The growth and development of any nation is always the major concern of every government. Many policies and programmer with matching strategies are put in place especially in government owed establishment all these are with a view of improvement in economic well being of both the nation  and its general populace
            However, a visit to any of the organization will convince one that, there is room for improvement ranging from lack of improvement of managerial known how to general indiscipline at the h, level of the higher and lower levels of the management resources, are poorly utilized, while organizational policies act  as deterrent rather than of responsibilities with commensurate authority being with held is observed . It is therefore, in the light of the foregoing that aroused the light of the researcher to Emhart on this study with a view of finding out the cause of these problems, effects and suggestion and solution there to with Nigeria television authority( NTA) ENUGU as a case study.
1.                  Introduction
1.1    General background of the subject mater
            Problem associated with the subject matter
            Problem(s) that study will be concerned with
            The importance of the study to the area.
            Definition of the important terms.
            Reference using APA method.
2.0      Literature      review.
2.1      The origin of the subject area.
2.2       Schools of thought within the subject area.
2.3       The school of thought relevant to the problem of study
2.4        Different method of studying the problem
2.5        Summary
2.6                     References.
3.0       Conclusion
3.2        Data presentation of the study}
3.2        Analysis of the data
3.3        Recommendations
3.4       Conclusion
3.5        References.
1.1    Background of the study. When we talk of management is said to be the co-ordination of all the resources of an organization through the process of planning, organization, directing and controlling in order to attain organizational goals and objectives.
            To manage is not an easy task; hence management in much organization mostly in government owed organization is fraught with problems, this affect the effectiveness of the management of such organization.
            If any one should per a list to any of the Nigeria organization will convince one of clear lack of managerial and technical know- how in such establishment. Indiscipline, authoritarian leadership reign supreme, so much the situation get worse as one get to the lower levels of the organizational hierarchy.
            In this case, organization hierarchy tend to act as deferent rather than facilitators of decision making
            In most organization especially government stands has been that entrepreneurial function instead of managerial this project become necessary to investigate the courses, effect and possible solution to the problems associated with poor management in an organization.
As case study of NTA Enugu is selected for the study.
            The problem of poor management in an organization is a coy in the wheel of growth and effectiveness in most of these organizations.
             Management is a field that encompasses a lot of managerial activities aimed at efficient utilization of man, material and money with a view of achieving their desired goal with.
            However, a clear picture of lack of managerial know-how, indiscipline and authoritarian leadership style reign supreme, resource ARE poorly utilized while organizational policies act as deterrent rather than facilitators decision makers.
            In most organization especially government owned organization. These problem appear to be more pronounced and their affects have always had untold hardship in the effectiveness and efficiently of management in such organization.
            It is therefore, in the light of the foregoing problems that aroused the interest study with a view of finding out causes, effects and possible solution there to.
The purpose of this study is to find out the cause and effects of poor management in an organization especially the government owned establishment with particular reference To( NTA).
The problems that the study will be concerned with includes.
1.   Identifying the cone problems that have been hindering operation          effective and efficiency of  the organization.
2.                  To identify  the effective and efficient utilization of all resources both human and material in nature
3.                  To look at the contributions of appointment to the executive positions in the organization and seek remedies where necessary.
4.                  To serve as resource information of signal to the government in its efforts to revamping its own establishment, this is so because prevention they say is better than cure.
5.                  Finally to proffer suggestion solution to the problems of poor management where necessary.
There are a lots of benefits to derive form this study besides fulfillment of the requirement tot he award of ordinary national diploma (OND). If management of organization especially the government owned organization is effective, it will help to enhance better corporate image which will be of good advantage tot he establishment.  It will also help to improve the relationship between senior and junior staff and between them and their customers.
It will also help in attracting new customers and also keep the loyalty of the old ones. It enable the organization to be in a better position to compete with other organization especially government owned organization.  And management of Nigeria television authority (NTA) Enugu will also find the research work very useful.
1.                  NTA: Nigeria Television Authority Enugu.
2.                  MANAGEMENT: The process which enables organization to achieve their objectives by planning, organizing and controlling their resources including joining the commitment of their employees (motivation).
3.                  PUBLIC: This is any group that has an actual or potential interest in or potential interest in or impact in an organization’s ability to achieve it’s objectives.
4.                  EFFECTIVE: The extent to which a manager achieves the output requirement of his position.
5.                  CONTROL: Process of making events control to planning.
6.                  ANALYSIS: The process of breaking down information into smaller identification units
7.                  HYPOTHEISIS: I research, a suggested plansible to problem.
8.                  OBJECTIVE: The aim or goal of a business
9.                  EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT: These seek to solve problem and reduce cost.
10.              ORGANISATION: The process of grouping deliberating liners of authority ad other relationship necessary to carryout the operatios of a business efficiently
11.              ORGAISATIONAL CHART: A visual representation of the formal relationship among departments ad others existing in a particular organization.
Project Details
Department: Business Administration and Management
Project ID: BAM0268
Chapters: 3
No of Pages: 26
Methodology: Descriptive
References: YES
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