††††††††††† This project work is a complete work done on the contribution of transportation industry to the Economic Development Nigeria.† The purpose of this project is to know how the transportation has contributed to the Economic Development of Nigeria.† This project is sufficiently peaceable and comprehensive to absorb the many changes occurring in this work.

††††††††††† Transportation, which is a mean of moving people and goods from one place to another.†† The researcher discussed fully on the background of rail transport in Nigeria, the problems and its contribution to the economic development.† I also discussed the purpose of the research and the definition terms used is the project work.

††††††††††† In chapter two, the researcher had on in-depth review of various contributions made by several authors on the subject matter in question, and also made reference to journals, magazine and dailies.

††††††††††† Chapter three brought the researcher to detailed discussion.† In this case, the researcher used which were asked the respondents, also personal interview and direct observations were used.

††††††††††† Finally, the researcher stated the findings, made necessary recommendations and finally concluded the work.




1.1              General Background of the subject matter

1.2              Problem associated with the subject matter

1.3              Problems that the study will be concerned with

1.4              The Importance of studying the area

1.5              Definition of important terms

1.6              Reference



2.1              The origin of the subject area

2.2              School pf thought with the subject area

2.3              The school of thought relevant to the problem

2.4              Different methods of studying the problems

2.5              Summary

2.6              Reference


3.1              Data Presentation

3.2              Analysis of the data

3.3              Recommendation

3.5†††† Conclusion

3.5†††† Reference




1.1              BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

History of Rail transport on Nigeria stared at 106 years age when the

Rail was laid linking Lagos and extended to Ibadan and also linking port Harcourt and extended to Jos for evacuation of tin mineral.† The first rail-line in Lagos was constructed, which extended to Ibadan in 1898, then in 1954 it was extended to Medugri and Carstem regions and also other regions.

†††††††††††††† In 1955, when railway corporation stands as Co-operative Society and was no longer control fully by Federal Government which is when they are operating in the law act of 1955.† The railway/rail-line was operating in three different ways; The first that stands as old rail-line was know as Narrow Cage, the second that stands as new rail-line was known as standard Cage and it was faster than the formal one.† The third one is this recent one that commences in existence as of 1955.† Railway Corporation as a channel of development to a particular area is divided into seven districts.† General Head Office is at Lagos and itís Head quarters is at Alagumeji Lagos, Western district headquarters is at Ibadan, Eastern district head quarters is located at Enugu and later extended to Port-Harcourt, Northern district head quarters is at Bauchi, North eastern district is located at Carffanchian and the lest, North central district head quarters is at Minna.† Nigeria Rail way Corporation also have branch at London and Indian.

††††††††††† Late in 1918, commenting on the need for rail transportation in Nigeria, when the Colony matters was on control, Adewusi Alabi noted that government white paper on management of rail transport in Nigeria meant good for the sub-sector, but added that it relayed itís objectives initially.† By 1920, it was clear that Nigeria would operate a federal system that would be responsible for the management of railway transportation in Nigeria since he observed that it was the greatest sector that employs the longest number of people in the country.† Then in 1943, He also observed that the state of social capital development was very discouraging and that the situation called for a rethink and mode for a good motivation if we were sincere to develop.† Now that the situation called for anybodyís actions to rescue Nigeria was necessary to develop these mode of transport.

††††††††††† Jonah Muoha O.C. 1920 observed that the ere tension of the rail-line to the hinterland was one of the landmark that made Nigeria great.† And he also too anxious that the white rule was the guardianship needed by the black to over-come backwardness.† Presently, Nigeria is still operating on the same act of law 1955.


††††††††††† Formally, the main problem associated with this study is that Nigeria Railway Corporation as conceived by the whites was operational and tonally, but under-rated the development of the local economy and local people as many management staff of the company were whites.

††††††††††† Another problem is the force rule controlled by the white which they established which sparked off many chins of forcing blanks to do something by threats.† And as of 1920, a military has taken over the aspect of colonialism, which is the greatest problem that has faced many unions, in the country.

††††††††††† Presently, the new problem discovered is the issue of mismanagement of resources, which has been bare of Nigerianís under development.† This result of having inadequate locus oil date, for that reason, it was successful into employment of foreigners to manage the corporation for all.† Employing many staff could be a remote problem the corporation is facing because the more staff are employed, the more they are paid.

††††††††††† Another problem is strike-when there is strike in the office, every operation in the railway station sewage up.† This will not only result hugh transportation cost but also the workers or staff will suffer it.

††††††††††† Accident is another problem associated with railway.† When accident occur in railway, majority of people usually loose their lives.



††††††††††† Problems that the study will be concerned with are noted below:

(1)               To investigate the nature of transportation of goods through the rail.

(2)               To examine the effect of efficiency of engines in the railway transportation.

(3)               To evaluate the impact of finance in the railway transportation.

(4)               To advise on the level of government involvement in the management of rail corporation.

(5)               To evaluate the impact of foreign management on the management of rail transportation in Nigeria.

(6)               To access the effect of mismanagement of resources in the rail transportation of Nigeria.

(7)               To discover the impact of the use of railway evaluate weighty goods.


The study of the subject matter; contribution of transportation industry to the economic development of Nigeria in a study of rail corporation is very important to anybody who desires to be conversant with mainly the development or involvement in Nigeria economy.† Nigeria railway is a very important port in Nigeriaís polity.† Michael Imoudu 1941 observable that the importance of railway to the economic, social, political and religious development of Nigeria could not be over-emphases.† He noted that the region needed that government mostly needed it to improve the lots of masses.† He particularly stated that the lives of the people much lingered or railway as the clear link between regions, noting that a lot of people had been improved extremely well since railway was constructed.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Before 1914 may Northerners had not come to South, infact, he

††††††††††† Observed that the first Emir to visit the South was in 1940 when

††††††††††† Bernard Bourdillon re-emphasized the need for ethnic interaction as†

Stipulated by his past leader Donald Cemeron.† He also recalled that

††††††††††† The lot of people socially and economically had been improving a lot

††††††††††† By the constitution of railways in the country.

††††††††††††††††††††††† The railway had contributed enough apart from the above

††††††††††† Mentioned/discussed.† Railway transportation had brought about the

††††††††††† Development in Nigeria economy.


††††††††††† One will agree with me that for meaningful communication to take place in a field of study, effort should be made to define and know the relevant terms used in the process.† This is to ensure that it is clear and readable.† So in view of this, I search further to explain certain key terms used in the topics to my discussion as they occur in this research work thus:

TRANSPORTATION:††††††† This simply means a system by which people or goods are moved from one place to another especially using trains (Railway).

INDUSTRY:†† According to fundamental economics textbook by R.A.I Anyanwuocha 1993, industry consists of a group of firm producing broadly similar commodities or offering similar service.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:†† According to fundamental economics textbook by R.A.I Anyanwuocha 1993, Economic Development means the process of increasing real per capital income and engineering substantial positive transformation on the various sectors of the economy.


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