This study is aimed at finding the strategy for effective mass transit system. The objective of the research work is to find out method of maintenance of buses and purchase of spare parts, to determine the effect of poor road network in the strategic planning of the organization. To find out the influence of economic cost of operation in determine the fares since its existence, to determine the loss of revenue through fraudulent practices by crews to evolve strategy to ward of the influence of politics by flect operators. Also to determine whether ENTRACO is adequately equipped with the level of passenger buses that could make her services felt by the greater percentage of people.

In view of the above objective and many more not mentioned, the researcher, in the following finds among others.

1.                  ENTRACO is inadequately equipped with the level of passenger buses that could make her services felt by the greater percentage of the people of the state.

2.                  Lack of standard and modernized workshop hampers the operations of the company. Maintenance of buses could have been easier and cheaper if such workshop is in place.

3.                  The company has no reliable time table for bus movement. The ones usually on display are for more formality. One who deports are fore more formality. One who is conscious of time need not to go for ENTRACO.

4.                  There is state government interference with the cities of the company. Government often request the use of the ENTRACO’s buses which are hardly paid for some government ideas which more often them not run counter publictive to the company are imposed on the company.

Based on these findings, the following recommendation were made: -

1.   The Enugu State government, the owners of the company should as a matter of urgency provide more passenger buses to ENTRACO to match demand with supply. The current number of buses (71 in number) falls for below the expected number that could make the company effective since the effectives of the company is measured by commuters satisfaction.



1.1              General Background                                      

1.2              Problem Analysis                                                       

1.3              Purpose of study                                                        

1.4              Scope of study                                                           


2.1              Literature Review                                                      


3.1              Data Presentation                                                                               

3.2              Analysis of the data                                                               

3.3              Recommendation                                                                               

3.4              Conclusion                                                                                         






Transports is an important economic activity. It is vital for the movement of goods and people. The developments of transport made have been a major impetus in economic development in the last three centuries. Imagine for a while the scale of trade that can exist between Kano and Onitsha in the absence of well developed transport means.

In considering transport, we can look at several segments of transportation. There is the infrastructive requirement. Roads are necessary for pedestrian and other land transport equipment of which the motor vehicle is the most important. Similarly, airport, rail track and water way development are important for air, rail and water transport development.


(i)                 The rolling stock of the corresponding mode of transport is another component of transportation that is important. The world has come a long way from transport by foot. From horse riding and horse draw carts, to river rafts and sailing ships, steam engines, we have today well designed vehicles, supersonic aircrafts, electric trains and super taker ships.

(ii)               The economics of transport is also an aspect of transportation that is critical to overall effectiveness. Let us imagine that there is an airport at Nkalagu, what will be the economic efficiency of operating an airline regularly to the place? What level of patronage exist to sustain the airport and airline as economic proposals? This as a (product) service, there must be demand for transportation. Remember that demand is need backed by ability to pay.

(iii)             The Technology of transport is also vital. All technology exist in the market for those who have the means of payment. It is evident that those who have developed transportation technology stand apart in today’s world. Name them, U.S.A, RUSSIA, JAPAN, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, KOREA, CHINA.

All things considered, it is vital that all persons and things needed to be transported at cheapest possible cost. It is in this context that mass transportation, is considered. In Nigeria, inland transport is predominantly by road. The development of roads and bridges is by the public sector, being as they are public goods the rolling stock is predominantly owned by the private sector. As a result of inadequate investment in the area, government has from time to time intervened in the sector through investments like: -

(a)                The National freight company

(b)               State transport companies like oriental line, Bendel line, TRACAS and ENTRACO.

General concern has always been for commuter transportation than goods because the effect of inadequate goods transports is evident in price. Commuter transport difficulties give rise to frustration and disorder.


            The problem analysis therefore, is to know the imperatives of Mass transportation of commuters. What are the requirement roads, vehicles, maintenance of vehicles, use of vehicles, returns on investment, finance?

            Roads are part of public utility and therefore do not come for consideration in this work. Although Nigeria does not manufacture motor vehicles because we participate world trade, we have access to products). So we shall combine vehicle treat both as one variable. Use of vehicles and vehicle maintenances, will be treated as one variable and shall come into consideration, returns on investment is important because without it, continuity cannot be guaranteed. Finally, management structure, adequate for the characteristics of Mass transport business, especially cash accounting, is required. A viable business could fail due to poor management or negligence.


            We are concerned in this study with mass transit as a business and we shall limit our study to the strategy of the business. We shall examine the concept of strategy and seek to find whether the programme design of mass transit, especially under the federal urban mass transit programme, is consistent with the strategic concept.

1.4       SCOPE OF STUDY

            ENTRACO (Enugu State transport) was founded as a mass transit company. We shall use this company as a case study, being a company bounded under the federal urban mass transit programme of the federal government of Nigeria.

            The study will limit itself to finance and financial returns on mass transport business structural around the best possible concept, revealed by the study.


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