The primary intention of this research project work has been to examine the attitude of Nigeria workers towards property maintenance.

            The data use was collected from the academic staff and non academic the sample size is (153) one hundred and fifty three and the non academic staff one hundred and ninety eight (198) and the total population was three hundred and fifty one (351). The research instrument used were questionnaire and oral interview. Data collected were analyzed and interpreted by percentage where as chi-square statistic was used to test various hypothesis.

            The finding are itemized as follows

1.                  Attitude of Nigerian workers towards property maintained is negative.

2.                  Workers are not properly oriented as to property maintenance.

3.                  Lack of enhancement of effectiveness and efficiency of good management.

4.                  Property maintenance is not part of organization law and reforms by down for guiding the stay and employment of workers.

5.                  Bad governance.

Base on the finding the following are recommended:

1.                  Workers should be re-oriented about attitude towards property maintenance.

2.                  Break and pay rule will inculcate careful handling of property by workers.

3.                  Maintenance courtiers should be part and parcel of organization laws.

4.                  Good government should be impacted.

If Nigerian will another to there following recommended it is hoped that improvement in attitude of Nigeria workers towards property maintenance will not be negative in the future to come.




1.1              Background of the Study                                                      

1.2              Statement of Problem                                                            

1.3              Purpose of the Study                                     

1.4              Research Question                                                     

1.5              Limitation of the Study                                                                     

1.6              Scope of Study                                                                                  

1.7              Significance of the Study                                                                  

1.8              Definition of terms                                                                



Literature Review                                                                                          

2.1              Meaning of attitude                                                   

2.2              Components of attitude and attitude change                        

2.3              Effect of attitude on productively                                         

2.4              Attitude of Nigerians toward work                                       

2.5              Attitude toward properties maintenance                               



3.1              Research design                                                                     

3.2              Source of data                                                            

3.3              Population of the study                                                         

3.4              Sample size                                                                                        

3.5              Research Instrument Used                                                     


Data presentation and Analysis                                                                     


            Discussion of the finding                                                             


            Implication of the study for further research                                           


            Suggestion study for further research                              







            Since the modern production plant are highly mechanized the maintenance of the production faculties must be considered.

            The trend toward mechanized and automation has greatly increased the investment in capital good to obtain an adequate return on the investment a high level of utilization is required which mean such properties must be kept in operating coalition.

            Recently, the expulsion of Golden Genera in Umumahia was tract to the inappropriate America that was in charge had earlier told the management that after 27 years a property check and maintenance should be apply from time to time but the attitude of Nigeria worker, a cognitive and nonchalant resulted to the expulsion of which the company is greatly affected.

            On the Nigeria worker portray an inconsequential and nonchalant behaviour towards keeping of properties which has risen to wasteful organization practices, on the federal roads in various state one witness green leaves or green grasses which are kept as a result of car failure, damage indicating a warning to the up coming vehicle, the damage vehicle are later removed leaving behind those grasses are Passover by every other vehicle rusting the rooted grasses to the road; these are attribute of galloping seen on our express ways today;

            Below is a diagram that show the national art theatre which has activities is now a is national art theatre edifice in shamble due to neglecting attitude; however a vivid illustration of Nigeria attitude towards property maintenance could be seen during the presidential his excess campaign speech; the president his excellency Olusegun Mathew Arewa Obasanjo in a television interview, he said that during his regime in 1976-79 as a military head of state of Nigeria shipment but when he came back after 20 years; he discovered that only one aircraft was functioning and none for shipment. Attitude to become rise over night gave room for inappropriate material usage, hurry and hasteful foundation placement etc.

            Instructively both NEPA and NNPC are manned by Nigerian, some of who had been there for decades, yet, this faculties do not function. Interesting by for the refineries, government had in 1994 used NNPC to carry out the Tam/Turn around maintenance of Warri refinery which ended up as a huge joke an unquantifiable fraud pursuit from 1998-2004 in I.M.T. has witnessed a tremendous management neglectency in maintenance culture building wastage vehicle wreckage and so on.

            In campus II there are incomplete building lay low over 12 years or three about to be precise, if not for New rector tenor that a building close to the sculpture garden was re-stated.


Most organization have gone down the drain because of attitude toward property maintenance which has generated a negative impact on productivity, resources and find as well.

            Also, it has been observed in resent times that most workers do not put concerned properties in the prime place as they supposed to be and not aware that their attitude has resulted in what in the nonchalant behaviours toward maintenance leading to wasteful organization practices.

Having studies business administration and management at this level the research is posed to investment how a typical Nigeria workers attitude affect property maintenance.


This study intend to investigate the attitude of Nigeria worker towards property maintenance specifically.

(1)               The non-chalant lousy, lackdoisical attitude in his organization duties.

(2)               The material oriented, pleasures seeking and egocastric quest to get rich quick.


(1)               To what extent has the attitude of Nigeria workers helps towards property maintenance.

(2)               What are the benefit that accrue in developing maintenance of property attitude.

(3)               Has good maintenance attitude help to improve production.

1.6       SCOPE OF STUDY

            The project with standing of the attitude of Nigeria workers as a whole but the scope itself is in I.M.T. as the case study.

            In I.M.T, school of business studies school of Art and communication, school of financial studies and school of technology will be covered. It will use the survey research.


            The study is very timely especially today that all heads are on deck to enhance the development and growth of Nigeria’s economy. This study will be Nigeria’s economy. This study will be of immense benefit to every worker either in the public sector and organized private sector to prolong the life of the equipment as it is very difficult to obtain foreign exchange the purchase of new property and even if one can afford to buy, it is very expressive and the cost of property will add to the cost of unit product.

            It is necessary to investigate the attitude toward property maintenance, as most property are improved we need trained manpower to maintain them. The produce or their various agent are not readily aikilable it necessary to send some workers to understudy producer so as to be able to maintain the property.

            Many places of process technology run more efficiently when regularly serviced or maintained because, an increases in preventive maintenance can be expected to reduce the frequency with need for breakdown arise and thus reduce cost.


            To a layman attitude is define as a behaviours of may of pattern a person exhibit its character.

            J.N. Allport (1935) define “Attitude as a mental and neural state of rediness organized from experience existent a director dynamic influence upon the individual response to all object or situation with which it is related”. Maintenance:

            Gaweti and Silver (1973) defined maintenance as all the activities involved in keeping an entire production system or specific property within the system in good working order.

            Maintenance of property in good working condition is essential to efficient working of any organization.

Workers: This could be a group is made up of individual and each of whom has a unique pattern of abilities, aptitude and personality charactertic.

Properties: Is define as a peculiar quantity or attitude charactertics; ownership the thing owned: estate a stage requisite.


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