This project was carried out with sole aim of identifying why and how “Research is an instrument of organizational effectiveness using Nigeria Bottling company Plc Enugu as a case study. For oral interview questions were used to guide the study.

The oral interview questions were as follows.

Has research have any important role to play in the efficiency, growth and development of the organization?

What are those factors that affect the research?

Should research be of only scientific approach?

Should research workers works base only within the organization or across the organization?

A sample of fifty (50) respondents were used to represent the entire population of the Nigeria Bottling company Plc, managers, Researchers and other works comprise the  respondents of the interview. Oral interview provided the sources of data for the study, percentages were used to analyse the data.  The data collected were presented with the use of while setting up research department, organizations are advised to position it in a way it will be communicating adequately management information system. As this helps a lot in retaining information and collection of external information that will help the company in research and other-wise.



1.0              Introduction

1.1       General background of the subject matter

1.2              Problems associated with the subject matter

1.3              Problems that the study will be concerned with.

1.4              The importance of studying the area

1.5              Definition of important term

1.6              References (using APA method)



2.1              Research as an instrument of an organization effectives.

2.2              The origin of the subject area

2.3              Schools of thought/division of research system

2.4              Research control without and outside the organization

2.5              Information collection as a basis in research

2.6              Research instrument

2.7              Reference.


3.0       CONCLUSION

3.1              Data presentation and data analysis

3.2              Research questions

3.3              Summary of findings

3.4              Recommendation

3.5              Conclusion

3.6              Reference



Research as the  oxford advanced learners dictionary puts it, says that it is a careful study of a subject, especially  in order to discover new fats or information about it.

The instrumentality of research as an organization effectiveness cannot be over emphasis. Research has kept so many companies in market.  So it has been the back bone of every successful company.

A company like Nigeria bottling company for instance  cannot under estimate the importance of research. They themselves are on epitome of research with research they were able to determine ways of running the company with less cash and to be able to maximize profit also to increase their production efficiency.

Research goes beyond the scientific aspect of the company, it transcends  beyond the boundary of their laboratory brings up a new  product the marketing should be able to research and come up with a new way of telling the consumers that their new product is good even better, and also coming them to in most their  money in it. We all know that changes is the only thing constant so without research we will not be able to adjust and know along with the inconsistent market. Nigerians are eager for new and improve method or products and only research can make it a possibility.

Management and research should be referred to as the body and soul of organization because without it (research) the tendency growth of any organization will be too low.


There have been many definitions of the term “Research”, but the one the researcher is going to use in this work states that “Research is the systematic and scientific method of finding solutions to a problem. From the definition above, we take the problem to means, a situation where there is an established difficulty without any immediate remedy. It also means some malfunctioning of a part of a system.  A problem can  also mean anything that impedes the smooth running of  a system or anything of interest to carryout investigation on. It can be positive or negative. A problem is said to be positive when the course of interest under study is advantageous to the company.

Example, why people prefer coca-cola to other products.  It is also negative when the problem is tarnishing or  deteriorating the smooth running of the organization, example, why there is decrease in the sales PF “sprite”.

            Many organizations after formation or birth go off or folds or sometime are unable to grow and develop financially, economically and otherwise.

These problems are as a result of many causes in which lack of or ignorance of research work is one of them.  On the other hand, when well viewed it would be noticed that research work is of great benefit because it exposes the organization missing links. 

Research is also most effective when carried accordingly, that is ,it must be purely systematic and scientific an nature.

Research as a discipline also helps to make new discoveries because the researcher must have gone through all necessary requirement to note what to do and what ought not be done.

Infact, management and research should be referred to as the body and  soul of organization because without it (Research), the tendency of the growth of any organization will be two low research supplies management with data, which reduces the risks in decision making thereby enhancing the chance of success.

This project is designed to meet the needs of such vital benefits and loopholes  of research using Nigeria bottling company Plc. Enugu as a case of study.

The nature of this work requires theoretical approach and analysis which will cover such dimension as.

1.         The influence of information on research in organization.

2.         Research and management as an inseparable body

3.         Lack of understanding that creates problems between management and researchers.

Information is said to be the life-wire of every business. It also has a vital role to pay in organization research work.  It is also said that “to manage information is to manage business well” (Marion)

Some internal information of the organization are; Answers from questionnaire within the organization, oral interview of workers, past records etc. external information may include; field survey, population survey, market survey competitions or other organization records.

Research and management as an inseparable body, ‘in any organization, the main duty of management is decision making and any decision made is based 80% on the research findings. What to produce and how to produce. Even the distribution aspect of it, will be determined by the research work.


c.         lack of understanding creating some problems between management and researchers.

Management lays the following blames on researcher.

i.          That research is not problem oriented it tends to provide plethora of facts but, not actionable projects.

ii.         That researchers die too involved with techniques and they appear to be reductant to get  involved in management problem”

iii.        Research has shown vague, and questionable validity.

iv.        Research cannot communicate, they do not language of management.


i.          Management does not include research decision making management tends to ask only for specific information about parts of problems.

ii.         management pays more than- service to research and does not really understand appreciate its value

iii.        Management does not allow enough time for research. They draw preliminary conclusion based on early or incomplete results.

iv.        Management relies more on intuition and judgment than on research.  Research is used as a crutch, not as a tool.

There misunderstandings are features of  management and research. In order to accomplish this work, the Nigeria bottling company Plc, is the organization that would be used as case study because it uses research questions in its information and research development.

The company holds a franchise of coca-cola company of the united states of America.  The company is bottler  of mineral water soft drinks such as coke, fante, (orange, Tonic, Ginger, and Chapman) sprite, club soda and other latest fanta Lemmon.

Their branches are scattered all over the world coca-cola is one of the oldest mineral soft drinks manufacture in the world.


 Behind any viable organization, there must be research section that checks on what will happen, what happened and how it happened.

There are some problems which hinders the effectiveness of proper research work, they are poor findings, poor organizing of research section according to functions, lack of professional in research work, poor interpretation of research data and poor procedure in data gathering etc. The problems this research is going into are.

1.         Poor procedure in data gathering

2.         Lack of professional (s) in research work.


Research go far for “information considering some factors which includes.

i.          Cost of the data needed.

ii.         How reliable is the sample or population )false information.`

iii.        Time involvement as for the collection of the needed.

iv.        The availability of the data

v.         The method used in collecting the data


Professional and specialists in research work due to.

i.          The cost of the researcher.

ii.         The nature of the problem to research on


By the completion of this study, it will be aimed at accomplishing the following objectives.

i.          To notify how important it is to use research in the  growth and development of an organization.

ii.         To identify the reasons why research fails in some organization.

iii.        To know how to reduce these problems facing the efficiency in research works.

iv.        To know how best to gather the needed data for research.


The research work has been  undertaken in such a way that, students other researchers, business organization and interested members of the following.

i.          The importance of conducting research business organization.

ii.         The factors responsible for poor research works and why some firms retain from.

iii.        The best way and time to conduct research as effectively as possible.

iv.        That decision making of any organization depends on the findings of its research works. The Nigerian bottling company Plc above mentioned reasons will be satisfied


i.          Has research any important role to play in the efficiency and development of the organization?

ii.         What are these factors that effect the smooth running or hinder the effectiveness of research?

iii.        Should research works base only within the organization or across the organization?


The scope of this research study will be based on the data collected from the information.  Research department of the Nigerian bottling company Plc. Enugu.

But for the purpose of clarity other information that will be necessary for the completion of the project may be collected  from any relevant attitude literature


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