Osogbo as a case study. Without doubt mass media play as very crucial role as the fourth estate of the realm... Continue Reading
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ABSTRACT This global modern technologies in the nineties had been such a glaring and widely exciting experience. This leaves no body even a Thomas in doubt of what situation and trend will look like even as we are now in the 21st century. Expectedly, there will be an... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF THE ETITI IHITTE-UBOMA, LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF IMO STATE) ABSTRACT This research was on the Role of Public Relations in Crisis Management, a case study of the Etiti Ihitte-Uboma, L.G.A. of Imo State. Crisis is a necessary evil, a sine quo non. This was so because in the process... Continue Reading
[A CASE STUDY OF I.M.T] ABSTRACT In this write up impact of home video on the life of student of tertiary institution in Nigeria is presented. There are five chapters, each deals with different perspective on hour a reasonable fact could be drawn as in what way home video... Continue Reading
THE ROLE OF THE BROADCAST MEDIA IN THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST HIV/AIDS IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to ascertain the role of Mass media in the campaign against HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. Factors such as media campaigns, AIDS campaign messages, sexual behaviour and the extent in which the campaigns structures the masses were posed to establish... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF UNIVERSITY PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPILS, ENUGU) ABSTRACT The study deals on children and mass media use: A study of the vote of mass media use in childhood socialization. It throws light on one of the most remarkable features in human development. This feature is the transformation of the... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF ANNOUNCER NEWSPAPER OWERRI) TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of study 1.2 Statement of Research Problem 1.3 Objectives of Study 1.4 Significance of Study 1.5 Research Question 1.6 Research Hypothesis 1.7 Definition of Terms 1.8 Assumption 1.9... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF BOURNVITA BEVERAGE). ABSTRACT This research work, is aimed at giving an insight into the Effect of Television Advertisement on the Buying Habits of Consumers. It deals generally on the concept of Advertising and narrows it down to the roles advertising plays... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The low rate of female participation in politics compared to that of their male counter- parts in Nigeria creates a need to examine the situation in this study, “The role of broadcast media in mobilizing women for political participation in Nigeria”. This... Continue Reading
. (A CASE STUDY OF IMT STUDENTS) ABSTRACT This study was carried out to determine the newspaper readership pattern among youths. This arose because it was thought that the youth did not read newspapers and their use of other media was minimal. Against the background of seemingly lack of readership... Continue Reading
THE ROLE OF RADIO AND TELEVISION IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT ABSTRACT Communication is central to all human activities. The claim that we cannot communicate receive scholarly applause. However, there are people who seem to be neglected when we began to discuss communication and information flow. Those in the urban cities are always better informed to the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In several quarters, there have been allegation making round, that state governments use their state Broadcast media as propaganda machinery. The focus is to investigate such allegation using Enugu State Broadcasting Service (ESBS) radio/TV as a case study. The... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This aim of this project research is to analyze the effect of Nollywood on lifestyle of youth, in Enugu urban area. The study critically analyzes the influence of Nollywood on lifestyle of youths in Enugu Urban area. Five chapters were used to achieve our win on this... Continue Reading
(A CASE STUDY OF ENUGU METROPOLIS) ABSTRACT The aim of this research work is to find out the Effects of Billboard Advertising on product promotion in Enugu metropolis. To do this, we used survey research method to elicit the desired information from the sample produce. In this work we... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The purpose of embarking on this study is to provide a detailed assessment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on the performance of Broadcast media Organisation in Nigeria. The objectives were to... Continue Reading
(NIGERAI AS A CASE STUDY} ABTRACT Communication has remained a formidable sector in the life wire of every society. For a meaningful life and co –existence in the society, proper use of communication techniques is very necessary. This work was born as a result of concern the dwindling nature... Continue Reading
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