The Nigeria society today is crawling with all kinds of human activities in pursuit of  survival. A peasant farmer who usually wakes up everyday knows that his duty is to go to his farm and see whether his crops are growing fine and healthy. A medical doctor has the duty to attending to patients in the hospital while teachers are there to impact knowledge into people. What then does a business man do in his or her business activities.

These activities of human being for survival has gone beyond the limit of home-stead. Our companies today have all erupted with all kinds of business activities creating employment  for the unemployment citizens.

For the purpose of this study based on our research exercise, our topic had been the feasibility of drinking water business in campus III of IMT Enugu the researcher have came out with relevant data to prove the drinking water business as on going business activity in the campus. At the beginning of this study. Chapter one only gives the over view or background study of the topic while chapter two review some relevant literature. The chapter three goes to touch the conclusion presentation of my research, data analysis then conclusion and recommendation drawn.





1.1            Background of the study

1.2            Statement of problem

1.3            Objective of the study

1.4            Significance of the study

1.5            Scope of the study

1.6            Definition of terms




2.1              Approaches to investment decision

2.2              Feasibility analysis

2.3              Water as a marketable commodity

2.4              IMT campus three (iii)

2.5              Method of analysis

2.6              Summary

2.7              References



3.1              Data presentation

3.2              Data analysis

3.3              Recommendation

3.4              Conclusion

3.5              References





It is widely accepted by sociologist that every human being is business unlined.  More so for those found around the environment of our institution of higher learning. This could only be observed with the case of those who have come in and out of school environment for the purpose of business in all life endavour.

Solely for business transaction as far as business is concerned. However, based on the research work embarked upon by the researcher. They should state clearly that one of the most lucrative business item in the school environment is sachet water or generally known as pure water especially now that students see sachet water as a means of show their financial capability and  hygienic doctrine. It is against this background that I humbly identified that is natural feasibility of drinking water business in the school environment most especially at campus III of the IMT and have  found it necessary to carryout a research on the feasibility of drinking water business in campus III.



Having identified the feasibility of drinking water business, I am assuring my readers that after this research exercise on enumeration of some of the motives behind the feasibility of drinking water business in campus III IMT Enugu, my readers will be interested and as such would also be useful to students and staff of high institution of learning especially the actually participants of this drinking water business so as to improve on the treatment of this water said.


The purpose of this researcher work has being to study the feasibility of drinking water business in campus III of the institute and the objective of this study is to get the actual need for drinking water business in campus III. I shall also point out some of the  profit maximization of the business compared to other business activities going on within the campus. Our study in this research only to the most demand from of drinking water business.” The sachet  or pure water hence it is the only drinking water business found in campus III.


Since we are concerned with the business activities going on in our physical and social environment in the school, it is important that we use all possible measure to explore the economic need for feasibility of drinking water business in campus III of IMT Enugu as the study demands. It is by so doing that we would know whether the water business should be encouraged in our environment, hence it is a natural resources free from conferred ownership. As a major concern of this study too, it had clearly shown that drinking water business in campus III is of immense importance to both the students and staffs of IMT and it also creates employment opportunity for the youth in the society who could have be come nuisance to the society.


The research exercise shall cover the feasibility of drinking water business in campus III of IMT Enugu and be limited to student centers “NKUTUME” shop and hawkers at campus III bus top owing to the fact that this group has absolutely found it difficult to get the relevant data that could finish information about the for going (whole sate- pure water). This is because of the asp artic attitude towards answering some of our most important questions by respondents and our financial incapability due to transportation cost. As this topic  demands it is necessary to answer these questions which will serve as a pathway into our research.

-           What are the motives behind drinking water business in campus III ?

-           Can’t  the school management make provision for drinking water in sachet sold campus III usually undergo form of screening?

-           How can you determine the profitability of the sale of pure or sachet water at campus III.

According to Mr. Odili A Lechem Patrick, an old time Onitsha  based business man, president of Delta state association of businessmen. He pointed out some element that could help to determine the profitability of any business enterprises on any environment as follows.

-           Socio economic factor in an environment

-           Demand rate of are commodity

-           Rate of usages and value

-           Manufactures goods will

-           Tribalism and religion fundamentals.

The socio economic factors is and environment such as equitable distribution among society members. The demand rate of a commodity also determine the profitability of the sale of pure or sachet water and if the manufacture’s improve on the quality of their product, it attracts market sale as well in most cases for, certain tributes and to dominate the marketing of a particular product.

This is also common with the Igob’s who are solely undertaking the sale of pure water in campus III as the researcher clearly showed. To determine or know the motive behind drinking water business in campus III, the researcher found out that the demand of sachet water by student has become compelling at a relative high quest.

More so, the so-called sachet water is iced due to the preservative in the refrigerator and hygienic nature of the treatment. Students are group of different personalities who do not take care of public amenities as it would however, be costly for students because they might be rooms for germs which would causes harm to the body system.



Feasibility means something that can be done, managed or plausible and that conviniet if one chooses to bring about.

 Therefore, feasibility refers to the ability of doing something manageable at convenience. In this case, the feasibility of drinking water business is simply that is conveyance and easily managed.


Water is a universal solvent when could be used for many purpose. It is either  used for washing or drinking.  Drinking water then refers no the capacity of the water to be free from other impurities such as calcium odour and colour. It should be soft to suit the stomach wall because if it is not free from impurities there might be rooms for germs which could cause harm to the body system.

C.        BUSINESS

This refers to the sale or exchange of goods for monetary consideration called price business of drinking water here refers to the sale of pure and unadulterated water free from germs and well preserved for the purpose of business aimed at profit maximization. Drinking water business as could be seen is profitable due to the demands of it by student and staff in IMT campus III.


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