This project, “the concept of national identifies and how Nigerian identity can be restored in every administration” which is written in clear and simple words is designed to explain the concept of national identity.This national identity which is those identifiable characteristics and emblems that distinguishes vagarious form other nations.

Problems associated with these concepts on our administration and the ways of restoring Nigerian identity are treated in this project.



1.0       Introduction

1.1              General background to the subject matter.

1.2              Problems associates with the subject matter

1.3              The importance of studying the area

1.4              Definition of important terms

1.5              Reference


2.0       National symbols

2.1              The national flag

2.2              The Nigeria coat of arm

2.3              The national anthem

2.4              The national pledge

2.5              The national motto

2.6              The Nigeria passport

2.7              The constitution and the government

2.8              Reference


3.0       Conclusion

3.1              Presentation of data

3.2              Analysis of data

3.3              Recommendation

3.4              Conclusions

3.5              reference



The term ‘nation’ is used to describe a country with the same descent language and history and united under one government.  The national identity of any national are those identifiable characteristic and symbols that distinguish her from all other nations the world Nigeria as a nation is the most population country in the continent of Africa with over three hundred ethnic and linguistic groups; a geographical land mass of about 923,768 square kilometers and  a bourgeoning population of about 120 million people.

The Nigeria land mass territorial waters and air space are infact the every many nations lying on the west coast Africa along the gulf of guinea, she is bounded on the west by republic of Benin to the East by Cameroom  to the North by Nigeria republic and the South by the Atlantic ocean the country is also naturally endowed with enormous natural human and material resources endowments  that are capable of making virtually any nation great.  This with this the nation has enough capability to maintain and sustain her territorial integrity and indeed also her leadership in African

Nigeria as a nation gained her independence from British colonialists.  However, this independence was not achieved so easily rather it was achieved through lone years of colonial struggle by the Nigerian nationalists. They include Herberb Macaulay Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe Chief Obafemi  Awolowo Abubakar Tafwaa Balewa Aminu Kanu and many others.  Nigeria as one society come into formal being on January 1914 when the Northern and Southern provinces were united name Nigeria was alien because it was coined by Florashow, a non-Nigeria who had been a correspondent for London times Nigeria.  But toddy it is generally assumed that the name was derived from the phrase ‘Niger Area’ which emphasized the proximity of the geographic entity to the Niger River.

Those who support the British creation Nigeria argue that the merging of divergent ethnic the merging of f\divergent ethnic groups the carrying out of the geographical land mass the institutionalization of governmental structure and the establishment of economic and social facilities for the whole country are the major factors that brought about the emergency of Nigerian nation.

The apologists of Nigeria pre-colonial existence argue on the existence of ethnic group that make up Nigeria before the  British incursion for the cultural similarities among the people of Nigeria, dynastic ties existing among ethnic groups and interethnic economic and social activities are the facts that support Nigeria existence before the British.

The artificial creation of Nigeria  are academic exercise aimed at understanding the historical metamorphosis of Nigeria nation before the emergence of the British into the area know as Nigeria the indigenous ethnic groups may have been transforming into a nation or group of nations. The incursion of the British by the second half of the 19th century nearly facilitated the establishment of a limited Nigeria.  The tribes of Nigeria with their peculiar characteristics had existed centuries before Christ.

The creation of Nigerian nation did not destroy the people’s peculiar cultural characteristics. The  people culture which survived the creation of Nigeria and the newly British social political gave rise to notional identity.

The Nigeria national identity are peculiar indigenous British cultural characteristics and the songs bounds and  monument bequeathed to Nigeria after independence national identity also include the spirit of  national consciousness among Nigerians


Absence of the spirit of national consciousness among Nigerians.

The problem of national consciousness has been a serious problem to Nigeria both in the past and present administration though partially in the present.  In this regards it was obvious in the civilian and military regimes.  The order of the day has been mismanagement looting of government treasury power tussle of government treasury power tussle favoritism impeachments etc. consequently not a single administration has ever though of trying to promote and foster the country’s national identity.  Inadequate enlightenment and orientation of the citizenry about the concept of national identity.

The past administrations had and orientation.  This to so because past governments had not devised programmes or even tried to reach the on the need to participate in the process of national identity. This however could be attributed to the inability of government to fund and refurbish the federal ministry of information and culture with sophisticated gadgets and equipments

The problem of marginalization tribal sentiments and ethnic rivalry.


This issue of marginalization tribal sentiments ethnicity and rivalry has been a major set back towards building a concerted and virile national identity. In addition it has brought about disunity, enmity and serious crisis through out the whole nation.  Today the north fingers the East for secession tomorrow the East fingers the West for sabotage.  As a result it is a serious problem that needs to be redressed. The Eastern part of the country has witnessed very little development since after the civil war. High cost of education is one of the major characteristic of this problem. 


It is pertinent to state that the efforts applied into writing this literary work is not in vain. However it is to create and highlight ways of improving and promoting Nigeria’s national identity.  In this effect it the problems that negates the unlifement of a stable and enduring national identity in every administration and a democratic government and a democratic government to be precise. This work also tends to devise ways of sustaining Nigeria’s national identity.  It will also help students enlighten   students who wish to know more about national identity.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out the youths of today has relegated their culture as well as their national identity to the background rather gearing towards the assimilation of the western culture.  It is at this juncture that the government and indeed the department concerned have a role to play in revitalizing the culture and tradition of our country. Nigeria.  We should continue to emphasize what unites us as an entity a nation and a people.


CULTURE:   Culture is generally defined as the way people live.  This way of life includes arrangements and methods of obtaining food from the environment and of adapting to it.  It includes rules and regulations that govern people’s behaviours in a particular society.

RELIGION:  Religion could be defined as belief in, acceptance of or non rational sense of a superhuman unseen controlling power or powers with the emotion and morality connected there with different kinds or types of religion exist all  over the world they include Christianity, Ialam, Budhaism Judaism etc


NATIONAL LANGUAGE:            National language is defined as a country’s general language of expression. Divergent group or ethnic groupings like Nigeria has distinguished national language adopted for its citizens. For instance Nigeria has English as its general language.

ART:  It is defined as human skill as opposed to national agency or skill acquire by study and practice.  On the other hand it is the rules methods general principles of a branch of leafing or an activity

CRAFT:         Craft is defined as the art of having skills any area of specialization.  It can also means one’s dexterity in trade, governance etc


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