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Chemical Engineering Project Topics and Materials

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY To understand the web-based legal practitioner application system, it includes not merely the profession, which is practiced in courts but also covers law teaching, law research, administration in different branches where law plays a role and in... Continue Reading
WEB BASED LEGAL PRACTITIONER APPLICATION SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY To understand the web-based legal practitioner application system, it includes not merely the profession, which is practiced in courts but also covers law teaching, law research, administration in different branches where law plays a role and in... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The research project studies the analysis of pear and its oil. The mesocarp from edible African pear “DacryodesEdulis” were evaluated for their oil yield. The pulp from this pear were oven dried at 100oC-105oC to a moisture content level of 29%.The mesocarp was subjected to proximate analysis to determine the percentage of the... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE 1. 1 INTRODUCTION The word perfume derives from the latin ―per fumum‖ meaning through smoke, is fragrant liquid that is sprayed or rubbed on the skin or clothes to give a pleasant smell. Extraction of perfume from various plants resources is of ancient origin. Infact the natives from different tropical regions of the globe have... Continue Reading
CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Perfume is a fragrant liquid made from an extract that has been distilled in alcohol and water. Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have attempted to mask or enhance their own odor by using perfume, which emulates nature’s pleasant smells. Many natural and man-made materials have been used to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Studies were conducted to determine the phytochemicasl present in moringa olrifera and Azadrichta indica leaves. Leaves for this work were washed, room dried ground to powder. The ground leave for both sample were soaked in four different solvent; Ethanol, n-Hexane,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project studied on the kinetics of hydrolysis of cellulose to glucose. The steps employed to achieve this project involved extraction of cellulose from sawdust and subsequently, hydrolysis of starch to simple sugar. This was followed by glucose analysis. Different experiments were conducted during acid hydrolysis to study... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The production of high quality foam was carried.  The actualization of the production of polyurethane (fibre) foam was made possible by using the components / chemical raw materials such as polyol (polyurethes resin).  TDI (toluene di-Iso-cyanate, methylane chloride (MC)-(CH2CL).  Silicon oil, stannous octoate, calcum carbonate and... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project was done to bring to lime light the appropriate method of solid waste handling, separation and utilization, in order to reduce the impact on the environment – environmental degradation. In this work, effort was made to point out the required steps taken in solid waste management.    Segregation at the source was done to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACTS This project was aimed at producing a fine high quality toilet soap at a low cost which will be of used to home and commercial purposes. The toilet soap produced has its major components caustic potash, palm kernel oil (pKo) caustic soda and soda ash. Other additives are perfume, coaming agent, sodium tripotiphosphate (STPP), colour,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT It is generally known that cement id produced from limestone, mar/clay and gypsum by the following three basic process- wet semi- wet aid dry process. The cost of exploiting the limestone: the major raw material constitute about 50% of the production cost which results in the high cost of cement.  It therefore becomes imperative to bring... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project “Extraction of oil from a local seed (groundnut oil) and Characterization” was carried out using ten cups of groundnut seeds that was purchased from a local market in Enugu metropolis.  The oil these seeds were in Enugu using solvent extraction method.  Two different solvents were used in the extraction namely: Ethane... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT The production of cassava flour by the method of traditional processing method (sun drying) and modern processing method (oven drying) was carried out using cassava sliced cubes or peeled cassava. Indeed, the traditional Nigeria techniques of cassava flour production was studied with a view of achieving same product mechanically. Result... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project is on the production of paint from the available materials.  The first process involved was the sourcing of the available material which include calcium carbonate (dotonute) water etc.  the next step is the proper production procedure.  The  same product patterns was employed while the production was valued with a view to... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project is aimed at producing black and brown polish of good quality.  For clearity, polish is a substance rubbed on the surface of materials to make them smooth and shiny. Polish has being of immense importance in protecting leather surfaces and enhancing their beauty. To produce a standard polish, hard waxes such as carnduba wax,... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research project was carried out principally for the production of liquid and vapourized perfumes from local raw materials.  The local raw material were subjected to various processing conditions in order to obtain purified perfume.  The methods generally used in this work include expression steam distillation and solvent... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This project “The Production of Ceiling Board from Local Raw Materials” was carried out basically using raw materials which was sourced locally. These raw materials are found to be very much in abundance. Some are materials sourced from the ground and others are from agricultural wastes. Three different types of ceiling boards were... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Adhesive is a substance that holds materials together by surface attachment, while wood adhesive is a substance that is used to hold plywood for furniture works. This substance is essential and has universal applications. Thus the aim of this research work is to produce it using cassava starch as a base binder. Starch is also used in... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT A project was carried out to produce high quality liquid air refreshner for domestic uses. The project was carried out using the following apparatus. Beakers (250ML), one conical flask, hydrometer, thermometer, two – 5ml of measuring cylinders, one reactor (plastic reactor), stirrer, weighing balance. The chemicals used in the... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Generally, plastic is defined as long-chain organic material which can be formed into desired shape by the application of heat and pressure, also it extends to include so many organic metallic complex and also certain long-chain inorganic material based principally on silicon, phosphorus, nitrogen, aluminum or boron or mixtures of these.... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Wheelbarrow can be defined as a machine that is used by labourers, farmes, gardeness, and others for transporting loads to heavy by hand it from one place to another. However, materials used for construction purpose are bought in standard sizes wither in long bars or standard sheet sizes.  Moreover, depending on the type to be... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT Industrial wastewater treatment covers the mechanisms and process used to treat water that have been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities prior to its release into the environment or its re-use.         Water is a natural and inorganic solvent with the composition of hydrogen and oxygen only... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT This research work was arrived as the formulation and production of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) from the fermentation of palm wine. A fresh palm wine was ated which was obtained  from Emene in Enugu State.  The characteristics that was tested before and after fermentation were; specific gravity, refractive index and PH value of the... Continue Reading
Abstract The purpose of the construction is aimed at producing heat energy for commercial use by turning liquid fuel(kerosene).the construction was successful by appropriate selection of engineering material favourably mild steel(blacksheet) and steel iron for special p2rts. The technological properties passed by the chosen mild steel are;... Continue Reading
ABSTRACT In this construction of metal shelf, mild steel was chosen due to its inherit duties. The undismountable metal shelf, which has four compartments and four partition was constructed under the following processes. This  includes drawing and dimensioning of the proposal metal. Metal shelf, market surveying and procurement of the needed... Continue Reading
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