1.1         Background of the Study                          

1.2         Statement of Problem                                

1.3         Objectives of the Study                                          

1.4         Significance of the Study                          

1.5         Scope of the Study                                     

1.6         Definition of term                                                    


2.0       Literature Review                                        

2.1         Concept of social responsibility                           

2.2         Classical view of social responsibility                 

2.3         Current view of social responsibility                   

2.4         Shareholders in a hotel business



3.0       Research design and methodology                    

3.1         Sources of data                                                                   

3.2         Area of study                                                                       

3.3         Population of the study                                                     

3.4         Data collection                                                                    

3.5         Presentation of data                                                           

3.6         Analysis of data                                                                  

3.7         Summary                                                                              

3.8         Conclusion                                                                          




Meaning – Social responsibilities of business lays emphasis on the contribution business could make to such social problems as education provision of basic infrastructural and social amenities and protection and restoration of the social environment.

            Social responsibility in entirely on what the business could do to alleviate the suffering of the society that social responsibilities appears to be in two extremes viz they may emerge out of the social impact of the society itself. The former has to do with what a business can or should do for society.

Furthermore, social problems arose challenge to business management. It is the duty of business to satisfy a social need and at the same time serve their institution. In the United States for example the find foundation/established by ford motors and the Rock Feller Foundations are two institutions established for help solve societal problem. These foundations have provided money to aid in medical industrial and agricultural research as well as providing scholarship for student in colleges pursing programmes that are bound to help the society.

It is worthy to note that in Nigeria that business has done something to help the society in gress like in the granting of scholarships for higher education and programming on television and radio house many people benefited and many more and to benefit from scholarship awards by many comprences for studies both at home and the Gulg oil company and shell petrol petroleum development company. There have been other companies who have financed or structure for some educational institutions. Examples of such companies include modoles Enugu. The international bank for West Africa (IBWA) for example has erected a magnificent building at the University of Ibadan for the running and development of a banking and finance programme in the University Today.

Conclusion social responsibility in business layed a every big contribution in our organization and being practiced in Nigeria.s


            The impact practice of social responsibility needs to be reinforced as this brightens the hope of salvaging the already worsened situation. In view of the fact that Nigeria population’s timingly growing, the business to survive since government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility social environment the business organizations shows the society that such organization’s in existence  and promotes the society welfare. To talk more of social responsibility. It can be defined as person’s obligation to evaluate in the decision making process. Eg. education, health, provision of basic protection and restoration of social environment.

            The importance of social responsibility cannot be over emphasized, yes we shall look at the different view points.

            While a worker is entitled to the terms of the employment contract, it is in the interest of both the employer and the employee to preserve the worker as an asset.

            The provisions are not always necessary to attract staff but they go a long way to increase worker commitment, and welfare. A healthy and committed work force is beneficial to workers. Employers and society generally even though the primary beneficiary is the worker.

            Business or organizations benefit enormously from the maintenance of law and order by the government, the protection of domestic industries against powerful foreign competition, the patronage of a population and the society from which it draw inputs both human and material.


            Whereas the reason why social responsibility is assumed by business is well-know. Nigeria as an emergmy country with only a short industrial history may just be waking up to phenomenon of social responsibility. The business man must examine the impact of social responsibility on the public good of the policy alternatives he is free to elect and implement. In doing so he is governed by what the ought to from the point of view of society and his own inner standards of rights and wrong when a business show concern for society, there are good two reasons that govern his decision.

            The first is a concern for legality, fairness and decency and the second is the threat of regulation that will be forthcoming if business behaviour does not meet the standards applied to it by society.

            The problem of this study is to establish that there is awareness of the concept of social responsibility owing to the Nigerian business and how it is practiced if it exists.


            The objectives of this study is to took into the degree to which social responsibility of business in Nigeria is practiced at MODOTEL Enugu.

            Secondly, the study will determine to what extent business managers assume social responsibility in which areas and what ends

            Thirdly, the analyses the impact of social responsibility practices on the business that practices it in terms of sales, patronage and profit.


            The study will contribute to the literature on social responsibility of business in Nigeria. It is expected that it will also help MODOTEL a leading hotel chain in Nigeria to recognize its place in society and assume the necessary obligations better. Additionally it is hoped that this project will contribute to scholarship and therefore provide a spinning board for further studies in the same area.


            In the study attention will be  paid to the hotel as service and hospitality industry and the typical stakeholders there in so that we can isolate those publics which MODOTELS will naturally be inclined to the study will seek to identify the type of relationships the company ash with the different publics and the social  responsibility it assumes with each. We shall group the publics broadly into two – the internal public and the external public.

            The internal public will be considered while the external public will include customers, government, other hotels supplier such as NITEL, NEPA, BREWERIES, Soft drink Bottles, etc.


MORAL VALUE: Moral or professional standards of behaviour principles. Attributes concerning principles of right and wrong behaviours, attributes based on people’s sense of what is right and just, not on legal rights and obligation; following standards  of right behaviour, good or virtuous able to understand the difference between right and wrong; teaching or illustrating good behaviour.

PUBLIC GOODS:  A thing of high quality of an acceptable standard; satisfactory concerning people in general; open or know to people in general.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Commitments or duties for which a person or persons responsible, being responsible or accountable.

SHAREHOLDER: Perso or person that invested money etc in an enterprise or business so that he has interest or share unit. Individuals that has stake in the future success of a business.

OPPORTUNITY – Favourable time, occasion or set of circumstances.

DECORUM – Dignified and socially accepted behaviour. A model of good and example my life worthy of emulation.


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