††††††††††† Banking act (1969) defined banking, as the business of receiving money from outside sources as deposit inspective of the payment of interest, and grant loans and acceptance of credits or the purchase and saves of securities for account of others or in assumption of guarantees and other warrantees for others or the effecting of transfer. And other transaction as the ministry make on the recommendation of the central bank by order published in the federal gazette design as banking business.

††††††††††† The Nigeria Banking system is made up of Central Bank, Development bank, People Bank, Commercial bank etc. The people banks and community bank recently developed or established by decree of the federal ministry government. Banking as a profession has been exist for many decades now but unfortunately, there was no generally accepted statory defective of a bank until 1969.

††††††††††† (1982) described bank as a person or company carrying out the business of receiving money and collecting draft from customers subject to the obligation of honouring cheque drawn upon them from time to time by customers to the extent of the amount written on the cheque or in the account.

††††††††††† The banks are closely monitored and requite by the government through the central bank of Nigeria. This is the ensure that they render service to their customers in a manner consistent. Safe bank is extracted with honour, reputable and hard working personnel. Function of bank management is decision making, the rational selection alternative course of action.

††††††††††† It is at the core or point of planning; A plan cannot be said to extent or exist unless a decision has been reached (Koontz 1984)

††††††††††† The personnel management of the bank establishes internal control procedure for the effective discharge of the major function in order to attain their corporate objectives. In closing this, special attention must be given to communication problem. The structure of the bank organization should have a line and staff structure, so that there will be flow of information from the top management to the lower level. The lower staff can give advice to the top level management whom might accept it or reject it. The free flow information will be a real basis for effective decision making.

††††††††††† Therefore, a need to establish a follow up department to know whether the action is going according to plan and polices, if not correction can be made before it is too late. It is in the light of the above factors that the management function of controlling becomes very desirable.


††††††††††† Despite the creation of supervisor unit or department in the bank for internal control, it is not clear on the adequacy of human and non human resources for efficient operation of banking industry. This is because bank managers still grant credits (loans) beyond their power limit without collateral. Secondly, there are cases of bad debts resulting from loan given to customers that has not been recovered. Hence the CBN (1990) prudent guideline has not been obeyed and the effect is reported loses or minimal profit. Thirdly, there have been cases of computer frauds, defection and outright removal of physical cash by some employee and outside, this has created unbalanced books, keeping and records.


††††††††††† The sale purpose of carrying out this research is to identify the impact of supervision on effective bank management in Nigeria economy, particular reference will be made to United Bank of Africa Plc. (UBA) station road, Enugu Supervision the bank manager can now monitor their subordinate and also receive advice from the lower staff of the organization. The bank management has now introduced supervision department. The purpose of this study is to improve the speed or rate of supervision in the banking system thus reducing he cash or money bring lose.


††††††††††† Due to the fact that it is difficult to monitor fraud, etc; it is now wise to develop effective supervision in a banking system. The research has been limited to the creation of effective supervision in United Bank of Africa Plc.


††††††††††† The result of this project work may help create the awareness required for effective and efficient auditing of the bank on a regular basis or the supervision from this project work to embrace commitment and objective reporting for accurate record keeping. It is hope that report from this work may draw the customer and the bank together.

††††††††††† The result of the project will help worker to deserve policies and procedures of the banking ethnic to strengthen the job security of staff for efficient growth and development restructure. The suggestions made will earn the bank more customer co-operation among staff trust and confidence on the follow workers to achieve the set objective of the banking industry.


††††††††††† To guide this study, four (4) research questions are formulated as follow: - To what extent are human and non human resources adequate for efficient inspection in the banking system?

  1. What are the control measures against the bad debt in the banking system?
  2. To what extent has bank provision against customerís fraud being checked?
  3. To what extent are the workers being assured of job security and satisfactory


    1. Supervision: - The act of supervising, to keep watch over a job or activity or the people doing it as person in charge of other.
    2. Management: - As a social process entice the responsibilities for an effective planning and regulations of operation of an enterprise in fulfillment of a given purpose or task such responsibilities involve the following.

a.       Judgment and decision in determining plan and progress against plan.

b.      The guidance, integration, motivation and supervision of personnel composing the enterprise and carrying out its operation. Broch (1975).

    1. Banking: - Bank as a person or company carrying on the business of receiving money and collecting draft from customers subject to obligation of honour cheque drawn upon from time to time by customer to the extent of the amounts available on the current account. Hart (1982) effective; producing the desired result, for the set goals and objectives.


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